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Starting the Fast- Saher ادعية السحر
   "Almighty Allah (swt) releases from Hellfire one million persons in the last hour everyday in the month of Ramadhan; therefore pray to Almighty Allah (swt) to include you with these released ones" It is highly advised not to neglect the suhur (meal before starting fast) even if a single date or drink of water are had. A Hadith reads that Allah swt. and his angels bless those who seek forgiveness in the last hours of the night and have the meal before starting their fasts."

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Recite Sura Qadr at the time of sahar for a Hadith reads that any believer who recites Sura Qadr at the meal before starting the fast & the meal of breaking the fast/iftar will be rewarded as sacrificing his blood for the sake of Allah between these two periods.


Recite Tahajjud Salaat (atleast witr) before the Azan time. 

 Dua Baha    دعا بها    |  PDF  | PDF line by line  |   mp3

 Dua Ya Mafzaee   
دعا يا مفزعى   | PDF | PDF line by line | mp3

Tasbih for Sahar    تسبيح سحر  |  PDF |  PDF line by line  | mp3

 Dua Idris  ادريس   | PDF | PDF line by line | mp3

  Dua Ya Uddati    يَا عُدَّتِي   |  PDF  |  PDF line by line |  mp3

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali  دعاء أبي حمزة الثمالي  |  PDF | PDF line by line  |  mp3