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The Qur’an is the trust of Allah [swt] (given) to His creations, therefore it is recommended for every Muslim to look at this trust or promise, and to recite 50 ayaats (verses) of the Qur’an everyday.” [Imam Sadiq(as) ~ Usool-e-Kafi Vol.2, page 609 ]
One we can never read enough of, is the Book of Allah. In his last will, Imam Ali(as) says, "Remain attached to the Qur'an. Nobody should surpass you in being intent on it, or more sincere in implementing it." Devote at least half an hour every day to reciting the Holy Qur'an .

Quran reads you
Whenever you read the Quran, know that the Quran is also reading you.
It’s the only book that scans the heart of the reciter to assess the reader’s sincerity.
It dispenses wisdom in proportion to the humility and sincerity of the one who seeks it.
Duas before & After reading Quran

Surahs in 'Slide format' in PDF in Arabic + English, Urdu ,Hindi & Transliteration
Tanzil a highly verified precise quran text in many languages

Quran Portal incl tafsir

A Phrase-by-phrase translation Ali Quli Qarai PDF 15 mb
English Translation only PDF with TOC

Al Mizan

AAlulbayt site

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Quranic Duas book |


25 duas from the Holy Quran PDF

Rabanna pdf book

Quran City - Qfatima Quran Topic wise Quran in XL sheets

Ettiquttes- Ain Al Hayat by Majlisi

Quran Book Mark pdf

Benefits of reciting certain surahs

Familiarization with Quranic Suras-ALI

Mahafeem Al Quran basic | Intermediate | Advanced

85% of Quran words & meanings pdf:

Quran Dictionary pdf
Vocabulary of the Quran pdf

Qaida pdf

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