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Month of Muharram & Safar

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Walk of the free - The insightful  walk from Najaf to Kerbala

Month of Safar  

1st  Safar - Entry of the Caravan of Zainub (as) in Damascus click here for After Kerbala events
Daily dua for the Month of Safar    |  3rd Safar salat  Safar mth from Mafatih ul jinan    

 4th Safar Death Masuma e Qom  (some traditions)

7th Safar 128 AH Birth Imam Musa Kazim (as) | 7 th Martyrdom Imam Hassan (as) (some traditions)

13th Safar Death of Sakina d/o of Imam Hussain (as) 

17th or 29th Safar 203 AH Imam Reza (as) Martyrdom (as per some traditions)  | Ziarat  | Site 
***    20th S a f a r   A r b a e e n   /Chehlum   ***     Walk of the free - The insightful  walk from Najaf to Kerbala
28th Safar - Holy Prophet (pbuh) Death 11AH

28th Safar -Imam Hassan (as) Martyrdom 50AH (some Traditions say 7th Safar)

Last Wednesday of Safar Month Dua

Other Important Dates

2nd Safar Battle of Siffin 37 AH

2nd Safar Martyrdom of Ammar e Yasir 27AH

10th Safar Battle of Nahrwan won by Imam Ali (as)

12th Safar  Death of Salman Farsi  Ziarat

 23 Safar Death of Fatima bint Asad mother of Imam Ali(as)

27th Safar Martyrdom of Prophet Yahya (as)


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