Islamic Months- Datewise Event Calendar

Moonsighting Dua | Salat for the 1st day of New month
Why are there varying dates for some Islamic events
Muharram Safar Rabii-ul-Awal Rabii-ul-Akher
Jamdi-ul-Awal Jamdi-ul-Akhar Rajab Shaaban
Ramadhan Shawaal Zilqad Zilhajj

Rabi'ul Awwal

Month begin Dua
8th RA 260 A.H Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Al-Askari (a.s.)

9th - Eid e Zahra (sa)

17 Rabiul-Awwal Aamal | Ziarat Imam Ali
17th RA- Birth Prophet Mohammad (saws)

17th RA 83 AH- Birth Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(as)

----Other dates----
1st Hijrat of the Holy Prophet (saws) to medina
2nd-Return of Imam Sajjad(as)Kafila to Medina
4th-Prophet leaves Ghar Saur
Farewell to Aza
10th Marriage of the Holy Prohet(saws) to Khadija (sa)
11th Birth of Bibi Nafisa (egypt)
12th Prophet enters Medina
14th 64 ah-Yazid dies
15th - Building Quba'a mosque
18th Building foundation of Masjid Nabawi
19th Prophet Dawood (as) leaves to fight Talut
21st- Tribe of Prophet Lut (as) destroyed
22 nd Prophet gives Fadak to Syeda Zehra (sa)
25th Death of Syed Murtadha (Alamal huda)
26th Sulh/Peace treaty by Imam Hassan as
27th 1390 Death of Syed Mohsin Al Hakim
28th The Ark of Noah (as) rests on Mount Judi
28th Death of Ayatullah Marashi Najafi

Jamadiual Awal

5th JA 5 A.H- Birth Syeda Zainab binte Ali (as) )

13th JA 61 AH Martyrdom Fatima Zehra (sa)- 2

15th JA 38 AH -Birth of Imam Ali Zainul Abideen(as)

---Other dates---
14th Death Abdul Mutalib grand father of Prophet(saws)
11th Birth Shaikh Nasirrudin Tusi 597 AH
17th – Battle of Jamal – ( 36 A.H.)
17 Martyrdom - Shaeed Baqr as Sadr
19th Martyrdom Shaheed Awal 786 AH
20th Birth Mohaqqiq Hilli 602AH
22nd -Death Shaikh Taqi Behjat -1430 AH

Jamadiuas Saani

Beginning of Jamidussani

Special Salat of Jamadiuussani Image
3rd JS 61 AH – Martyrdom of Syeda Fatima Zahra(sa)-3

20th JS– Birth of Syeda Fatima Zahra(sa)

13th JS 64 AH Death Lady Ummul Baneen (sa)

---Other dates---
8th Death -Syed Abdul Hussein Sharaffudeen 1377 AH
10th – Battle of Mauta and martyrdom of Hazrat Jafer Tayyar(a.s.) –3 A.H
10th-Martyrdom of Shaheed Muttahhari
19th Marriage date of prophets parents
21st -Death of Bibi Ummekulthum 61AH
23rd Birth of Prophet Yaqoob (as)
27th death of Mohaddis Noori


1st - Dua & Amaal

1st Rajab 57 AH- Birth Imam Mohammad Baqir (as)

3rd - Rajab 212 AH Martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi (as)

2nd / 5th-Rajab 254 AH Birth Imam Ali Naqi (as)

7th - Special Salaat

10th - Birth of Imam Taqi Al Jawad (as)

13th Rajab - Birth Imam Ali (as)

13th - 14th - 15th - A'amal

15th - A'amal 'Umme Dawood '

15th - Death-Lady Zainub (sa)

25th - Rajab -Martyrdom-Imam Musa al Kazim (as)

26th - Rajab -Death Hz AbuTalib (as)

27th -Be'sat/ Meraj A'amal & Dua'a

Last Day - A'amal

Rajab each daywise night Salaah

---Other Dates---
9th Birth of Ali Asgar sa Son of Imam Hussain (as)
12th – Death of Hazrat Abbas ibne Abdul Muttalib(a.s.) – uncle of Holy Prophet (saws)
20th – Birth of Syeda Sakina bint al Hussain(a.s.) – (57 A.H.)
24th – Battle of Khaibar – (7 A.H.)
29th – Battle of Tabooq – (9 A.H.)
- The Qibla was changed from Quds to Makkah – 2 AH
- Ja'ffar bin Abi Talib (as) returned from Ethiopia

Ramadhan month

1st -Night Dua & Amaal

1st day

10th - Death Lady Khadija (sa)

15th: 3 AH -Birth Imam Hassan Al Mujtaba (as)

13/14/15 Mujeer

19 /21/ 23 Common Laylatul Qadr

19 & 21 specific Laylatul Qadr

21st 40 AH -Martyrdom of Imam Ali (as)

23 specific Laylatul Qadr

Eid Night & Day


1st - Dua & Amaal

8th Shawwal 1345 Destruction of Baqee cemetry medina

15th Shawwal Death Shah Abdul Azeem

23rd Shawwal Martyrdom of Hz Hamza- Battle of Uhud

25th Shawwal 148 AH Martyrdom of Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as)

29th - Birth of Hz Abu Talib (as) father of Imam Ali(as)

---Other Dates ---
5th‐Arrival of Hazrat Muslim Ibne Aqeel(a.s.) in Kufa (60 A.H.)
6th ‐ Battle of Hunnain ‐ (6 A.H.)
9th ‐ Battle of Ahzab/Khandaq ‐ (5 A.H.)
9th- Beginning of Ghaibat e Kubra
12th Death of Shaikh Bahai 1030 AH
13 th - Splitting of moon by Prophet (saws)
13th Birth Shaeed saani | Death Syed Borujerdi
14th Death Syed Abdul Azeem Hassani
18th - Marriage of Prophet (saw) with Lady Khadija
28th death Ayt Jawad tabrizi
29th death Ayt Wahid Behbahani
30th ‐ Death of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) son of Prophet Mohammad (saw) (10 A.H.)


1st Birth Masooma Qom(sa)

11th Zilqad-148 AH- Birth of Imam Ridha (as)

23rd Zilqad 203 AH-Martrdom of Imam Reza (as)

25th "Night of Dahwul Arz"

29 Zilqad 220 AH Martyrdom Imam Jawad (as)

Sunday zilqad Salaat

---Other Dates ---
6th Zilqad-Treaty of Hudaibiya in 6 AH (618 AD)
12th Birth Shaikh Mufid
18th Death Mohammed Al Kashif gita
15th Zilqad Night Recommended for prayers for mercy


Zilhajj First

Dua/Amaal First 10 Days

7th Zilhajj -Martyrdom of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)114AH

8th Eve of A'rafah

9th Day of A'rafah

10th Idd uz Zuha Prayers

15th /27th Zilhajj 1429 A.H. - Birth Imam, Ali Naqi al-Hadi (as)

18th Eid-E-Ghadir -

24th Eid-E-Mubahila -

Last Days of Zilhajj

---Other Dates ---
18th Death of Shaikh Nassiruddin Tusi
22nd Martyrdom Maitham Al Tammar
23rd - Death Shaikh Abbas Qummi
24th- Giving of alms with the ring by Imam Ali(a.s.)Quran 5:55
24th Martyrdom Sons of Muslim(sa)
25th -Descent of Sura Hal Ata / Dahr
28th Event of Hurra 63 AH
29th Birth Author of Tafseer Mizan -Syed Tabatabai
25th – Imam Ali (a.s.) accepts to become the Caliph of Islam – (35 A.H.)