Month of Ramadan

Amaal for the 1st Eve and Day of the Holy Month of Ramadan

1st Eve: Recite a Two Rakat Salaat In each Rakat recite Sura Fatiha & Sura 6 In-a'am Then invoke Allah (swt) to keep you safe from any illnesses

1st Day: Perform Ghusl in flowing water and splash thirty palmfuls of water on the head.
This is a cause for prevention of illnesses throughout the year. Wash your face with a palm full of rose water to avoid poverty and distress and splash a palm full on the head .
1st Day: Recite two rakaats, in the first of which after Sura Hamd recite Sura Fath (Sura no 48). In the second rakat after the recitation of Sura Hamd recite any sura you wish. Allah will keep away form you all evil during the year and keep you in his protection until the following year.
1st Day: Recite two rakaats in the first of which, after the recitation of Sura Hamd, recite Sura Ikhlaas thirty times, and in the second after the recitation of Sura Hamd recite Sura Qadr thirty times and after the prayers give alms. Whoever does so , will have purchased from Allah swt his safety for the month.
Recite Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (as) (Click Here)