Month of Rajab ul Murrajab

Merits of the month MP3 & Videos Pdf (zipped)

 The Holy Prophet(saw) has said, "Rajab is the month for seeking forgiveness, so seek forgiveness from Allah (swt)"

Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as) says "Rajab is the name of a river in heaven, which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey.

Whoever fasts in Rajab shall be able to drink from that river".


Giving  Sadaqah (charity/alms) is also highly recommended. 

Important Dates

General Acts / Dua / Amaal

1st -    Dua & Amaal , (PDF)   Ziarat of Imam Husain (as) , (PDF) Regular 10 Amaal
1st - Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir (as)

Regular Dua'a   |  (PDF)  | (PDF) -Transliteration

First Thursday (night)' Lailatul Raghaib "Ya Man arjuhu" -after Fajr/Maghrib prayers (with commentary)
3rd - Martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi (as) Rajab Duas from Sahifa Mehdi (atfs):-No1 / No 2 / No 3
2nd or 5th - Birth of Imam Ali Naqi (as) Special Ziarat in Rajab - when visiting tombs of Ahlulbayt(as)
7th - Special Salaat Special Ziarat of Imam Ali ibn Moosa Ridha(as) for Rajab
10th  - Birth of Imam Taqi Al Jawad (as) Self Assessment form
Prepare for the month of Shabaan
13th - Birth of Imam Ali (as)  | Ziarat Ameenallah Other Date wise events

- The Qibla was changed from Quds to Makkah – 2 AH
- Ja'ffar bin Abi Talib (as) returned from Ethiopia

13th - 14th - 15th - A'amal
15th -Special Ziarat Imam Hussain(as)
15th - Death-Lady Zainub (sa) | Ziarat | Mp3
15th - A'amal 'Umme Dawood '
25th - Martyrdom-Imam Musa al Kazim (as) | Ziarat | Mp3
26th - Death- Hazrat Abu Talib (as) | Ziarat
27th -Be'sat/ Meraj A'amal & Dua'a | Ziarat
28th  Imam Hussain(as) leaves Medina
Last Day - A'amal