Some Source Books On Prayers and Ziyarat

The foremost among such writings is Sahifah al-'Alawiyyah which contains different prayers said by Amir-al-Mu'minin Imam Ali(A.S.). Similarly, there is Sahifah al-Husainiyyah belonging to Imam Husain (A.S.).
Another collection is called Sahifah al-Kamilah which contains the prayers of Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S.), and is usually known as Zubur Aal-i-Muhammad. There is another collection of the prayers of Imam Zainul Abidin(A.S.) which is called Sahifah Sajjadiyah which was compiled and collected by Shaikh Muhammad bin al-Hasan bin al-Hurr al-Aamili. A third collection of the prayers of Imam Zainul Abidin(A.S.) was compiled by Mirza Abdullah Isfahani alias Al-Affandi, while a fourth collection was prepared by Mirza Husain Nuri who is a contemporary. The author of the present work has also collected and compiled a fifth collection of the prayers of Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S.).
Other writers in this field are:
1. Ma'wiyah bin 'Ammar Diahani wrote Kitab-u-Yawmin Wa Lailah. He died in 175 A.H.
2. Yunis bin Abdur Rahman prepared a book Kitab-u-'Amal-i-Yawmin Wa Lailah and presented it to Imam Hasan Askari (A.S.) who said, ĞMay God give him Light on the Day of Judgment for every word he has written! Yunis died during the third century.
3. Muhammad bin Khalid Barqui wrote Kitab-u-'Amal-i-Yawmin Wa Lailah. He also belonged to the third century.
4. Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Khalid Barqui wrote Kitab-ud-Du'a which has been mentioned by Shaikh in Al-Fahrist as well as Najashi through the agency of Ibn Battah.
He died in 274 A.H.
5. Muhammad bin Mas'ud al-'Ayyahi wrote Kitab-u-Yawmin Wa Lailah and its abridgement. He also wrote Kitab-ud-Du'a and al-Mazar.
He died during the theird century.
6. Abdul Aziz bin Yahya al-Jaludi wrote (i) Kitab-ud-Dua reported from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S.), (ii) Kitab-ud-Du'a wal 'Awdh reported from Ibn Abbas and (iii) Kitab-ur Riqa. An-Najashi has mentioned all these books. He died after 330 A.H.
7. Ja'far bin Muhammad bin Quluyah wrote Kitab-ul-Mazar (or-Jami'uz Ziyarat) and Kitab-u-Yawmin Wa Lailah. He died in 360 A.H.
8. Shaikh Mufid wrote Manasik-ul-Mashahid. He died in 413 A.H.
9.Shaikh Tusi wrote Misbah-ul-Mutahajjid and its summary. He died in 460 A.H.
10. Muhammad bin Ali Ya'qub al-Katib Al-Qinani wrote Kitab-u-'Amal-i-Yawm-il-Jum'ah and Kitab-u-'Amal-i-Shuhur.He died during the fifth century.
11. Muhammad bin Al-Mashhadi wrote Kitab-ul-Mazar. He died during the sixth century.
12. Sayyid Ali bin al-Husain bin Baqqui al-Qarashi.
He wrote Kitab-u-Ikhtiyar-il-Misbah. He died during the seventh century.
13.Sayyid Ali bin Musa bin Ja'far bin Tawus al-Hasani.
He wrote Al-Iqbal, Jamal-ul-Isbu'i, Muhiji-ud-Da'wat, Ab-Duru'ul-Waqiyah, Rabi-ul-Asabi'i etc. He died in 664 A.H.
14. Sayyid Ahmad bin Musa bin Ja'far bin Tawus al-Hasani. He wrote Kitab-u-'Amal-il-Yawm-i-Wal Lailah and Kitab-ul-Akhbar Fi Ad'iyat-il-Lail-i-Wan Nahar.He died in 673 A.H.
15. Shahid Muhammad bin Makki al-'Aamili al-Jizzini wrote Kitab-ul-Mazar. He was martyred in 786 A.H.
16. Shaikh Ibrahim bin Ali al-Aamili al-Kaf'ami wrote Al-Balad-ul-Amin and Al-Jannat-ul-Waqiyah (known as Al-Misbah). He died in 905 A.H.
17. Al-Mawla Muhammad bin Muhammad Tabib was one of the scholars during the Safavid period. He wrote Anis-ul-Abidin.
18. Shaikh Baha-ul-Din Muhammad bin al-Husain al-'Aamili wrote Miftah-ud-Din Muhammad bin al-Husain al-'Aamili wrote Miftah-ul-Falah Fi 'Amal-il-Yawm-i-Wal Lailah.He died in 1031 A.H.
19. Muhammad Baqir al-Isfahani al-Majlisi.He wrote Zad-ul-Maad and Tuhfatuz Za'ir in addition to one volume of Bihar-ul-Anwar dealing with prayers. He died in 1110 A.H.
20. Mulla Muhsin al-Kashi wrote Khullasatul Azkar. He died in 1019 A.H.
21. Sayyid Muhammad al-Isfahani wrote Amal-ul-Yawm-i-Wal Lailah-i-Wal Isbu'i Wash Shahr-i-Wash Sinah. He died in 1290 A.H.
22 The author of the present book also compiled Miftah-ul-Jannat in three volumes which has been printed and published. There are many more which cannot be described on account of our limitations of space.

Hasan al-Amin,Shorter Shi'ite Encyclopedia