Shawa'al Month  


Salat for New Lunar Month  |  Moonsighting matters

Night preceding Eid ul fitr     |       Eid Ul fitr 1st

It is mustahab (recommended ) to fast  6 days ie from the 4th up to the 9th of the month of Shawwal

see  Rule 1757 Ayt Sistani law book

5th‐Arrival of Hazrat Muslim ibn‐e‐Aqeel(a.s.) in Kufa ‐ (60 A.H.)

6th ‐ Battle of Hunnain ‐ (6 A.H.)

8th - Youm e inhidame Janat ul Baqi (Medina cemetery demolition in 1925)

9th ‐ Battle of Ahzab/Khandaq ‐ (5 A.H.)      |      9th- Beginning of Ghaibat e Kubra

12th Death of Shaikh Bahai 1030 AH

13 th - Splitting of moon by Prophet (saws) | Birth Shaeed saani | Death Syed Borujerdi

14th Death Syed Abdul Azeem Hassani

18th - Marriage of Prophet (saw) with Lady Khadija

23rd ‐ Battle of Ohod & Martyrdom of Hazrat Hamza (a.r.) ‐ (3 A.H.)

25th ‐ Martyrdom of Imam Jafer Sadiq(a.s.) 6th Imam  (148 A.H.)   | Salwaat

29th Shawal Birth of Hz Abu Talib (as) father of Imam ALi (as)

28th death Ayt Jawad tabrizi |  29th death Ayt Wahid Behbahani

30th ‐ Death of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) son of Prophet Mohammad (saw)  (10 A.H.)



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