Sahifa Alawia Index

by Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (peace be upon him)

Abdullah bin Saleh Samahiji collected the supplications of Hazrat Ameerul Momineen Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) and named the collection: Sahifa Alawiyyah.
Other scholars also compiled their collections of Duas related from Imam Ali (a.s.) but the collection that became most popular was that of Abdullah bin Saleh. It had 160 Duas.
Sahifa Alawiyyah was first published in 1305 A.H. (1887 A.D.) from Bombay. Then from Majma’ al-Bahrayn Press, Ludhiana and after this in 1311 A.H. (1893 A.D.) from Tehran. The fourth time it was published from Nizami Press, Lucknow with translation and commentary in 1371 A.H. (1951 A.D.). But it is regretful that it did not mention the sources.
The supplications of Sahifa Alawiyyah can be broadly divided into two sections. The expression of Allah’s slaveship and the entreaties of the supplicant. Each of the supplications is a masterpiece of the expression of ones helplessness before the grandeur of the Almighty and only a personality like Imam Ali (a.s.) could have composed such Duas.
The present English Version is based on the Urdu translation of Sahifa Alawiya by Maulana Sayyid Murtuza Husain Lakhnavi, republished by Hyderi Kutub Khana. .
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1. His Praise and Glorification of Allah – the High Famous as “Dua-e-Yastasheer”
2. His Prayer Eulogizing Allah and Expressing His greatness 17
3. His Prayer in Praise and Eulogy of Allah for all Important Affairs and Problems 26
4. His (a.s.) Supplication Praising Allah (s.w.t.) - Taught to Janab Owais-e-Qarni 29
5. His Supplication Praising Allah as Taught to Janab Owais-e-Qarni 31
6. His Supplication Mentioning the Names of Allah 34
7. Dua-e-Mashlool 38
8. His Supplication Mentioning Isme Azam (Great Name of Allah) 49
9. His Supplication in Praise of Allah o recite before asking for favours 51
10. His Supplication in Glorifying Allah and Confessing Belief Dua-e-Jaameah 51
11. His Supplication in Praising, Glorifying, Thanking and Exalting Allah Dua-e-Mazkhoor 55
12. His Supplication Mentioning the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) 63
13. His Supplication, Invoking Peace on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) 66
14. His Supplication Imploring and Expressing Helplessness Before the Almighty 68
15. His Supplication for Submission Before Allah and Seeking Forgiveness 70
16. His Supplication Expressing Sincere Attention Towards Allah 71
17. Supplication Recited in Morning Prayers at the Time of Dawn 83
18. Supplication Seeking Pardon 83
19. His Supplication Seeking Forgiveness 84
20. Another Supplication Seeking Forgiveness 85
21. Another Supplication Seeking Forgiveness 86
22. Supplication Seeking Forgiveness 87
23. His Supplication Expressing Devotion to Allah 87
24. An Elegy (Munajat) 118
25. Another Elegy of Imam Ali (a.s.) 128
26. His Dua at the time of Severe Difficulties 137
27. His Supplication for the Honoured Month of Shabaan 138

28. His Supplication on the 15th Shaban and Thursday nights ‘Dua-e-Kumail’ 147
29. His Supplication on sighting the New Moon 163
30. Another Supplication on Sighting the Moon 164
31. His Supplication on Sighting the Moon of the Month of Ramazan recited Facing the Qibla 165
32. His Supplication at the Time of Breaking the Fast 165
33. Supplication at the Time of Ending the Fast as Taught by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) 166
34. His Supplication while Prostrating 168
35. His Supplication in the First Ten Days of Zilhajj 169
36. His Supplication when he was Ill 169
37. His Supplication for being Cured from Disease 170
38. His supplication for every physical pain 171
39. His Supplication for Cure from Dropsy 171
40. His Supplication for Fits 171
41. His Supplication for Toothache 172
42. His Supplication for Stomachache to be recited after Drinking some Hot Water 172
43. His Supplication for Hemorrhoids 173
44. His Supplication at the Time of Childbirth 173
45. His Supplication for Fever as Taught by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) 173
46. His Supplication to Save from Drowning or Burning 174
47. His Supplication for Curing Wart 174
48. His Supplication to be Written on the Deer’s Skin to Avert Magic 175
49. His Supplication like a fort to be written and tied on the right arm 176
50. His Supplication for Warding Off Calamities and Seeking Protection 178
51. His supplication when sustenance becomes scarce 179
52. His Supplication Seeking Refuge from Allah 181
53. His Supplication in Asking for Needs and Attaining Proximity to Allah 188
54. His Supplication In Times of Distress and Difficulties Dua-e-Yamaani 192
55. Another Supplication in Troubles 214
56. His Supplication Seeking Protection from the Enemies 216
57. His supplication for seeking sustenance 219
58. His supplication for seeking sustenance(to be recited after morning prayers) 219
59. His Supplication in the Morning 220
60. Another Supplication in the Morning 221
61. His supplication every Morning and Evening (Laylatul Mabeet) Night of Hijrat on the bed of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) 222
62. Dua-e-Sabah 224
63. His supplication for repayment of debts 231
64. His Supplication for Paying of Debts 232
65. His Supplication When He Wanted to Seek Desires, He (a.s.) Write it and Would Take it in the Right Hand 232
66. His Supplication (curse) for the Enemies 233
67. His Supplication cursing the oppressors after Two Units of Prayers with Ghusl/Wuzu 234
68. His Supplication for Averting the Trap of the Enemies 235
69. His supplication for safety from calamities 236
70. His Supplication for Victory Over the Enemies 236
71. His Supplication when people gathered around him 237
72. Another Supplication famous as "Supplication of Grief" 239
73. His Supplication in the Battlefield of Siffin 241
74. His Supplication Before the Battle of Jamal 249
75. His supplication when he used to fight the enemy 253
76. His supplication when he (a.s.) was aggrieved 254
77. His supplication for desiring martyrdom in the way of Allah 255
78. His supplication for reforming his enemies 257
79. His supplication when he extorted people for the war of Siffin and when people did not respond, he supplicated as under: 257
80. His supplication for the return of the one who flees the battlefield 258
81. Another of His supplication for the return of the one who flees 258
82. His supplication to be recited after praying two rakats prayer in which Surah Yasin is recited after Surah Hamd 259
83. His supplication when some people praised him (a.s.) to his face 260
84. His supplication seeking refuge from show-off 260
85. His supplication for ‘seeking the best’ (Istekhara) 261
86. His supplication when leaving for a journey 262
87. His supplication while going to Yemen 262
88. His supplication when he mount his horse for battlefield 265
89. His supplication for rains known as ‘Istisqaa’ 265
90. His supplication in glorification after four units of prayer 272
91. His supplication while pouring wuzu water with the right hand on the left 273
92. His supplication while urinating 273
93. His supplication while rinsing the mouth 273
94. His supplication while rinsing the nostrils 274
95. His supplication while washing the face 274
96. His supplication while washing his right hand 274
97. His supplication while washing his left hand 275
98. His supplication while wiping his head 275
99. His supplication while wiping his feet 275
100. His supplication for Nafilah on Friday 275
101. His supplication recited after entering the mosque and before commencing the prayers 276
102. His supplication after the five daily prayers. 281
103. His supplication after every obligatory prayer 282
104. Another of His supplication after the morning prayers 283
105. His supplication after every prayer for protection and safety 283
106. His supplication for memorizing the Quran 284
107. His supplication in the middle of the night 285
108. His supplication after completing eight rakats (units) of midnight prayers 286
109. His supplication recited standing in Watr prayer. 287
110. His supplication on the eve of Saturday 288
111. His supplication at the time of mid-day 292
112. His supplication when prostrating for thanking Allah (s.w.t.) 293
113. His supplication in prostration of thankfulness 293
114. His supplication recited in prostration 294
115. His supplication at the times of going to bed 295
116. His supplication when turning sideways on bed 295
117. His supplication after waking 296
118. His Supplication as taught to Imam Hasan (a.s.) 296
119. His Supplication as taught to Imam Husain (a.s.) 297
120. His supplication known as "Sanamay Quraish"(Cursing the Idol of Quraish) 297
121. His Supplication known as "Kalimaatil Faraj" 302
122. His supplication for increasing faith recited in open on three nights. 303
123. His Supplication after completing the Holy Quran 303

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124. His supplication for the first day of the month 304 125. His supplication for the second day of the month 310 126. His supplication for the third of the month 316 127. His supplication for the fourth of the month 321 128. His supplication for the fifth of the month 325 129. His supplication for the sixth of the month 331 130. His supplication for the seventh of the month 337 131. His supplication for the eighth of the month 341 132. His supplication for the ninth of the month 346 133. His supplication for the tenth of the month 353 134. His supplication for the eleventh of the month 360 135. His supplication for the twelfth of the month 365 136. His supplication for the thirteenth of the month 369 137. His supplication for the fourteenth of the month 374 138. His supplication for the fifteenth of the month 378 139. His supplication for the sixteenth of the month 383 140. His supplication for the seventeenth of the month 390 141. His supplication for the eighteenth of the month 397 142. His supplication for the nineteenth of the month 400 143. His supplication for the twentieth of the month 404 144. His supplication for the twenty-first of the month 411 145. His supplication for the twenty-second of the month 416 146. His supplication for the twenty-third of the month 426 147. His supplication for the twenty-fourth of the month 432 148. His supplication for the twenty-fifth of the month 438 149. His supplication for the twenty-sixth of the month 442 150. His supplication for the twenty-seventh of the month 452 151. His supplication for the twenty-eighth of the month 457 152. His supplication for the twenty-ninth of the month 464 153. His supplication for the thirtieth of the month 480
154. His supplication for Friday
155. His supplication for Saturday
156. His supplication for Sunday
157. His supplication for Monday
158. His supplication for Tuesday
159. His supplication for Wednesday
160. His supplication for Thursday
161. Another of his Supplication (Munajat) 537 One of his Dua in Nahjul Balagha 538