Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

7 Dua'a Mashlool

This du-a'a known as "supplication of the youth stricken for his sin," is quoted from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn tawus. Through Imam Hussain(as) it is reported that one day he and his father, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance. They went near to console him and find out the reason of his sorry plight. He was a habitual sinner, always teased his father, disobeyed him and treated him with contempt. One day, disgusted, the father invoked curse upon him. So he was affected with paralysis. Then and there Imam Ali ibn abi Talib(as) wrote his dua'a and gave it to him with instruction to recite after Isha salat. Next day fully cured, he came to Imam Ali and said that he had recited the dua'a as told and went to sleep. He saw the Holy prophet(sa) in the dream. The holy prophet, gently touched his body with his hand and asked him to remember this dua'a as it contain ismi azam (the great name of Allah).
Recite this dua'a after Isha salat. It brings countless blessings. All your legitimate desires will be fulfilled. It drives away poverty and sickness. Sins are for given. Debts are cleared. Enemies become friends. Domestic affairs are set aright. Disputes are settled in your favour. Prisoners are set free mental worries disappear. Prosperity, sound mind and healthy body stand by you at all times.
Mercy and forgiveness of sins are the main advantages the almighty Allah makes available if this dua'a is recited regularly.

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

"O You that answereth the prayers of the disconsolate in the depth of darkness; O You that wardeth off the baneful influences of calamities and diseases.
Lo, those who surrounded the Kaaba sleep and wake up; But You, Exalted be thy Name, never sleepest.
Forgive me by the Grace of Thy Bounty and Thy Mercy.
O Though towards whom all creation bows down in this Sanctuary! If Thy Mercy be not such as giveth hope to the transgressors, Then who is there to take pity on the sinners by His Bounty?
" O Allah, I beseech Thee with Thy Name; the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Benign. O Lord of Majesty and Generosity; O Living; O Self-Subsisting, O Ever-living, there is no God but You.
O You that are "He" of whom no one knoweth what "He" is, nor how "He" is, nor where "He" is, except "He."
O Lord of the Great Kingdom and Supremacy. O Lord of Honour and Omnipotence: O Sovereign Lord, O Holy One! O Peace; O Keeper of Faith; O Guardian O Revered One; O Compeller; O Superb.
O Creator; O Maker of all things from nothing; O Artist; O Beneficent; O Administrator; O Severe (in wrath); O Inventor; O Restorer; O Originator; O Most Loving: O Praised;
O Adored. O You that are distant yet near; O Answerer of prayer; O Observer; O Reckoner. O Innovator; O Exalted; O Unassailable; O Hearer. O Knower; O Wise; O Bountiful; O Forbearing;
O Eternal; O Lofty; O Great. O most Compassionate; O Giver of all good; O most perfect Requiter of good and evil; O You whose help is sought for. O Majestic; O Glorious; O Trusted; O Guardian; O Alleviator of suffering; O Fulfiller of hopes;
O Guide; O Magnanimous. O Giver of guidance; O Commencer; O First; O Last; O Evident; O Hidden. O Established; O Everlasting; O Knowing; O Ruler; O Dispenser of justice; O Equitable; O You that disjoineth and uniteth; O Pure; O Purifier; O Powerful; O Almighty;
O Great; O Magnificent. O One; O Matchless; O Eternal; O Absolute; O You that bareth none and is born of none; nor is there equal to Thee anyone nor hath Thee any spouse; nor any bearer of Thy burden; nor any consultant to give Thee advice; not does You need any supporter; nor is there with You any other deity;
There is no God but You, and You are far exalted with great excellence above all that which the unjust folk do say concerning Thee. O High and Lofty; O most Glorious;
O Opener; O Diffuser of fragrance; O Tolerant; O Helper; O Victorious; O Overtaker; O Destroyer; O Avenger; O Resurrector; O Inheritor; O Seeker; O Conquerer; O You from Whom no fugitive can escape. O Acceptor of repentance;
O Ever-forgiving; O Great Bestower; O Causer of all causes; O Opener of doors (of relief and salvation); O You that answerest howsoever You are invoked. O Purifier; O Giver of manifold rewards; O Excuser; O Pardoner; O Light of all lights;
O Director of all affairs. O Ever Blissful; O All-Aware; O Protector; O Luminous; O Seer; O Supporter; O Great. O Lone; O Unique; O Everlasting; O Upholder; O Eternal and Absolute.
O Sufficer; O Healer; O Fulfiller of promises;
O Deliver. O Benefactor; O Beautifier; O Bestower of grace; O Grantor of favors; O Gracious; O Peerless. O You that being Exalted overwhelmest; O You that being Master of all hast absolute power; O You, who being hidden are well informed; O You that being disobeyed forgiveth;
O You Whom no thought can fully comprehend; nor sight perceive nor from whom any impression is hidden, O Nourisher of Mankind; O Ordainer of every destiny. O You of Exalted position; O You Formidable in Thy foundations; O Changer of times; O Acceptor of sacrifice; O You full of favors and benefactions;
O Lord of Honor and Supremacy; O All Merciful; O most Compassionate; O You that has each day a distinctive Glory while no aspect of Thy Glory is erased by the prominence of another aspect. O You that are present in every place.
O Hearer of all voices; O Answerer of prayers; O Giver of success in all requirements; O Fulfiller of all needs;
O Bestower of blessings; O You that taketh pity on our tears. O You that raiseth from the pitfalls; O You that relieveth agonies; O You that are the Cherisher of good deeds.
O You that raiseth men in rank and degree; O You that accedeth to requests; O You that bringeth the dead to life;
O You that gathereth together that which is scattered. O You that are informed of all intentions; You that restoreth that which has been lost; O You that are not confused by a multiplicity of voices; O You that are not harassed by a multitude of petitions; and Whom no darkness can hide or cover;
O Light of heaven and earth. O Perfector of blessings; O Averter of calamaties; O Producer of zephyrs; O Gatherer of nations; O Healer of disease; O Creator of light and darkness; O Lord of generosity and munificence;
O You (on) whose throne no one can set foot! O You more generous than the most generous; O You more munificent than the most munificent; O You most keen of hearing than the most keen of hearing; O You more keen of vision than the most perceiving; O Protecting neighbor of those that seek Thy neighborhood.
O Refuge of the fearful; O Patron of the faithful; O Helper of those that seek Thy help; O ultimate Goal of those that aspire. O Companion of all strangers; O Friend of all the lonely ones;
O Refuge of all outcasts; O Retreat of all persecuted ones; O Guardian of all those who stray. O You that takest pity on the aged and decrepit; O You that nourisheth the little baby;
O You that joineth together broken ones; O Liberator of all prisoners; O Enricher of the miserable poor;
O Protector of the frightened refugees; O You for Whom alone are both destiny and disposal; O You for Whom all difficult things are simple and easy; O You that doth not need any explanation.
O You Mighty over all things; O You Knower of all things. O You Seer of all things. O You that maketh breezes blow; O You that cleaveth the day-break; O Reviver of the spirits;
O Lord of Generosity and Clemency; O You in Whose hands are all keys. O Hearer of all voices; O You earlier in time than all that have passed away; O Giver of life to every soul after death.
O my Means of defense in confronting hardships; O my Guardian in strange lands; O my Friend in my loneliness; O my Master in my bliss; O my Refuge at the time when the journey doth tire me out and my kinsfolk hand me over to my foes and all my comrades forsake me.
O Supporter of those who have no support; O Guarantor of those who have no guarantee; O Wealth of those who have no wealth; O Means of those who have no strength;
O Refuge of those who have no refuge; O Treasure of those who have no treasure;
O Helper of those who have no helper;
O Neighbor of those who have no neighbor. O my Neighbor that are adjacent;
O my Support that are firm; O my God that are worshipped by virtue of positive knowledge; O lord of the Ancient House (the Ka'ba);
O You full of loving and kindness; O nearest Friend. Liberate me from the choking fetters, Remove from me all sorrow, suffering and grief,
Protect me from the evil that I am unable to bear, and help me in that which I am unable to do. O You that didst restore Yusuf unto Yaqub; O You that didst cure Ayyub of his malady;
O You that didst forgive the fault of Dawood; O You that didst lift up Isa and saved him from the clutches of the Jews;
O You that didst answer the prayer of Yunus from the darkness; O You that didst choose Musa by means of Thine inspired words;
O You that didst forgive the omission of Adam and lifted up Idris to an exalted station by Thy mercy; O You that didst save Nooh from drowning;
O You that didst destroy the former tribe of Ad and then Thamud, so that no trade of them remained, and destroyed the people of Noah aforetime,
for verily they were the most unjust and most rebellious; and overturned the ruined and deserted towns;;
O You that destroyed the people of Lot; and annihilated the people of Sho'aib; O You that chose Ibrahim as a friend;
O You that chose Musa as one spoken unto; and chose Muhammed (Thy blessings be upon him and his Progeny) as Thy Beloved;
O You that gavest unto Luqman wisdom; and bestowed upon Sulaiman a kingdom the like of which shall not be merited by anyone after him; O You that didst afford succour unto the two-horned one against the mighty tyrants;
O You that didst grant unto Khizr immortality; and brought back for Yusha, the son of Nun, the sun after it had set;
O You that gave solace unto the heart of Musa's mother; and protected the chastity of Mariam, the daughter of Imran;
O You that didst fortify Yahya, the Son of Zakaria against sin; and abated the wrath for Musa;
O You that gave glad tidings of (the Birth of) Yahya unto Zakaria; O You that saved Ismaeel from slaughter by substituting for him the Great Sacrifice;
O You that didst accept the offering of Habeel and placed the curse upon Qabeel.
O Subduer of the alien hordes for Muhammad - the blessings of Allah be upon him and his Progeny -
bestow Thy blessings upon Muhammad and his Progeny and upon all Thy Messengers and upon the Angels that are near Thee and upon all Thine obedient servants.
And I beg of Thee all the requests which anyone has begged of Thee with whom You has been pleased and unto whom You has assured the granting thereof,
O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, O Most Merciful, O Most Merciful,
O Most Merciful, O Most Beneficient, O Most Beneficient, O Most Beneficient, O Lord of Majesty and Grace,
O Lord of Majesty and Grace, O Lord of Majesty and Grace. Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee,
Through Thee,
Through Thee I beseech thee with the help of all the Names whereby You hast named Thyself, or which You hast sent down in any of Thy inspired Scriptures,
or Which You hast inscribed in Thy knowledge of the unknown; and (I beseech Thee) in the name of the honored and exalted positions of Thy Throne,
and in the name of the utmost extent of Thy Mercy as expressed in Thy Book (the Quran) and in the name of that which
"If all the trees on earth were to become pens and all the seven seas ink, the Words of Allah could not be fully written down.
"Verily Allah is the Honored, the Wise";
And I beseech Thee with the help of Thy Beautiful Names which You has praised in Thy Book, saying,:Unto Allah belong the beautiful names -- so call ye Him by Them;
And You hast said "Call unto Me and I shall answer you; and You has said,
"And when My servants ask something of Me, lo, I am near, and I grant the prayer of the supplicant when he asks anything of Me, so pray ye unto Me and believe in Me, that ye may be made perfect; And You has said,
"O My servants who have wronged yourselves, despair not of the Mercy of Allah; verilly Allah forgiveth all the sins; verily He is the Forgiving, the Merciful."
Therefore I pray unto Thee, My God, and I ask Thee, My Cherisher and Sustainer, and I hope from Thee, my Chief,
and I crave Thy acceptance of my prayer,
O my Protector, even as You hast promised me, and I call upon Thee even as You hast commanded me --
So, do unto me what pleases Thee to do, O Generous One! (Here the Devotee should pray for the fulfillment of his valid desires.)

And all Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, and the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and all His Holy Descendants.



Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa AaleMohammad.

Bismilla Hir Rahma Nir Rahim

Alla-hoomma Inni As'aloka, Be-lsmeka Bismilla Hir Rahma Nir Rahim. Ya Zal Jalale Val Ikrame.Ya Hayyo. Ya ayyoomo Ya Hyyo Laa 1Iiaha Ilia AntaYa Hova. Ya Man Hova. Ya Man La Ya.lamo Ma Hova.Wa La Kaifa Hova. Wa La .Aina Hova Wa La.

Haiso Hova Ilia Hova. Ya Zal-Moolke Val-Malakoote. Ya Zal Izzate Val-Jabaroote, Ya Maleko. Ya aooddooso Ya Salamo. Ya Mo'meno, Ya Mohaimeno, Ya ' Azizo, Ya Jabbaro. Ya Motakabbero, Ya Khaliqo.

Ya Baari'o. Ya Mosovvero, Ya Mofeedo. Ya Modabbiro, Ya Shadeedo. Ya Mobdi.o. Ya Mo'eedo. Ya Mobeedo. Ya Vadoodo, Ya Mahmoodo. Ya Ma'boodo, Ya Ba'eedo. Ya aareebo. Ya Mojeebo. Ya Raqeebo. Ya Haseebo. Ya Badee.o. Ya Rafee.o. Ya Manee'o. Ya Samee.o. Ya .Alimo, Ya Hakimo, Ya Karimo, Ya Halimo, Ya aadeemo, Ya Alio. Ya Azimo, Ya Hannano. Ya Mannano, Ya Dyyano. Ya Moosta.ano, Ya Jalilo. Ya Jamilo. Ya Vakeelo, Ya Kafeelo.

Ya Moqeelo. Ya Moneelo. Ya Nabeelo' Ya Daleelo. Ya Hadee. Ya Badee. Ya Avvalo. Ya Akhiro. Ya Zahiro, Va Batino,

Va Qa'em-o, Va Daa'emo, Va ' Alimo, Va Hakimo, Va Qazio, Va ' Adilo, Va Fasilo, Va Vasilo, Va Tahiro, Va Motah-hero, Va Qadiro, Va Moqtadiro, Va Kabeero, Va Motakabbiro, Va Vahido, Va Ahado, Va Samado, Va Man Lam Valid Wa Lam Voolad Wa Lam Va -Kool -lahoo Kofo-an Ahad,

Wa Lam Vakool-lahoo Sahebatocn, , Wa La Kana Ma'ahoo Waziroon, Wa Lattakhaza Ma'ahoo Mosheeran, Wa

Lah-toja ala Zaheerin, Wa La Kana Ma'ahoo Min allahin Ghairohoo, La 1Iiaha Ilia Anta Fata'a-Laita, Amma Vaqoolooz-Zalemoona 'Oloovan Kabeeran, Va Alio, Va Shamikho, Va Bazekho, Va Fattaho, Va Naffaho, Va Moortaho, Va Mofarrejo, Va Nasiro, Va Moontasiro,

Va Modriko, Va Mohliko, Va Moon-taqimo, Va Ba'eso, Va Wareso, Va Talibo, Va Ghalibo, Va Man La Vaffotohoo Hareboon, Va Tvvabo, Va Avvabo, Va Wahhabo, Va Wlosab-be-bal Asbabe, Va Mofattehal Abvabe, Va Man Haiso Ma Do'eya

Ajaba, Va Tahooro, Va Shakooro, Va ' Afoo'o, Va Ghafooro, Va Nooral Noore, Va Modabberal Omoore, Va Lateefo, Va Khabiro, Va Mojeero, Va Mobeero, Va Moneero, Va Baseero, Va Naseero, Va Kabeero, Va Vitro,

Va Fardo, Va Abado, Va Sanado, Va Samado, Va Kafee, Va Shafee, Va Vafee, Va Mo'afee, Va Mohsino, Va Mojmilo, Va Mon'imo, Va Mofzelo, Va Motafazzelo, Va Motakarremo, Ya Motafarredo, Ya Man' Ala Faqahara,

Va Man Malaka Faqadara, Va Man Batana, Fa-Khabara, Ya Man 'Obeda Fashakara Va Man 'Oseya Faghafara Wa Satara, Va Mal La Tah-veehil Fikaro, Wa La Vod-rikohoo Basaroon, Wa La Yakhfa ' Alaihe Asaroon, Va Razeqal Bashare, Ya Moqaddera Koollee Qadarin, Va' Ali-yal.Makane,

Va Shadeedal Arkane, Va Mobad-delaz-Zamane, 'y'a Qabelal Qoorbane, Ya Zal-Manne, Val-Ahsane, Va Zal-Izze Vas-Sooltane, Ya Rahimo, Va Rahmano, Ya ' Azimash-Shane, Va Man Hova Koolle Vovmin Fee Shanin, Va Man La Vash-gholohoo Shanoon ' An Shanin, Ya ' Azimash-Shane, Va Man Hova Be-Koolle Makanin, Ya Same'al-Asvate, Ya Mojeeb-ad-da'wate, Ya Moonjehat- Talebate, Ya Qazeyal-Hajate, Ya Monzelal-Barakate,

Ya Rahemal 'aberate, Ya Moqeelal-' Asarate, Ya Kashefal-Korobate, Ya-VaJi-yal Hasanate, Ya Rafe'ad-darajate, Ya Mo'ti-yas-so'late, Ya Moh-ye-yal Amwate, Ya Jame'ash-Shatate, Ya Mottale'o ' Alanni-yate, Ya Radda Ma Qad Fata, Ya Man-La Tash-tabeho '

Alaihi-I Aswato, Ya Man La Tozjero-hool Mas'alato Wa La Tagh- shahooz-zolomato, Ya Nooral-Arze Vas-Samavate,

Ya Sabeghanne'ame, Ya Dafe-an-neqame, Ya Bare'al-Nesame, Ya Jamea'l Omame, Ya Shafe-yas-saqame, Ya Khaleqan-noore, Vaz-zolame, Ya Zal Joode Val-Karame, Ya Man La Yata' O Arshahoo Qadamoon Ya Ajwadal Ajwadeena, Ya Akramal-Akrameena, Ya Asma'as-Same'eena, Ya Absaran-Nazereena, Ya Jaral-Moostajeereena, Ya Amanal-Khaa'efeena, Ya Zahral-Lajeena, Ya Vali-yal Mo'meneena, Ya Gheyasal Mos-tagheeseena, Ya Ghayatat-talebeena,

Ya Saheba Koolle Gharibin, Ya Moonisa Koollee Vaheedin, Ya Malja-a Koolle Tariddin, Ya Mava Koolfee Shareedin,

Ya Hafeza Koolle Zal-Iatin, Ya Rahemash-Shaikhil-Kabire, Ya Razeqat- Tiflis-Saghire, Ya Jaber-al'azmil Kaseere, Ya Fak-ka Koolle Aseerin, Ya Moghni-yaf-Baa'esil-Faqeere, Ya Ismatal-Khaa'efil Moostajeere, Ya Man Lahoot-taqbeero Vattaqdeero, Ya Manil'aseero, Alaihe Sahloon Yaseeroon, Ya Man La Yahtajo Ila Tafseerin, Ya Man Hova ' Ala Koolle Shai-in Oadeeroon, Ya Man Hova Be-Koolle Shai-in Khabiroon, Ya Man Hova Be-Koollee Shai-in Baseeroon, Ya Moorselar-Reyahe, Ya Faleqal Asbahe, Ya Ba'esal Arvahe, Ya-Zaljoode Vas-samahe, Ya Man Be-yadehi Koollo Miftahin, Ya Same'a Koolle Sovtin, Ya Sabeqa Koolle Favtin,

Ya Moh-yeya Koolle Nafsin Ba'dal Movte, Ya 'Oddati Fee Shiddati Wa Ya Hafezi Fee Ghoorbati, Ya Moonesi Fee Vahdati, Ya Vali-yee Fee Ne'mati, Ya Kahfi Heena To'eenil-Mazahibo Wa Tosal-Iemonil-Aqaribo

Wa Yakhzo-Ioni Koollo Sahebin Ya ' Imada Man La 'Imada LahQo, Ya Sanada Man La Sanada Lahoo, Ya Zookhra Man La Zookra Lahoo, Ya Hirza Man La Hirza Lahoo,

Ya Kahfa Man La Kahfa Lahoo, Ya Kanza Man La Kanza Lahoo, Ya Rookna Man La Rookna Lahoo, Ya Gheyasa Man La Gheyasa Lahoo, Ya Jara Man La Jara Lahoo, Ya Jare-yal-Laseeqo, Ya Rokni-yal-Vaseeqo, Ya Ilahi Bit- Tahqeeqa, Ya Rabbal-Baitil-Atiqa, Ya Shafiqo, Ya Rafiqo, Fakkani Min Hel-aqil-Mazeeqe Vasrif ' Anni Koolla Hammin Wa Ghammin Wa Zeeqin Vak-feni Sharra Ma La Oteeqo Wa A'inni 'Ala Ma Oteeqo, Ya Radda YOUSofa ' Ala Ya' qooba, Ya Kashefa Zorre Ayy-ooba. Ya Ghafera Zambe Dawooda, Ya Rafe'a 'Isabne Maryama Wa Moonje yaho Min

Aidil Ya-hoode, Ya Mojeeba Nidaa'e YounoSa Fiz-Zoloma-te' Ya Mostafeya Moosa Bil- Kalemate, Ya Man Ghafara Le-Adama Khatee'ataho Wa Rafa'aIdreesa Makanan '

Ali-yan Be-Rahmatehi, Ya Man Naja Noohan Minal Gharqe, Ya Man Ahlaka 'Aadan Nil-Oola Wa Samooda Fama Ab-qa Wa Qovma Noohin Min Qablo Innahoom Kan-oo Hoom Azlama Wa Atgha Walmo 'tafekata Ahva, Ya Man Dammara ' Ala Qovme Lootin Wa Damdama, '

Ala QoVme Sho.aibin, Ya Manit- Tak-haza Ibrahima Khaleelan, Ya Manit-takhaza Moosa Kaleeman, Ya Manit-takhaza Mohammadan Sal-Ial-Iaho ' Alaihe Wa Alehi Ajma' eena Habee-ban, Ya Mo'teya Loqmanal Hikmata Val-vahaba Le-Solaimana Moolkan,

La Yambaghi Le-Ahedim-Mim-Ba'dehi, Ya Man Nasara Zal-Qarnaine ' AI-al-Malookil-Jababerate. Ya Man A'tal-Khizral-Hayata, Wa Radda Le- Yoosha 'ab/1e Noonin Noor-ash-Shamse Ba'da Ghoroobha Ya Man Rabata, Ala Qalbe Oome Moosa Wa Ahsana Farja Ma-ryamab-nate 'Imrana, Ya Man Hassana Yahya-bna Zakariya Minaz-zambe, Wa Sakkana 'An MooSal-Ghazaba,

Ya Man Bash-shera ZakarjyaBe-Yahya, Ya Man Fada Isma'eela Minaz-zabhe Be-zabhin ' Azim, Ya Man Qabela Qoorbana Ha-beela Waj'alal-la'nata ' Ala Qabeela, Ya Hazemal-Ahzabe Le Mohammadin Wa ' Aale Mohammadin Wa ' Ala Jami'il Ambiyya'e Val-Moorsaleena Wa Malaa'ekatekal-Moqarrabeena Wa Ahle Ta-'ateka Ajmaeena Wa As-aloka Be-Koolle Mas-'alatin Sa'aJaka Beha Ahadoon Mimman Razee-ta ' Anho Fahatamta Lahoo ' Alal Ijabate, Ya AI-Jaho,

Ya Allaho, Ya Allaho, Ya Rahmano, Ya Rahmano, Ya Rahmano, Ya Raheemo, Ya Raheemo Ya Raheemo, Ya Zal-Jalale Val-Jkrame, Ya Zal-Jalale Val-Ikrame,

Ya Zal-Jalale Val-Ikrame, Behi, Behi, Behi, Behi Behi Behi, Behi, As'aloka Be-koolle Ismin Sammaita Behi Nafsaka Av Anza-Itahoo Fee Shai-in Min Kootobeka Avis-tasarta Behi Fee '1Imil-Ghaibe Indaka Wa Bema'aqedil-Izze Min 'Arsheka Wa Be-Moontahar-Rahmate Min Kitabeka Wa Bema Lov Anna Ma Fil Arze Min Shajaratin Aqlamoon Val-Bahro Yamooddo-hoo

Mim-Ba'dehi Sab'ato Abhorin Ma Nafedat Ka-lematoollahe Innal-Iaha Azizzoon Hakeem, Wa As'aloka Be-Asmaa'ekal Hoosnal-lati Na'attaha Fee Kitabeka Faqoolta Wa Lillahil Asmaa'ool-Hoosna Fad-ooho Beha Wa Qoolta Wa Iza Sa'al-aka 'Ibadi ' Anni Fa-inni Qareeboon Ojeebo Da'v-atad-da'e Iza Da'ane Fal Yastajibooli Val-Yoom-enoobi La'al-Iahoom Yarshodoona,

Wa Qoolta Ya 'lbadeyal-Iazeena Asrafoo ' Ala Anfosehim La Ta-qnatoo Min Rahmatil-Iahe Innal-Iaha Yaghferooz-zonooba Jami-an Innahoo Hoval Ghafooror Ra'-him,

Wa Ana As'aloka Ya Ilahi Wa A'dooka Ya Rabbe, Wa Arjooka Ya Sayyadi Wa Atma'o Fee Ijabati,

Ya Movlaya Kama Wa' Ad-tani Wa Qad Da'ovtoka Kama Amartani Faf-al Bi Ma Anta Ah-lohoo, Ya Karimo Wal-Hamdo Lil-Iahe Rabbil-' A-lameena, Wa Sal-Ial-Iaho ' Ala Mohammadin Wa Alehi Ajma'een.

Allahooma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad