In this book, the etiquette of Dua (Supplication) in terms of time, place and the supplicant have been discussed and the main question as to why our prayers are not answered despite the fact that God has promised to answer our prayers has been sufficiently dealt with


The Publisher's note

The translator's note

Biography of the Author

Laudation in Praise of the Lord

Definition of Dua (supplication) and its exhortation


Chapter One: How to urge others to Dua

Chapter Two: How Duas are answered?

Chapter Three: Who is a Supplicant?

Chapter Four: The Manner of Dua

Chapter Five: Zekr

Chapter Six: Recitation of the Holy Quran

Guidance: The Importance of Piety and Renouncing Sins

Epilogue: The Best names of God(Under Construction - Partly Available)

Unity of Divine Essence

The virtue of the Dua "Ya man Azhar al-Jamil..."