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A'amal   Umme  Dawood  15 Rajab

Be it known that the best a'mal for middle of Rajab is Do'a-e-Umme Dawood. It is best for fulfilment of desires and removal of oppressions and calamities.  Imam Ja'far-e-Sadiq (A.S.) said"Do not teach this amal to each and everyone lest some should perform it for illegitimate purpose. It contains Great Name of Allah (Isme Azam) and every desire will be attained for which it is performed in spite of all hurdles, even if doors of heaven and earth are shut as it were, Allah will suffice even if all the mankind and genie are against the performer and every body will be subjugated. If performed, in any other month other than Rajab, in the middle of the month after observing fast on 13th, 14th and 15th it will carry the same benefit. It is also beneficial to perform this amal on any auspicious day like Friday or Arfa without observing fast.


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A'amal METHOD    Shorter Method        


-Observe fast on 13th, 14th and 15th Rajab. On 15th take bath at the time when the sun passes the meridian (waqt-e-Zawal) put on clean clothes and sit on a clean mat at a place of seclusion so that nobody interferes.

-Offer 8 Rakat Nafal-e-Zuhr with best attention and then offer Namaz-e-Zuhr.

-After that offer 2 Rakat Namaz reciting any soora after AI-Hamd in each Rakat. After finishing say 100 times:Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad ,BISMILLA HIR RAHMA NIR RAHIM Ya Qazial Hawaijit Talibeena.Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad,

Then offer 8 Rakat Nafal-e-Asr, offering Namaz-e-Asr afterwards.



-Thereafter recite following from Quran:- use www.Tanzil.info

Number Chapter/Sura name Chapter/
Sura no.
No. of times
1 AI Hamd Ch. 1 100
2 Qul Hovel Laho Ahad 112 100
3 Ayatul Kursi 2 : 255-257 10
4 Soora An'am 6 once
5 Bani Israil 17 once
6 Kahf 18 once
7 Luqman 31 once
8 Yaseen 36 once
9 Wassaffat 37 once
10 Ha Mim Sajda   41 once
11 Shoora 42 once
12 Dukhan 44 once
13 AI Fatah 48 once
14 Waqea 56 once
15 Mulk 67 once
16 AIOalam 68 once
17 Inshiqaq   84 once
18-47 Every Sura after Inshiqaq till the last-Sura-An-Naas 85 - 114 once


Shorter Method:-If one does not know these chapters or is unable to recite these sooras, he should recite Tasbeehat-e-Arba'a 100 times; AI Hamd 100 times Sura Tawhid 100 times Ayatul Kursi 10 times. Salavat 100 times and Qul Hoval Laho Ahad (Ch. 112) 1000 times. Shaikh Mufid has also mentioned similar method. Syed Tawoos in Iqbal Aamal has also mentioned (if in safar/ travel) 100 times Sura Tawhid instead of all surahs




 -After finishing one should recite the following Do'a:-       Transliteration  Video Mp3 new 16 mns  Mp3   MP3 b     Another format line by line click here


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful





Allah the Most High, the Great has spoken the truth, there is no god but He, the Ever Living, the Self-Subsisting, Grand, Glorious, the Beneficent, the Merciful the Forbearing, the Generous. There is none like Him. He is all-Hearing, All Seeing, AII-Knowing, All-aware.

Allah stands witness that there is no god but He and (so do) the angels and those possessed of knowledge. He stands firm an justice. There is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise.

And His honored Messengers preached and stand as one of the witnesses for this.


Allah all praise is for you, all esteem is for you, only You prevail upon every thing. Bounty is from you. All Greatness and all Dominance is for You, For You is all beauty, only You oblige and for You is all glorification. Holiness and recitation of Tahleel (La Ilaha 1llallah) is only for you. All praise of greatness is for you. For you is what is seen and for you is what is not seen. For you is what is above the High Heavens and for You is what is underneath the Abyss. The lowly earths are for you and for you is the Hereafter and the world. And for you is what you are pleased with by the praise (of others) and thanks giving and bounties.


O' Allah! Bestow Your blessing on Hazrat Jibreel (A.S.) trustworthy on your revelations and authority in your affairs, obeyed in the heavens and sacred places, carrying Your words, Supporter of Your Prophets, punishing Your enemies.


O' Allah! Bestow your blessing on Michael-angel of Your mercy and Created for kindness and seeker of pardon for and supporter of the obedient people.


O' Allah! Bestow your blessings on Israfeel the holder of Your Heavenly Throne (Arsh) the blower of the trumpet, awaiting Your order, cautious and tender out of Your fear.


O' Allah! Bestow Your blessings on the Holy carriers of Your Heavenly Throne and Your holy noble and virtuous errand carriers of You and Your angels the honored recorders (of deeds) and on the angels in charge of the Paradise and on the angels in charge of Hell and on the angel of death and his assistants.


O' Lord of Majesty and Grace! O' Allah! Bestow your blessings on our father Adam Your novel creation whom You did honour with the prostration of Your angels and make Your Paradise lawful to Him. 


O' Allah! Bestow your blessing on our mother Eve-purified from uncleanliness, free from impurities distinguished among mankind and moving about in the godly atmosphere. 


O' Allah! Bless Abel (Heabeel and Sheeth and Idrees and Noah Hud and Saleh and Ibrahim and Ishaq and Jacob (Yaqub) and Yusuf and the asbaat (sons of Yaqub) and Lot (Loot) and Shoa'ab and Ayoob and Moosa and Haroon and Yusho'a and Meesha and Alkhizr and Zulqarnain and Yunus and Ilyas and Yasa'a and Zul Kifl and Taloot and Dawood and Sulaiman and Zacharia and Sha'ya and Yahya and Taukh and Matta and Irmiya and Habaqqook and Daniel and Uzair and Isa and Shamo'oon and Jirjees and Havvaroen (companions of Hazrat Isa) and the followers and Khalid and Hanzala and Luqman.



O' Allah! Bless Mohammad and his progeny and bestow Your mercy and favour on them in the manner you did bestow your blessings, mercy and favour on Ibrahim and his progeny, verily you are Praiseworthy and Exalted.



O' Allah bestow blessings on the vicegerents, the virtuous, the martyrs and the Imams of guidance. 

O' Allah! Bestow your blessings on your conspicuous adherents, saints, the traveling worshippers, devotees, the sincere, and the abstemonious, and those who are Painstaking in seeking after the truth and Mohammad and his Ahle-Bait, distinguished with Your best blessings and Your greatest honour and Convey to his soul and body my greetings and Salaams and increase him in the nobility and honour till You grant him the Highest rank among the high personages from among the Prophets. Messengers and the people of merits enjoying nearness to you.


O' Allah! And bless Your angels, Prophets, Messengers and people obedient to You whom I have mentioned by names and those whom I have not mentioned by their names and convey blessings from me to them (their bodies) and to their souls and make them my brothers before You make them my helpers in invoking You.


O' Allah! I seek intercession in Your name with You and in the name of Your generosity, for Your generosity and in the name of Your favours for Your favours and in the name of Your mercy for Your mercy, and to You in the name of the people obedient

to You.


And O' Allah! I ask you in the name of that through which anyone of them beseeched you for their noble requests having been never turned down, and through which they invoked you for a request which was granted without any disappointment.




O' Allah! O' the Beneficent! O' the Merciful! 

O' the Forbearing! O' the Generous! O' the Exalted!

O' the Glorious! O' the Bestower! O' the Elegant!

O' the Guardian! O' the Trustee! O' the Forgiving!

O' the Protector! O' the All Aware, O' the Illuminator,

O' the Destroyer, O' the Withholder! O' who alters!

O' the Transferer! O' the Great! O' the  Powerful!

O' the All-seeing! O' the Appreciator! O' the Clean,

O' the Holy! O' the Pure, the Dominent!  O' the Manifest!

O' the Hidden! O' the concealer (of the blemishes) O' the Guardian! O' the Powerful! O' the Preserver! O' the Grand!

O' the Near! O' the Most loving! O the Praise-worthy!

O' the High! O' the Originator! O' the Witness!

O' the Benefactor! O' the one who assembles! O' the Bestower (of bounties)!


O' the Bountiful! O' the Seizer! O' the Magnanimous!

O' the Guide! O' the Appointner of Messenger!  O' the Bestower!

O' the Unaccessible! O' the Repealer' O' the Elevator!

O' the Everlasting! O' the Protector! O' the Creator!

O' the Bestower! O' the Forgiving! O' the Opener!

O' the Diffuser of the Wind! O' the Peace! O' in whose hand lie all the Keys!


O' the Beneficial! O' Tender! O' the Affectionate! O' the Sufficient! O' the Healer! O' the Bestower of health! O' the Requiter!

O' the Fulfiller! O' the True Witness! O' the Mighty!

O' the Dominant! O' the Majestic! O' Peace! (Spotless)

O' who saves from the darkness of ignorance! O' The One! O' the Independent!


O' the Illuminator! O' the Administrator! O' the Matchless!

O' the Solitary! O' the Holiest! O' the Succourer!

O' the Friendly! O' the Reviver! O' the Heir!

O' the All-Knowing! O' the Best Judge, O' the Beginning!

O' the High!  O' the Fashioner! O' who accepts!

O' the Friend! O' the Self-Subsisting! O' the Eternal!

O' the All-Knowing! O' the Wise! O' the Generous!

O' the Creator! O' the Best! O' the Pleasing!

O' the Justice! O' the Judge! O' the Rewarder!

O' the Kind! O' the Munificent! O' the All-hearing!

O' the Innovator! O' the Shelter! O' the Succourer!

O' the Diffuser! O' the Forgiving! O' the Everlasting!

O' who makes things easy! O' who removes obstacles! O' Who causes death!

O' who instils life! O' the Bestower of profits! O' the Sustainer!

O' the Powerful! O' the Means of Causes! O' the Redresser!

O' who makes (people) wealthy! O' the Guardian! O' the Creator!

O' the Protector! O' the Peerless! O' the Omnipresent!

O' the All Prevalent! O' the Preserver! O' the Severe (in Wrath) !



O' the Redresser of grievances! O' the visiting! O' the Withdrawer!

O' the High who Ascended still higher and was in the farthest point O' Who drew near and still nearer and then when farthest and became inaccessible and knows the secret and the hidden.

O' Who foretells! And accordingly fixes their measures. O' for whom it is easy to solve the difficult problem. O' Who is Powerful over what He wills. O' Who makes the breezes blow! O' the Cleaver of dawn! O' the Reviver of the spirits! O' the Lord of generosity

and clemency! O' the Restorer of the lost! O' Who gives new life to the dead! O' the Gatherer of the scattered! O' Who grants plentiful of sustenance to whom He wishes! O' Who does vI/hat He wishes and how He wishes! O' Lord of Majesty and Grace! 

O' the Ever-Living! O' the Self-Subsisting! O' the Living when there was no life. O' the Ever-Living, O' the Ouickener of the dead! O' the Ever-Living There is no god but You, Originator of the heavens and of the earth. 


O' Allah! O' my Master! Bestow your blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny and bestow Your Mercy on Mohammad and his Progeny and bless Mohammad and his Progeny with Your favours in the manner you did bestow your blessings on Ibrahim

and his progeny and blessed them with your mercy and Your favour. Verily. You are praiseworthy and grand.

And have mercy on my disgrace, indigence, poverty, loneliness and seclusion, my humiliation before you, my confidence in you my entreaty to you.

I invoke with an invocation of the humiliated disgraced, depressed, frightened, helpless, lowly, unimportant hungry, and poor seeking Your protection, helpless confessing his sin and hoping to be forgiven, whose confidence led his invocation to acceptance before his Lord while he was discarded by those who loved him and his agony was great.


My invocation is with a burning heart, inflicted by miseries, struck with weakness, disgrace and helplessness; I am worthless before you seeking your protection.


O' Allah! I ask you for you are the sovereign and happen what you will and you are powerful over everything.


And I beseech you in the name of this sacred month and in the name of the Sacred House and the Sacred City. The Rukn and the Maqaam (place were Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) used to stand for prayers) and the grand Singns and for the sake of Your Prophet Mohammad (S.A)


O' Who blessed Adam with Sheeth and Ibrahim with Ismail and Ishaque and who restored Yusuf to Yaqub and who removed the miseries of Ayoob after You did try him.


O' Who restored Musa to his mother! O' the bestower of increasing knowledge to Khizr, O' Who blessed Dawood with Sulaiman! and Zacharia with Yahya and Maryam with Isa!

O' who protected the daughter of Sho'ib! O' who looked after the Mother of Musa!


I beseech You to bestow Your blessings, on Mohammad and his progeny and to forgive all my sins and protect me from Your chastisement and render Your pleasure implicite for me as also Your trust. Your benevolence, Your forgiveness and Your Paradise.


And I beseech You to remove from me all such links that are between me and those who annoy me and request You to open for me every door and lighten every hardship and make every difficulty easy and save me against every evil tongue and hold back from me every rebellious person and turn topsy-turry every enemy of mine jealous of me and withhold every oppressor from me and be You sufficient for me against every barrier that comes between me and my desires and tries to turn me away from obedience to You or diverts me from my devotion to You.


O' Who controlled the rebellious genni and punished the rebellious, humiliated the conceited and dispelled the devices of the powerful against the weak.


I ask You in the name of Your Power on whatever You will and the Ease for whatever you will and howsoever You will to fulfil my desires as You will.


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny. Ameen.






Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mahammadin Wa Aale Mahammad




Sadaq Allahul Aljyyul Azeemul Lazi La Ilaha Illa Haval Hayyul Qayyooma Zul Jalale wal Ikramir Rahmanur Rheemul Haleemul Kereemul Lazi Laisa Kamislehi Shai.un wa Havas Samee'ul Aleemul Baseerul Khabeero Shahad Allaha Annahoa La Ilaha Illa Hova wal Malaa'ekata wal Ulul lIme Qaa'eman Bil Qist.


La Ilaha Ilia Haval Azeezul Hakeema wa Ballaghat Rusulahul Kiramo wa Ana AlIa Zaleka Minas Shahedeena; Allahumma Lakal Hamda wa Lakal Majda wa Lakal Izza wa Lakal Fakhra wa Lakal Qahra wa Lakal Nimata wa Lakal Azmata wa Lakar Rahmata wa Lakal Mahabata wa Lakas Sultano

wa Lakal Bahaa'o wa Lakal Imtjnano wa Lakal Tasbeeha wa Lakal Taqdeeso wa Lakat Tahleelo wa Lakat Takbeero wa Laka Ma yuraa wa Laka Ma La yuraa wa Laka Ma Fauqas Samaavatil Ulaa wa Laka Ma Tahtaz Saraa wa Lakal Arzaanassnfla wa Lakal Aakherato Wal Oolaa wa laka Ma Tarza Behi Minas Sanaa'e wal Hamde wash Shukre wan Na'maa'e;


Allahumma Salle Alaa Jabra'eela Ameeneka Alaa wahyeka wal Qaviyye Alaa Amreka Wal Mutaa'e Fi Samavaateka wa Mahalle Karamatekal Mutahammile Le Kalemaatekan Nasire Le Anbiyaa'ekal Mudammire Le A.adaa.eka


Allahumma Salle Alaa Meekaa'eela Malake Rahmateka Wal Makolooqe Le Raa'efateka wal Mustaeghfiril Mo'erne Le Ahle Ta'ateka:

Allahumma Salle Alaa Israfeela Haamile Arsheka wa Saabibts Sooril Muntazre Le Amrekal wajilil Mushfiqe Min Kheifateka;


Allahumma Salle Alaa Hamalatil Arshit Tahereena wa Alas Safaretil Kiramil Bararatit Taiyibeena wa Alaa Malaa'ekatekal Kiramil Katebeena wa Alaa Malaa'ekatekal Jinane wa Khazanatin eerane wa Malakil Maute wal A'wane ya Zal Jalale wal Ikrame; Allahumma Salle Alaa Abeena Aadama Badee'e Fitratekal Lazi Akarramtahoo Be Sujoode Malaa'ekateka wa Abahtahoo Jannataka: Allahumma Salle Alaa Ummina Havvaa.al Mutah-harate Minar Rijsie Musaffate Minad Danasil Mufazzelate Minal Insil Mutaraddedate Baina Mahallil Qudse; Allahumma Salle Alaa Habeela wa Shesa wa Idreesa wa Noohin wa Hoodin wa Salehin wa Ibraheema wa Isma'eelan wa Ishaqa wa Ya'qooba wa Yoosufa wal Asbate


wa Lootinwa Shu'aibin wa Ayyuba wa Moosa wa Haroona wa yoosha.a wal Meesha wal Khizre wa Zil Qarnaine wa Yoonusa wa Ilyasa wal Yasa'a wa Zil Kifle wa Taloota wa Da'ooda wa Sulaimana wa Zakariyya wa Sha'ya wa Yahya wa Toorakha wa Matta wa Irmia wa Halqooqa wa Daneyala wa Ozairin wa Eesa we Sham'oona wa Jirjeesa wal Havariyyeena wal Atba'e wa Khalidin wa Hanzalata wa Luqmana; Allahumma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammadin wa Arham Mohammadan wa Aale Mohammadin wa Barik Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammadin Kama Sallaita wa Rahimta wa Barakta Alaa Ibraheema wa Aale Ibraheema Innaka Hameedun Majeedun;


Allahumma Salle Alal Ausiyaa'e was So'adaa'e wash Shohadaa'e wa A'immatil Huda; Allahumma Salle Alal Abdale wal Autade was Saiayahe wal Ubbade wal Mukhleseena waz Zuhhade



wa Ahlil Jidde wal Ijtehade wakhsus Mohammadan wa AhJa Baitehi Be Afzale alavateka wa Ajzale Karamaateka wa Balligh Roohahoo wa Jasadahoo Minni Taheyyatan wa Salaman wa Zidho Fazlan wa Sharafan wa Karaman Hatta Toballighahoo A'ala

Darajate Ahlish Sharafe Mina Nabiyyeena wal Mursaleena wal Afazilil Muqarrabeena Allahumma Salle Alaa Man Sammaito wa Man Lam Usamme Min Malaa'ekateka wa Anbiyaa'eka wa Rusuleka wa Ahle Ta'ateka wa Ausil Salavati Ilaihim wa Ila Arvahehim

wa waj'alhum Ikhwani Feeka wa Awani Alaa Doaa'eka;


Allahumma Inni Astashfe'o Beka Ilaika wa Bekarameka Ila Karameka wa Be Joodeka Ila Joodeka wa Be Rahmateka Ila Rahmateka wa Be Ahle Ta.ateka Ilaika wa As'aloka;


Allahumma Be Kulle Ma Sa.alaka Behi Ahadun Minhum Min Mas'latin Shareefatin Ghaira Masdoodatin wa Bima

Da'aka Behi Min Da'watin Mujabatin Ghaira Mukhaiyyabatin



Ya Allaho Ya Rahmano Ya Raheemo

Ya Haleemo Ya Kareemo Ya Azeemo

Ya Jaleelo Ya Muneelo Ya Jameelo

Ya Kafeelo Ya Vakeelo Ya Muqilo

Ya Mujeero Ya Khabeero Ya Muneer Mubeero

Ya Muneeo Ya Mudeelo Ya Maheelo

Ya Kabeero Ya Qadeero Ya Baseero

Ya Shakooro Ya Birro Ya Tah'or

Ya Qahiro Ya Zahiro Ya Batino

Ya Satiro Ya Muheeto Ya Muqtadiro

Ya Hafeezo Ya Mutajabbro Ya Qareebo

Ya Wadoodo Ya Hameedo Ya Majeedo

Ya Mubdiyo Ya Mu'eedo Ya Shaheedo

Ya Mohsino Ya Mujmilo Ya Mun.imo

Ya Mufzilo Ya Qabizo Ya Basito Ya Hadi'yo

Ya Marsiol Ya Murshido Ya Musaddido

Ya Mo'tiyo Ya Mane'o Ya Dafe'o

Ya Rareo Ya Baqi Ya wafi Ya Khallaqo

Ya Wahhabo Ya Tawwabo Ya Fattaho

Ya Naffaho Ya Murtaho

Ya Man Be Yadehi Kullo Miftahin

Ya Naffa'o Ya Ra'oofo Ya Atoofo

Ya Kafi Ya Shafi Ya Mu'afi Ya Mutcafi

Ya Wafiyyo Ya Mohaimeno Ya Azeezo

Ya Jabbaro Ya Mutakabbiro Ya Salaamo

Ya Mo'mino Ya Ahado Ya Samado

Ya Nooro Ya Mudabbiro Ya Fardo

Ya Vitro Ya Quddoso Ya Nasiro

Ya Mooniso Ya Baa'iso Ya wariso

Ya Aalimo Ya Haakimo Ya Baadi'o.

Ya Muta'aliyo, Ya Musavviro Ya Muslimo

Ya Mutahabbibo, Ya Qaa'emo Ya Daa'emo

Ya Aleemo Ya Hakeemo Ya Jawwado

Ya Baari'o Ya Barro Ya Sa'arro

Ya Adlo Ya Fasilo Ya Dayyano

Ya Hannano Ya Mannano Ya Samee'o

Ya Badee'o Ya Khafeero Ya Mu'eeno

Ya Nashiro Ya Ghafiro Ya Qadeemo

Ya Musahihilo Ya Muyassiro Ya Mumeeto

Ya Mohyiy Ya Nafe'o. Ya Raziqo

Ya Muqtaddiro Ya Musabbibo

Ya Mugheeso Ya Mughniy Ya Muqniy

Ya Khaliqo Ya Rashido Ya Wahido

Ya Haziro Ya Jabiro Ya Hafizo

Ya Shadeedo Ya Ghaayso Ya Aaedo

Ya Qabizo


Ya Man a'la Fasta'la Fakana Bil Manzaril A'ala

Ya Man Qaruba Fadana wa Ba'ada Fanaya Wa Alimas Sirra wa Akhfa Ya Man Ilaihit Tadbeero wa Lahul Maqadeero wa Ya Manil Aseero Alaihe Sahlun Yaseerun Ya Man Hova Alaa Ma Yashaa'o Qadeerun Ya Mursilar Riyahe Ya Faliqal Asbahe Ya Balsal Arvahe Ya Zal Joode was Samahe Ya Radda Ma


Qadfata Ya Nashiral Amvate

Ya Jame'ash Shattate Ya Raziqa Man Yashaa'o Beghaire Hisabin wa Ya Faa'ila Ma Yashaa'o Kafia Yashaa'o Ya Zal Jalale wal Ikrame Ya Haiyyo Ya Qayyoomo Ya Haiyyon Heena La Hayya Ya Hayyoa Ya Mohiyal Mauta Ya Hayyo La Ilaha Ilia Anta Badee'us Samavate wal Arze Ya llahi wa Saiyyidi Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mooammadin


wa Arham Mohammadan wa Aale Mohammadin wa Barik Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammadin Kama Sallaita wa Barakta wa Rahimta a'la Ibraheema wa Aale Ibraheema Innaka Hameedun Majeedun warham Zulli wa Faqati wa Faqni wa Firadi wa Vahdati wa Khuzzoo'i Baina Yadaika wa I'temadi Alaika wa azurro'i Ilaika Ad'ooka Doa'al Khaze'iz Zaleelil


Khashe'il Kha'efil Mushfiqil Ba-eesil Maheenil Haqeail Ja'eil Faqeeril A'aezil Mustajeeril Muqtree Be Zanb hil Mustaghfir Minhul Mustakeene Le Rabbehi Doa'a Man Aslamatahoo Siqtohoo wa Rafazatohoo Ahibbatohoo wa Azomat Fa Ja'atohoo Doa'a Hariqin Hazeenin Za'eefin Maheenin Ba-eesin Mustakeenin Beka Mustajeerin;


Allahumma wa As'aloka Be Annaka Maleekun wa Annaka Ma Tashaa 'O' Min Amrin Yakoono wa Annaka Alaa Ma Tashaa'o Qadeerun wa As.aloka Be Hurmate Hazash shahril Harame wal Baitil Harame war Rukne wal Maqame wal Masha'jril Izame wa Be Haqqe Nabiyyeka Mohammadin Alahi wa Aalehis Salamo Ya Man wahaba Le Adama Sheesan wa le Ibraheema Isma'eela wa Is'haqa wa ya man Radda yoosufa Alaa Ya'qGoba wa Ya Man Kashafa Ba'dal Balaa'e Zurra Ayyuba Ya Radda Moosa Alaa Ummehi wa ya Za'idal Khizre Fi Ilmehi wa Ya Man wahaba le Dawooda Sulaimana wa le Zakariyyaa Yahya wa le Maryama Eesa Ya Hafiza Binte Sho'aibin wa Ya Kafila walade Umme Moosa As'aloka An Tusalli ya,


Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammadin wa an Taghfjrali Zunoobi Kullaha wa Tojeerani Min Azabika wa Toojiblali Rjzwanaka wa Amanaka wa Ehsanaka wa Ghufranaka wa Jenanaka wa As'aloka An Tafukka Anni Kulla Halqatin Baini wa Baina man Yoozeeni wa Taftahali Kulla Babin wa Tulaiyyena li Kulla Sabin Wa Tulaiyyena li Kulla Sa'bin wa Tusah-hila li Kulla Aseerin wa Tukhressa Anni Kulla Natjqin Be Sharrin wa Takuffa Anni Kulla Baghin wa Takbeta anni Kulla Aduwwin li wa Hasidin wa Tamna' Minni Kulla Zalemin



wa Takfeyani Kulla A 'a'eqin Yahoolo Baini wa Baina Hajati wa Yuhawilo An Yufarriqa Bini wa Baina Ta'ateka wa Yusabbetani An Ibadateka Ya Man al Jamal Jinnal Mutamarredeena wa Qahara Atatash Shayateene wa Azalla Riqabal Mutajabbereena wa Radda Kaidal Mutsaleteena Anil Mustaza'feena As'aloka Be Qudrateka Alaa Ma  ashaa'o wa Tasheeleka Lema Tashaa'o Kaifa Tashaa'o An Taja'la Qaza'a Hajati Feema Tashaa'o,


Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad, Ameen.


-Then go in to prostration (Sajda), place your face on earth and say.


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings On Mohammad and his Progeny.


In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O' Allah! I am in prostration before you and have accepted faith in You. You therefore have mercy on my disgrace, my indigence, my Endeavour, my entreaty to You, my helplessness and my poverty before You O' my Lord!


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings On Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.


Allahooma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad


"Allahumma Laka Sajadto wa Beka Aamanto Farham Zulli wa Faqati wajtehadi wa Tuazarro'j wa Maskanati wa Faqri Ilaika ya Rabbe"
Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad, Ameen





The Imam (A.S.) said that one should try to shed a tear even a tiny one as it is a sign of acceptance of invocation. In another tradition the following Do'a is recommended to be recited once in prostration (Sajda).


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O' Allah! I am in prostration before You and have accepted faith in You. Therefore have mercy on my disgrace, my humiliation before You, my poverty, my indigence, my seclusion, my fear, my efforts towards You and my total reliance in You.


O' Allah I I begin with You and beg of You for success. And I turn to You through Mohammad Your bondman and Your Messenger and through his progeny.


O' Allah! Make easy for me hardships of my life and lighten for me my miseries and grant me good more than my expectation and save me from the mischief and dispel from me all the evil.


O' Allah I Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny. Ameen.

Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad



" Allahumma Laka Sajadto wa Beka AamantoFarham Zulli was Khuzoo'i Baina Yadaika wa Faqri wa Faqati Ilaika wa Arham Inferadi wa Khushoo'i wajte-hadi Baina yadaika wa Tawakkoli Alaika Allahumma Beka Astafteho wa Bekastanjeho wa Be Mohammadin

Abdeka wa Rasooleka wa Aalehi Atawajjaeo Ilaika Allahumma Sahhil Li Kulla Khazoonatin wa Zallil Li KuJla Sa'oobatin wa'teni Minal Khaire Aksara Mimma Arjoo wa Aafeni Minash Sharre wasrif Annis Soo'a.


Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad, Ameen.



In yet another tradition the following is recommended to be recited 100 times in prostration (Sajda).


O' Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.


O' the fulfiller of the seekers, fulfill all my desires with Your kindness, O' the Unseen Bestower of benefits.


O' Allah I Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny. Ameen.

Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad




Ya Oaziya Havajit Talebeena Iqze Hajati Be Lutfeka Ya Khafiyyal Altafe.


Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad. Ameen.



Who was Umm Dāwūd?

She was Fātima, the mother of Dāwūd, a great grandson of the 2nd Imam, Hasan al- Mujtaba (a) and a foster brother of the 6th Imam, Jafar al-Sādiq (a). Umm Dāwūd had served as a wet nurse to Imam as-Sādiq (a).

Once, the 6th Imam (a) was ill so Fātima (Umm Dāwūd) went to visit him. During her visit the Imam inquired about his [foster] brother Dāwūd. Fātima replied that she had lost hope in finding him, for she did not even know whether he was alive or dead. The Imam taught her an Amāl (a combination of Quranic recitations, supplications and prayers) that was very effective in getting a quick outcome of ones legal needs. It is said that, whoever performs this Amāl, the doors of skies are opened for him/her, and the angels descend from heavens to receive him and to inform him of the good news of acceptance.

Umm Dāwūd said that she waited till she performed the Amāl on 15th of Rajab. The next day someone knocked the door and, to her amazement it was her son Dāwūd, who got released from the prison. Dāwūd narrated to her mother that he was held in a very high security prison with chains on his neck, hands and feet. Suddenly, one fine day the guards came in and took him to Mansūr, the ruler. He ordered the chains to be removed, gave Dāwūd ten thousand Dirhams, and a fast ride to take to him home.  

It is reported authentically that Umme Dawood asked wether this Amal can be performed in anyother month than Rajab. The Holy Imam replied in the affirmative and said that it can be performed on Day of Arfa and if perchance Arfa falls on Fri day, the performer will not have finished yet that he will be absolved of his sins.


This Amal can be performed in any month. One should observe fast on 13th, 14th and 15th day of the month and recite this Do'a on 15th as described above. His wish inshaallah will be fulfilled.