Syeda Fatima Zahra (sa)
The Beloved Daughter of the Holy Prophet (saws)  
(Umm-ul-Aimma / Umm-e-Abiha)  Born 20th Jamadi us Sani  Image

Martyrdom :13th Jamadi-ul-Awwal or 3rd Jamadi-us-Sani 11 AH in Medina , in defense of Imam Ali(as) Wilayah,

at  the very young age of 18 years & the location of grave remains unknown till date !


The Supreme Status of ‘Syeda Fatima Zehra (sa)  PDF

Consider the following Authentic Hadiths re family relationships:-

1)      A Son is ‘Nemat’ & a Daughter is ‘Rehmat’ (Mercy), for a Father. ( Ref)

2)      Getting married completes the Emaan (Faith) of a person. (Kafi v5 p 329.)

3)      The feet of a Mother are Jannat (Paradise) for her children (Ref Sunan An Nasai3104)

 Now consider, the following Quran Ayat /Authentic Hadith about the Family of Fatima (sa) :-

4)      Re Prophet (saws): Quran says “We did not send you but as Rehmatullillah lil Alaameen (mercy to all the nations)(Ref Surah 21 Verse 107.)

5)      Re Imam Ali (as): In the battle of Khandaq the Holy Prophet (saws) said  “Kulle Emaan ( complete faith) is in opposition to Kulle Kufr (complete disbelief)” when he went to fight Amr ibn Abdawud ( Ref Sharh Nahjul balagah v13 p261)

6)      Re Hassan & Hussain (as): The Prophet (saws) said, “Hassan & Hussain are the Syedul Shabab Ahle Jannat (leaders of the youth of paradise)” (Man Yahzarhil Faqih v4 pg 179) 

NOW COMBINE these six hadith, for this conclusion on the status of Syeda Fatima (sa):- 

Syeda Fatima (sa) is ‘Rehmat’ FOR “Rehmatullillah il Aalameen”!  Her Father the Holy Prophet (saws) 

Syeda Fatima (sa) completes the ‘Emaan FOR ‘Kulle Emaan”! Her Husband Imam Ali (as) 

At Syeda’ s feet is the ‘Jannat’ FOR the “Syedul Shabab Ahle Jannat”! Her 2 sons Hassan & Hussain (as)! 

“Fatima is also the Sayyida ( leader) of the women of the worlds”-Prophet  Mustadrak Al Hakim 3:156 

Syeda Fatima (sa) is included in “Ahlulbayt” (as) in Quran 33:33 ,who are Purified and in  “Qurba “in Ayat 42:23, whose love is mandatory.

She is the pivotal point for the introduction of her family in Hadith Kisa & connects Prophet Hood to Wilayat/Imamat  

What an exalted status she has, in a short life span of 18 Years, which is incomprehensible