Month of Rabi'al-Awwal   & Rabiul Akher    

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1st - Hijrat/Migration to Medina,  Imam Ali (a.s.) substituted himself on the bed of the Prophet(saws) to save his life|   Begin Rabiul awal dua pdf


8th - Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Al-Askari (a.s.) - 260 A.H

8th -Farewell to Aza /Mourning for Imam Hussain(as)

9th -Eid-e-Zahra(sa) & Commencement of leadership of Imam Mehdi (ajtfs)

10th - Death Hz Abdul-Mutalib (a.r)-Grandfather of Holy Prophet(saws)

10th - Marriage of the Prophet Mohammad (saws) with lady Khadijah (a.s.)

17th- Birth of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(a.s.) - 82 A.H.(one tradition)

Other dates

2nd-Return of Kafila to Medina | 4th-Prophet leaves Ghar Saur

11th Birth of Bibi Nafisa (egypt) | 12th Prophet enters Medina | 14th RA 64 ah-Yazid dies

15th - Building Quba'a mosque (1st mosque in Islam)

18th Building foundation of Masjid Nabawi | 19th Prophet Dawood (as) leaves to fight Talut

21st- Tribe of Prophet Lut (as) destroyed | 22 Prophet gives Fadak to Syeda Zehra (sa)

25th Death of Syed Murtadha (Alamal  huda) |26th Sulah/Peace treaty by Imam Hassan as

27th RA 1390 Death of Syed Mohsin Al Hakim

28th The Ark of Noah (as) rests on Mount Judi |Death of Ayatullah Marashi Najafi


The First Night of Rabial al-Awwal Mafatih Extracts

At the first night of Rab�` al-Awwal, twelve years after the outset of his Divine Mission, the Holy Prophet migrated from Makkah to al-Mad�nah. At this night, he hid in Cave Thawr. Imam `Al� (`a) sacrificed himself for the Holy Prophet (�) at this night, when he spent the night in the place of the Holy Prophet so as to give the latter enough time to leave Makkah safely and to arrive at his destination. Imam `Al� (`a) challenged the polytheists who had plotted to assassinate the Holy Prophet (�) by attacking him in his bed collectively. Thus, everybody confessed of Imam `Al��s bravery and courage, as well as his love for and fraternity with the Holy Prophet (�). Immortalizing this event, Almighty Allah revealed the following holy verse: �And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is Affectionate to the servants. 2/207�

Scholars maintain that it is recommended to observe fasting on this day to express gratitude to Almighty Allah for His marvelous favor of having saved the Holy Prophet and Imam `Al��peace be upon them and their Household. It is also appropriate to visit their holy tombs on this day. In Iqb�l al-A`m�l, Sayyid Ibn ��w�s has mentioned a prayer to be said on this day. Read More ..Hijrat/Migration to Medina,

The Ninth of Rab�` al-Awwal

The ninth of Rab�` al-Awwal is a feast day, which is called `�d al-Baqr (Feast of Stabbing). The details are so lengthy; therefore, we will omit them, and they may be investigated in other books.

It has been narrated that to give alms on this day brings about forgiveness of sins. It has been also said that it is recommended, on this day, to offer food, give pleasure to one�s brethren-in-faith, confer upon one�s family members with gifts, new clothes, and all that they need, praise and thank Almighty Allah, and practice acts of worship to Him. This day, which is also a holy day, is thus the day of removing grievances and sorrows. As the past day was the day of Imam al-�asan al-`Askar��s martyrdom, the ninth of Rab�` al-Awwal is thus the first day in the Imamate of Imam al-Mahd�, may Allah hasten his advent. This is an additional point of happiness on this day.

The Twelfth of Rab�` al-Awwal

According to the opinion of al-Kulayn� and al-Mas`�d�, the Holy Prophet (�) was born on the twelfth of Rab�` al-Awwal. This is also the unanimous opinion of the other Muslim sects. It is thus recommended to offer a two unit prayer with S�rah al-F�ti�ah once and S�rah al-Taw��d three times at the first unit, and S�rah al-F�ti�ah once and S�rah al-K�fir�n (No. 109) three times at the second.

On this day too, the Holy Prophet (�) entered the holy city of al-Mad�nah after he had left Makkah.

Shaykh al-��s� adds that on this day in AH 132, the Marw�nid Dynasty perished.

The fourteenth of Rab�` al-Awwal

On the fourteenth of Rab�` al-Awwal AH 64, Yaz�d ibn Mu`�wiyah, the Umayyad tyrant, perished and, thus, hurried to join the lowest stage of Hellfire. According to the book of Akhb�r al-Duwal, Yaz�d was infected by pleurisy in �awr�n. His dead body was thus moved to Damascus where he was buried in al-B�b al-�agh�r. His grave is now a dunghill. He lived thirty-seven years and ruled for three years and nine months.

Rabiul Akher -Rabius Sani   New Month Salat

2nd Birth Syed Abdul Azeem Hassani 173AH 3rd Death Abu Zar Ghaffari

10th Wiladat Imam Hassan Al Askari(as)

 10th /12th  -Death of Masooma Fatima Qom (one tradition)  Ziarat

13th Rabiul Akher Martyrdom Fatima Zehra (sa) -one tradition

Muharram Safar Rabi'al-Awwal Jamdi ul akher Rajab Shaaban Ramadhan Zilqaad Zilhajj