Celebrating Eid e Zehra (sa) & Beginning of Leadership of Imam Mehdi (ajtfs)

 The 9th of Rabi'al Awwal marks a turning point in the history of the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) and their followers.  This day, which is affectionately known as Eid-e-Zehra – in reference to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (may the prayers of Allah be upon him and his family) – is a day of joy and happiness for the lovers of the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them).

The hadith which speaks about this day, refers to it as the ‘Greatest Eid’ in the sight of the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) and those who love and follow them. 

Indeed, it is after going through close to 80 days of grief and sorrow in which we commemorated the murder of Abi Abdillah al-Husain (peace be upon him) and his family and friends in Kerbala and the other Shahadats which we have marked over this period - including the loss of our 2nd Imam, 4th Imam 8th Imam, 11th Imam, and of course our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may the prayers of Allah be upon him and his family) – that we have finally been able to take the black clothes off of our bodies (however the grief and sorrow at the loss of these personalities should still remain in our hearts for the rest of the year) and adorn ourselves with the clothing of piety (Taqwa) which we have learned from the Majaalis over the past two and a half months. We bid a Tearful Farewell to the Mourning period on 8th RabialAwal

One particular hadith which speaks of this day tells us that while in a gathering with the Prophet of Islam, Imam Ali and his two sons, Hasan, and Husain (blessings be upon all of them), the Prophet, with a smile on his face, said, “It is on this day that Allah will destroy your enemies and the enemies of your grandfather and it is on this day when Allah will accept the actions of your Shia and those who love you.  This is the day when the words of Allah came true where He said (in the Qur`an): ‘So those are the houses fallen down because they were unjust…’ (27:52)  And this is the day when the Pharaoh (Firawn) of the time of the AhlulBayt was destroyed…”

On this day, one of the important things which we should bring to mind is the start of the Imaamate and leadership of our 12th and Living Imam, Al-Hujjat ibnil Hasan al-Askari (may Allah hasten his return).  With the tragic death of his father at such a young age, the Awaited Saviour began his Imaamate on this day – and it continues even now during the period of the Ghaybah (Occultation) until Allah permits him to make his advent to establish the universal government of Islam over the entire planet!

We should also keep in our hearts two of the most important pillars of our Furu ad-Din – namely Tawalla and Tabarra – or showing love for the Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) and those who love them and showing and expressing our hatred for the enemies of the Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) during this day and the gatherings which we attend.  The concept of love and hate is something which is engrained in the Quran in many verses and is something which we must live our life by – we must know who are our friends are and love and support them, and we must know who are enemies are so that we can keep away from them and their wicked plots and ideas.

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Some sources Recommend recitation of Ziarat Ale Yasin &   Dua Sanamae Quraish

On this Great and Mubarak Day of Eid-e-Zahra..... 

The Thoughts and Words of Imam Khomeini(r.a) on Muslim Unity

O Muslims! Keep Away From the Disuniters!

O you powerful Muslims! Beware! Know yourselves and let the world know you.  Cast aside the sectarian and regional disputes, which have been created by the world-devouring powers and their corrupt agents for the purpose of plundering you  and treading upon your human and Islamic honour. You are to cast away, in accordance with the judgement of Allah, the Most High, and the Glorious Qur'an, the  disuniters, such as the mercenary akhunds and the nationalists who know nothing of Islam and of the interests of the Muslims. The harms of these people to Islam are no less  than those of the world-devourers. They show Islam upside-down and pave the way for the plunderers. May Allah, the Most High, deliver Islam and the Muslim countries from  the evil of the world-devourers and their affiliated and connected agents.

The Difference Between the Shias and the Sunnis Is the Want  of the Foreigners  If there happens a dispute between the Iranian nation and the other nations, or between the Sunni brothers and the Shias brothers, it will be to the disadvantage of all of us, of all  Muslims. Those who want to cause disunion are neither of the Sunnis nor of the Shias. They are the directors of the Super Powers and they are serving them.

Those who try to create disunity between our Sunni brothers and our brothers of the  Shias, are the groups who plot for the enemies of Islam. They want to help the enemies of Islam to overcome the Muslims. They are the followers of western powers, and some are also the  followers of the eastern powers.  The Muslims, wherever they may be must be aware that disunion between a country in the farthest end of the world and another one on the other end of the  world, does not mean a local dispute.

The world of today is not like before. It will not be the question concerning only that part  of the world. If there is a dispute among you brothers in Iran, it will concern the whole world, and if there is a dispute between the Iranian brothers and the Iraqi brothers, i.e., the Iraqi nation, it is a matter concerning the whole world, not a local matter between Iran and Iraq. It is considered in the whole world, as those in the world who want to  put the profits of the world in their own pocket and to impose their control over the whole world, they exploit any disunion which may happen between the Shia brothers and the Sunni brothers in Iran. Similarly, if it happened between our Iranian brothers and the brothers who are in Pakistan, they exploit the situation, too.

We must be awake and know that the divine judgement says: "The believers are but brothers" (Hujurat: 10). There is nothing among them other than brotherhood, and they are obliged to have brotherly conduct. It is a political point to have all the Muslim nations-nearly a milliard in number- be brothers to one another, in which case no harm may befall them and none of the Super Powers will be able to transgress them. O brothers! Pay attention to this!  Sunni and Shias are Brothers & Should Avoid All Disputes.

A group of the Muslims are Shias, a group of the Muslims are Sunnis, a group are Hanafi, a group are Hanbali, a group are Akhbari. Basically it was erroneous from the beginning to suggest such ideas. In a society where all want to serve Islam and to be for Islam, such matters should not be suggested. We all are brothers and are together. It is merely that your ulama issued a set of fatwas and you followed them in imitation, and so you became Hanafi. Another group became Shafi`i and followed him. Another group followed the fatwa's of the Imam Sadiq and became Shias. These should not be causes of difference. We should not have any difference or contradiction. We all are brother's. The Shia and Sunni brothers should avoid all differences.

Today, our differences will be in the interest of those who believe neither in Shiism nor in the Hanafi or in the other sects. They want neither this nor that to be. Their way is to cause differences between us. We must realize that we are all Muslims, followers of the Qur'an and of tawhid, and that we must toil for the Qur'an and to serve tawhid.  The Muslims of the World Are to Join Together They are uselessly trying to create disunity.

The Muslims are brothers and would not be disunited by the evil propaganda of some corrupt elements. The origin of this question concerning Shias and Sunni, the one on one side and the other on the other side, is caused by ignorance and by the propaganda waged by the foreigners. They even cause disunion among the Shias themselves. They do the same among the Sunni sects, too, placing one group against another.

Today all the sects of the Muslims are facing the Satanic powers who want to uproot Islam, because they do know that what can be dangerous to them is Islam, and that the greatest danger is in the unity of the Muslim nations. Today is the day on which all the Muslims of the whole world must come together. Today is not the day for a group in a place to say: "Only we", and another group in another place say: "Only we". Today is the day on which all are to be united on the basis of the rule of Islam and the Judgements of the Qur'an. They are not to dispute. The dispute among the Muslims, in any way it may be, is prohibited by the Qur'an. Dispute will bring them failure and effaces the attractive qualities of man and nation. This is the command of Allah, the Generous.

Those who try to create disunion, and yet claim to be Muslims, have not found the Islam whose Book is the Qur'an, the Islam whose ka`bah is its Qiblah. They do not believe in Islam. The ones who believe in Islam are those who accept the Qur'an and its contents, the content which says: "The believers are but brothers". So they must comply with what brotherhood requires. Brotherhood requires that if some misfortune happened to you all the other brothers, wherever they maybe, sympathize with you. If you are happy, all will be happy, too.



The Day of Eid for the lovers of Ahlul Bayt a.s.

Congratulations and Eid Mubarak to the lovers of the Ahlul-bayt (as).

9th of Rabiul Awwal marks the day when our present Imam a.s. assumed the position of Imamat in 260 AH

and the perpetrators of Karbala got their just reward.

The Day also reminds us about the Hijra of our Prophet (pbuh) - 1st Rabiul Awwal &

The Marriage of our Prophet (pbuh) to Lady Khadija a.s. - 10th Rabiul Awwal.

All in all, it is one of the greatest days in the history of Islam and a Day of happiness and joy for the lovers of Ahlul Bayt a.s.,

which they mark by holding gatherings/Jashan and thanking Allah swt for His bounties!!!!!  

“9th of Rabi al-Awwal is the day of Eid. It is our greatest Eid and the Eid of our followers.”

 (As narrated to Ahmad ibn Is-haq al-Qummi by Imam Muhammad al-Hadi (A)

Rasulullah (saww) said, "Train your children in three things, the love of your Prophet, the love of his progeny i.e. Ahlul-bayt, and the recitation of the Quran" 

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) said,
 "The best means by which servants can obtain nearness to Allah, Mighty and Glorious, is the obedience of Allah, the obedience of his messenger, and the obedience of those charged with (spiritual ) authority." Then, he added; " The love of us (Ahlul-bayt) is Faith (Iman) and the hatred for us in infidelity (kufr). 

After years of grieving for Imam Husain (as) and his companions (as), it was this time of the year when Imam Ali bin Husain Zainul Abideen (as) had a smile on his face. He received the good news that the great companion and true Shia, Al-Mukhtar al-Thaqafy has taken revenge for the Ahlul-bayt (as) and killed off many of the criminals who tortured the Ahlul-bayt (as) in Kerbala.  Today we salute this great companion for his service
s to the true Islam. 

This was the day, in Rabi'a al-Awwal, when Omar ibn Sa'ad [la], was killed by Hazrat Mukhtar.  He was the criminal who was the first one to shoot an arrow towards Imam Hussain (as) on the battle field of Karbala thus formally starting the war against Imam Hussain (as) ! And he proclaimed, " O people of Kufa and Shaam, be witness hereto on the Day of Judgment, that I am the one who is the first to shoot an arrow at Hussain " ! And saying this, he shot the arrow!

Al-Mukhtar announced the aims of his revolution in Masjid-e-Kufa, "I'll conform to Allah's Book and to His Apostle's Sunnah. I'll take the revenge on Imam Husain's killers. I'll fight against those who have broken Allah's laws.  I'll defend the weak against the strong." 

It is only the lucky ones who have the opportunity to celebrate this Eid!  This was the day, when for the first time after the massacre of his father Imam Hussain (as) & his companions, that the 4th Imam (as) smiled!  Is this not enough an excuse to celebrate?  For, our joys are with the joys of Ma'sumin (as) and our grief & sorrows are for them alone !

Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (as) said; "Verily there are various degrees of serving Allah, but affection (and cordial inclination) for us, Ahlul-bayt, is the highest one."  

Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (as) said, "He who is not able to do any good unto us (Ahlul-bayt) then he may do good to our pious adherents; and he who is not able to visit us, he may visit our righteous followers by which the reward of visiting us (pilgrimage) will be recorded for him."

May Allah swt raise us among the helpers of our 12th Imam a.s.


From Imam Hadi alayhessalam:
Surely my father (Imam Jawad) alayhessalam narrated from Huzaifa Bin AlYaman, he visited my grandfather RasoolAllah in one of these days (9th RabiulAwwal).

Huzaifa said: I saw Amirulmomineen Alayhessalam and his 2 sons Alayhemassalam. They were having food with RasoolAllah sallallaho alayhe Wa aalehi while he was smiling looking on their faces. He said to his 2 sons Hassan & Hussain Alayhemassalam that eat & enjoy with the grace of this day and its happiness. For surely this is the day when Allah (Ta'ala) destroyed His enemy and the enemy of your grandfather. Surely this is the day when Allah (Ta'ala) accepts the deeds of your Shias and your Mohibeen and the day when the word of Allah Jalla Jalalaho is fulfilled "فَتِلْكَ بُيُوتُهُمْ خَاوِيَةً بِمَا ظَلَمُوا" ( So those are their houses fallen down because they were unjust - Sure Naml, Ayat 52). And the day when He blew up the firaun to Ahlebait (Alayhemussalam) and their oppressor and the usurper of their right. And the day when Allah (Ta'ala) turned to
" مَا عَمِلُوا مِنْ عَمَلٍ فَجَعَلْنَاهُ هَبَاءً مَنْثُورًا"
(whatever deeds they did (in this life), and We shall make such deeds as floating dust scattered about.- Sure Al-Furqan: 25, 23).

Both references:
Bihar Ul Anwar, Vol. 95, pg. 351, 352