Month of 'Zilhajj' 
Hajj Important Fiqh Rules
1st Zilhajj Marriage Of Imam Ali(as) & Lady Fatima(sa) Dua/Amaal For 10 Days Day 1 to 9
7th Zilhajj -Martyrdom of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)114AH
8th -Imam Hussain Leaves Mecca 60 AH 9th Martyrdom Muslim Bin Aqeel | Ziarat | Hani bin Urwa 9th Death Syed Abul Hassan Isfahani


<< Arafah Day 9th Zilhajj & Idd uz Zuha - ' Duas & Aamal' >>
Eve of A'rafah A'maal of the Day of A'rafah  
Imam Hussain (as) 's A'rafah Dua Imam Sajjad (as)'s A'rafah Dua

Idd uz Zuha Prayers 10th Zilhajj 

Imam Sajjad(as)'s Dua on Day of Idd uz zuha


Qurbani' Animal Sacrifice fiqh Urdu lectures

13th Night of Moon Splitting & Death of Lady Hajra Mother of Prophet Ismail (as)

15th /27th Zilhajj 1429 A.H. - Birth Imam, Imam Ali Naqi al-Hadi (a.s.) ( one tradition)

Eid-E-Ghadir - 18th Zilhajj 10 AH Eid-E-Mubahila - 24th Zilhajj 9 AH
18th Death of Shaikh Nassiruddin Tusi | 22nd Martyrdom Mesum Tammar |wiki
22nd - Martyrdom Children(Tiflan) of Muslim Bin Aqeel   |&   Death Shaikh Abbas Qummi
25th -Descent of Sura Hal Ata / Insan / Dahr |  28th Event of Hurra 63 AH |  29th Birth Author of Tafseer Mizan -Syed Tabatabai

Last Day of Zilhajj   |   1st Muharram


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Importance of Hajj  |    Haj As Worship & Education - Article  |   40 Hadith-Spiritual Journey pdf
Hajj Important Fiqh RulesNew Rules of Conduct of Hajj

Useful Haj Practical Tips doc

WF-Hajj guide1 pdf  | Hajj Guide2 pdf 15mb

Duas at Hajj Duas during Tawaf & Saee


Other Dates from
23rd ‐ Martyrdom of Hazrat Meesam al‐Tammar(a.r.) – friend of Imam Ali(a.s.) – ( 60 A.H.)
24th ‐ Supplication Day and giving of alms with the ring by Imam Ali(a.s.)
25th – Imam Ali (a.s.) accepts to become the Caliph of Islam – (35 A.H.)
Month of Zilqad

New Month Salaat

1st Zilqad Birth of Masooma Qom  |  Ziaraat

Special Sunday Salaat of Month (10 / 17 / 24 / 31 October 2010)

6th Zilqad-Treaty of Hudaibiya in  6 AH (618ad)

11th Zilqad- Birth of Imam Reza (as)  Ziarat

23rd Zilqad Martrdom of Imam 203 AH

15th Zilqad Night Recommended for prayers for mercy
29th Zilqad- Martyrdom of Imam Mohammed Taqi (as)  

25th  "Night of Dahwul Arz"  & Birth of Prophet Ibrahim (as)

From the 1st of Zilqada to 10th of Zilhijja are the days of Arbaeen-e-Kalimiyyah. These are the forty days when Nabi Musa (as) went on Mount Tur for Munajat from Allah (swt). Initially it was to be for 30 days, another 10 days were added to make it 40 days as mentioned in Sura A’araaf - Aayat 143. During these days recitation of 'LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH ' is mustahab and very much stressed.  (Source: Tazkiye Nafs by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi)

Fasting for 3 Consecutive days Thursday Friday & Saturday has immense rewards in months of Zilqad, Zilhajj, Moharram & Rajab

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