The Holy Month of Ramadan-Index
Suhoor- Fast commencement
Recitations at the time of starting the Fast

Recite Sura Qadr and Duas below before commencing the fast at dawn:
Dua- Ya Mafzai
Dua- Baha
Dua- Ya Uddatii
Dua- Idris
Tasbih at Sahr

Dua- Abu Hamza Thumali
Monumental lengthy Dua taught by Imam Sajjad (as)- A Life changing, must recite prayer during the month

Eating Before the Dawn (Suhur)

It is highly advisable not to neglect having the daybreak meal (suhur) even if its a single date or a drink of water.The best food in suhoor is fine flour and dates.
Hadith on importance of eating at suhoor
-"Almighty Allah and His angels bless those who seek forgiveness at the last hours of night and have the daybreak meal."
-“Eat before dawn even if it be only a drink of water, because Allah sends salutations upon those who eat before dawn for fasting.”
It is recommended to recite Surah of al-Qadr in addition to the recitals of invocations (dhikr) and special prayers,at early dawn (sahar).A hadith reads that any believer who recites the Surah of al-Qadr at the daybreak meal and the meal of breaking the fast, will be termed as sacrificing his blood for the sake of Almighty Allah between these two periods.
It is also highly recommended not to neglect the Salat al-Layl (Night Prayer)
we should keep in mind that our aim for eating at dawn is to perform a recommended religious act, as well as it provides us required strength in order to enable us to observe the fast.

Eating Ettiquettes & Meal Duas