Farewell to the Days of Aza /Mourning for Imam Hussain (as)

"Surely there exists in the hearts of the mo'mineen, with respect to the martyrdom of  Husayn [a], a heat that never subsides"  - The Holy Prophet [s]     Mustadrak al-Wasail, vol.10, pg.318

'Adhamallah Ujoorakum...

We send condolences to Imam al-Hujjah [a] and to lovers of Ahlul-bayt [a] on the martyrdom of Imam Hasan al-Askari[a]. Imam was killed by poison in his youth age (late 20s) after spending several years in prison.  

With heavy hearts & tears, we also bid temporary farewell to the Mourning season for Martyrs of Kerbala as the Nights and Days of Aza come to an end.

We will have to wait for another year to witness and experience majalis, matam, the Alam, Ashura, Arbaeen, mourning, and the passion of azadari at this scale. Indeed the remembrance of Al-Husayn [a] has no limits for it only increases year by year.  As we remove the black banners from the walls, we salute the Martyrs of Kerbala and declare that we are with you, with you, surely we not with your enemies.

 Ya Aba-Abdillah [a] we pledge that we will endeavour to perform your Ziyarah and will endeavour shed tears in your remembrance - at least every Thursday night.

We will remember you and will curse your enemies when we drink water. Dear Martyrs of Kerbala, we will strive to apply the principles you stood for in our daily lives; the foremost of which is dedication and loyalty to the Imam of the Time [a]. 
It is difficult to bid farewell to Ayyam-e-Aza. The sentiments are probably best captured in the  nawha by Sachey Bhai ( mp3 link)

Our emotions & related celebrations & mourning are linked to that of the Ahlulbayt (as) & as recommended we end the mouring period on 9th Rabilawal to celeberate


This nawha is usually recited close to the end of the days of mourning as we bid farewell to our beloved Imam Husayn [a].  It is our belief that these holy personalities also attend majaalis, and as mentioned in this nawha, we bid farewell to all of them until we welcome them again next year, if Allah (swt) grants us life (Poet: Mujahid Luknovi).  

Alwida, alwida, alwida ay Hussain!

Yeh sada-e-fughaan, aur yeh majlisain
Matam-o-noha aur gham ki yeh zeenatain
Chahata hai yeh dil yunhi qayam rahain
Aha phat tha hai dil, kiss tarha yeh kahain�.
Alwida, alwida�.

Meray mehmaan hai aakhri yeh salaam
Tujh pay qurban hai aakhri yeh salaam
Shah-e-Zeeshan hai aakhri yeh salaam
Dil hai veeran hai aakhri yeh salaam�.

Bakhsh day hogayi ho jo khata
Haq-e-khidmat na ham say ada hosaka
Gham yehi hai na jee bhar kay matam kia
Teri khatir na kyun apna sar daydia�

Gar jiye saal bhar phir karaingay yeh gham
Royengay phir teray gham mein milkar baham
Aur agar margaey to yeh hoga alam
Haaey, afsos jee bhar kay roye na ham�.

Alwida ay Hussain, ay Hussain alwida
Alwida ay Shah-e-Mashraqain alwida
Binte Ahmed kay ay noor-e-ain alwida
Hai Mujahid kay lab par yeh bayn alwida�.


Farewell, farewell, farewell, Oh Hussain!
These sounds of lamentation and these gatherings,
The decor of matam, noha and sorrow�
How I wish these hearts would always remain in this state!
Ah, my heart breaks, how can I bring myself to say�.

Oh my Guest, this is my last salutation,
That I be sacrificed for you! This is my last salutation�.
Oh King of the Dignified!  This is my last salutation�
My heart is empty, as this is my last salutation�.

May any mistakes be forgiven,
I could not serve you as you so deserve,
It hurts me that I could not do matam till my heart was content,
For your sake why could I not have given my own head�.

If I live another year, I will grieve again,
Everyone together will cry in your sorrow again,
But even if I die, this will always live on�.
Oh, but what a shame, I didn't cry till my heart was content�.

Farewell, oh Hussain, oh Hussain, farewell,
Farewell, oh King of the East and West, farewell!
Oh, the light of Ahmed's daughter's eyes, farewell!
On Mujahid's lips is the cry of farewell�.



The following link is another (similar) Al-Wida Nawha in Urdu in real : http://al-islam.org/stream.php?location=/gallery/sounds/RM1999/gh4.rm