Datewise-Specific Eve/Day

Date wise Seperate Comprehensive Pages are below for the Night /Day Duas:
Introduction to the contents in the Datewise pages
There are many Duas common to 'All dates' i.e.; Every Night, | , Every Day, | Suhoor, | , Iftar, | , After obligatory Salat
In addition to these there are SPECIFIC duas for EACH of the nights and days of the month
'Iqbal Aamal' book by Syed Ibn Tawoos contains these which include following for EACH date
-Eve Salaat
1)Eve dua Narrated on the authority of the Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him and his family)
2)Eve dua Reported from A‟mal-i-Shahr-i- Ramadhan by Muhammad ibn Abi Qarrih
3)Popular short Day dua
4)Dua from old book of Companions
5)Another day dua Syed Ibn Baqi
6) Dua by Imam Zainul Abideen(as)

There are also other special duas for some of the days linked on respective day pages like :
First Night-Day
Dua Mujeer on 13,14,15
Laylatul Qadr on 19,21,23
Last 10 nights
Last night

<- Important dates ->
10th Death of Khadija (sa)wife of Holy Prophet(saw)
15th 3AH -Birth Imam Hassan Al Mujtaba(as)
21st 40 AH -Martyrdom Imam Ali(as)
17th Night Special for Dua
(19-21-23)Laylat ul Qadr