Al-Sahifa e Alaviya     Supplication 120
known as "Saname Quraish")

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.  

بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

O Allah! Curse the two idols of Quraish and their two magicians, their two rebellious people, their two accusers and their two daughters. Rebuke them, they have consumed Your sustenance and have denied Your obligations, both have discarded Your commands, have rejected Your revelation, have disobeyed Your Prophet, havE destroyed Your religion, have distorted Your book, have made Your laws ineffective, have declared Your obligatory actions as incorrect, have disbelieved in Your signs, have oppressed Your friends, have loved Your enemies, have spread corruption among Your people, have made Your world occur loses.

O Allah! Send Your curses on them and their helpers as they have ruined the house of Your prophet, have dug the door of his house, broken the roof, have brought down the walls, have made the skies, the ground, have destroyed its inhabitants, have killed their supporters have put to death, their children have deserted his pulpit by his successors of knowledge, have desired his prophet hood, have ascribed a partner to their Lord, thus consider both of their sins to be great, and make their abode in 'saqar' forever, and do you know what is 'saqar?'

It leaves nothing, nor let anything remain. O Allah, send Your chastisement on them to the extent of the sins of every disobedient, and the covering of truth, and all the pupils where they have gone, and the believer whom they have harmed and the disbeliever whom they have loved,

and to the number of pious people whom they have troubled, and whom they have driven out of their cities, and helped the disbelievers, and the Imam on whom they were cruel and have changed the obligatory laws, and have destroyed the practice of the Holy Prophet, and whatever evils they have concealed, the blood which they shed, have changed the goodness and have altered the commands, have created disbelief, or the lie for which they have cheated, the inheritance which they have plundered, and stopped the booties from them and have consumed the prohibited wealth,

and that 'Khums' (the fifth part) which they considered as permitted for them, and that evil whose foundation were put, and that cruelty which they made common, that oppression, which they spread, those promises, which they dishonored, those covenant which they broke, those lawful which is termed as unlawful, and that unlawful which is termed as lawful,

that hypocrisy which they have concealed in the hearts, and to the amount of treachery which they bore in their hearts, and those stomach which they have split open, and that 'pahlu' which they broke, and that door which they broke-opened, and those gatherings which they dispersed and those degraded whom they gave honor, and those honourable whom they insulted,

and by the number of rights which they have usurped, and the order of Imam which they opposed, bestow Your wrath on them to the extent of the atrocities.

O Allah! Your curses on them to the extent of alteration in Quran and covering the truth, rendering the will, worthless, and breaking the promises, and declaring all the claims as void, refusing all the allegiances, presenting excuses, introducing breach of trust, climbing of hills and to the nuer of vessel which they turned upside down and all that defects which they possessed. Bestow Your curses on them.

O Allah curse those two, secretly and openly, such a beating which is forever continuous, nonstop and innumerable. Such a whipping which commences in the morning but does not ends at night.

Such a beating should be on those tyrants, and their helpers, their assistance, their friends and their lovers, those attracted to them and those who acknowledge their deeds, those who present proof for them, and those who follow their words, and those who approve their actions.

(Then recite four times).

O Allah! Send such a harsh chastisement upon them, that the dwellers of Hell start screaming, O Lord of the Universe accept this prayer from me.



بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

اَللّٰہُمَّ صَلِّ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّ اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ اَللّٰہُمَّ الْعَنْ صَنَمَیْ قُرَیْشٍ وَ جِبْتَیْہَا وَ طَاغُوْتَیْہَا وَ اِفْکَیْہَا وَ اِبْنَتَیْہَا الَّذَیْنِ خَالَفَا اَمْرَکَ وَ اَنْکَرَا وَحْیَکَ وَ جَحَدَا اِنْعَامَکَ وَ عَصَیَا رَسُوْلَکَ وَ قَلَّبَا دِیْنَکَ وَ حَرَّفَا کِتَابَکَ وَ اَحَبَّا اَعْدَآئَکَ وَ جَحَدَ اٰلَآئَکَ وَ عَطَّلاَ اَحْکَامَکَ وَ اَبْطَلاَ فَرَآئِضَکَ وَ اَلْحَدَا فِیْ اٰیَاتِکَ وَ عَادَیَا اَوْلِیَآئَکَ وَ وَالَیَا اَعْدَآئَکَ وَ خَرَّبَا بِلاَدَکَ وَ اَفْسَدَا عِبَادَکَ اَللّٰہُمَّ الْعَنْہُمَا وَ اَتْبَاعَہُمَا وَ اَوْلِیَآئَہُمَا وَ اَشْیَاعَہُمَا وَ مُحِبِّیْہِمَا فَقَدْ اَخْرَبَا بَیْتَ النُّبُوَّۃِ وَ رَدَمَا بَابَہٗ وَ نَقَضَا سَقْفَہٗ وَ اَلْحَقَا سَمَائَہٗ بِاَرْضِہٖ وَ عَالِیَہٗ بِسَافِلِہٖ وَ ظَاہِرَہٗ بِبَاطِنِہٖ وَ اسْتَاْصَلاَ اَہْلَہٗ وَ اٰبَادَ اَنْصَارَہٗ وَ قَتَلاَ اَطْفَالَہٗ وَ اَخْلَیَا مِنْبَرَہٗ مِنْ وَ صِیِّہٖ وَ وَارِثِ عِلْمِہٖ وَ جَحَدَا اِمَامَتَہٗ وَ اَشْرَکَا بِرَبِّہِمَا فَعَظِّمْ ذَنْبَہُمَا وَ خَلِّدْہُمَا فِیْ سَقَرَ وَ مَا اَدْرَاکَ مَا سَقَرُ لاَ تُبْقِیْ وَ لاَ تَذَرْ اَللّٰہُمَّ الْعَنْہُمْ بِعَدَدِ کُلِّ مُنْکَرٍ اَتَوْہُ وَحَقٍّ اَخْفَوْہُ وَ مِنْبَرٍ عَلَوْہُ وَ مُؤْمِنٍ اَرْجَوْہُ وَ مُنَافِقٍ وَلَّوْہُ وَ وَلِیٍّ اٰذَوْہُ وَ طَرِیْدٍ اٰوَوْہُ وَ صَادِقٍ طَرَدُوْہُ وَ کَافِرٍ نَصَرُوْہُ وَ اِمَامٍ قَہَرُوْہُ وَ فَرْضٍ غَیَّرُوْہُ وَ اَثَرٍ اَنْکَرُوْہُ وَ شَرٍّ اٰثَرُوْہُ وَ دَمٍ اَرَاقُوْہُ وَ خَیْرٍم بَدَّلُوْہُ وَ کُفْرٍ نَصَبُوْہُ وَ کِذْبٍ دَلَّسُوْہُ وَ اِرْثٍ غَصَبُوْہُ وَ فَیْئٍ اقْتَطَعُوْہُ وَ سُحْتٍ اَکَلُوْہُ وَ خُمْسٍ اِسْتَحَلُّوْہُ وَ بَاطِلٍ اَسَّسُوْہُ وَ جَوْرٍ بَسَطُوْہُ وَ نِفَاقٍ اَسَرُّوْہُ وَ غَدْرٍ اَضْمَرُوْہُ وَ ظُلْمٍ نَشَرُوْہُ وَ وَعْدٍ اَخْلَفُوْہُ وَ اَمَانَۃٍ خَانُوْہُ وَ عَہْدٍ نَقَضُوْہُ وَ حَلاَلٍ حَرَّمُوْہُ وَ حَرَامٍ اَحَلُّوْہُ وَ بَطْنٍ فَتَقُوْہُ وَ جَنِیْنٍ اَسْقَطُوْہُ وَ ضِلَعٍ دَقُّوْہُ وَ صَکٍّ مَّزَّقُوْہُ وَ شَمْلٍم بَدَّدُوْہُ وَ عَزِیْزٍ اَذَلُّوْہُ وَ ذَلِیْلٍ اَعَزُّوْہُ وَ حَقٍّ مَنَعُوْہُ وَ کِذْبٍ دَلَّسُوْہُ وَ حُکْمٍ قَلَّبُوْہُ وَ اِمَامٍ خَالَفُوْہُ اَللّٰہُمَّ الْعَنْہُمَا بِعَدَدِ کُلِّ اٰیَۃٍ حَرَّفُوْہَا وَ فَرِیْضَۃٍ تَرَکُوْہَا وَ سُنَّۃٍ غَیَّرُوْہَا وَ اَحْکَامٍ عَطَّلُوْہَا وَ رُسُوْمٍ قَطَعُوْہَا وَ وَصِیَّۃٍ بَدَّلُوْہَا وَ اُمُوْرٍ ضَیَّعُوْہَا وَ بَیْعَۃٍ نَکَثُوْہَا وَ شَہَادَاتٍ کَتَمُوْہَا وَ دَعْوَآئٍ اَبْطَلُوْہَا وَ بَیِّنَۃٍ اَنْکَرُوْہَا وَ حِیْلَۃٍ اَحْدَثُوْہَا وَ خِیَانَۃٍ اَوْرَدُوْہَا وَ عَقَبَۃٍ اِرْتَقُوْہَا وَ دِبَابٍ دَحْرَجُوْہَا وَ اَزْیَافٍ لَزَمُوْہَا اَللّٰہُمَّ الْعَنْہُمَا فِیْ مَکْنُوْنِ السِّرِّ وَ ظَاہِرِ الْعَلاَنِیَۃِ لَعْنًا کثِیْرًا اَبَدًا دَآئِمًا دَآئِبًا سَرْمَدًا لاَ انْقِطَاعَ لِاَمَدِہٖ وَ لاَ نَفَادَ لِعَدَدِہٖ لَعْنًا یَّعُوْدُ اَوَّلُہٗ وَ لاَ یَنْقَطِعُ اٰخِرُہٗ لَہُمْ وَ لِاَعْوَانِہِمْ وَ اَنْصَارِہِمْ وَ مُحِبِّیْہِمْ وَ مُوَالِیْہِمْ وَ الْمُسْلِمِیْنَ لَہُمْ وَ الْمَائِلِیْنَ اِلَیْہِمْ وَ النَّاہِقِیْنَ بِاِحْتِجَاجِہِمْ وَ النَّاہِضِیْنَ بِاَجْنِحَتِہِمْ وَ الْمُقْتَدِیْنَ بِکَلاَمِہِمْ وَ الْمُصَدِّقِیْنَ بِاَحْکَامِہِمْ.


اَللّٰہُمَّ عَذِّبْہُمْ عَذَابًا یَسْتَغِیْثُ مِنْہُ اَہْلُ النَّارِ اٰمِیْنَ رَبَّ الْعَالَمِیْنَ.



Dua Sanami Quresh
Allahumma Salle ala muhammadin wa aale Muhammad
Allahummal an sanama qureshin wa jibtaeha wa taghootaeha wa ifkaeha wa ibnataehal lazeeni khalafa amraka wa ankara wahyaka wa jahada inaamaka wa aasaya rasoolaka wa qal-laba deenaka wa har-rafa kitabaka wa ahab-ba aadaaa-aka wa jahada aalaaa-aka wa at-tala ahkamaka wa abtala faraaa-izaka wa alhada fee aayatika wa aada ya awliyaaa-aka wa walaya aadaaa-aka wa khar-raba biladaka wa afsada ebdaka
Allahummal anhuma wa atbaaahuma wa awliyaaa-ahuma wa ashya ahuma wa muhib-bihima faqad akhraba baytan nubuw-wati wa rada ma babahu wa naqaza saqfahu wa alhaqa sama-aahu bi-arzihi wa aaliyahu bi-sa-filihi wa zahirahu bi-batinihi was-tasala ahlahu wa abada ansarahu wa qatala atfalahu wa akhlaya mimbarahu minw-wasee-yihi wa warisi ilmihi wa jahada imamatahu wa ashraka bi-rab-bihima fa-az-zim zambahuma wa khal-lidhuma fee saqara wa maaa adraka ma saqaru la tubqi wa la tazar
Allahummal anhum bi-adadi kulli munkarin ataohu wa haq-qin akhfaohu wa mimbarin alaohu wa mu-minin arjaohu wa munfiqiw-wal-laohu wa walee-yin aazaohu wa tareedin aawaohu wa sadiqin taraduho wa ka-afirin nasaroohu wa imamin qaharoohu wa farzin ghai-yaruhu wa asarin ankaroohu wa shar-rin aasaroohu wa damin araqoohu wa khairin bad-daloohu wa kufrin nasaboohu wa kizbin dal-lasoohu wa irsin ghasaboohu wa fae-iq tataoohu wa suhtin akaloohu wa khumsis tahal-loohu wa batilin as-sasoohu wa jaorin basatoohu wa nifaqin asar-roohu wa ghadrin azmaroohu wa zulmin nasharoohu wa wa-din akhlafoohu wa amanatin khanoohu wa ahdin naqazoohu wa halalin har-ramoohu wa haramin ahal-loohu wa batnin fataqoohu wa janeenin asqatoohu wa zila-in daq-qoohu wa sak-kim maz-za qoohu wa shamlim bad-dadoohu wa azeezin azal-looho wa zaleelin aa-az-zoohu wa haq-qim mana-oohu wa kizbin dal-lasoohu wa hukmin qal-laboohu wa imamin khaalafoohu
Allahummal anhuma bi-adadi kulli aayatin har-rafooha wa fareezatin tarakooha wa sun-natin ghay-yarooha wa ahkamin at-talooha wa rusoomin qata-ooha wa wasiy-yatin bad-dalooha wa umoorin zaey-ya-ooha wa bae-atin nakasooha wa shahadaatin katamooha wa da-waaa-in abtalooha wa bay-yanatin ankarooha wa heelatin ahdasooha wa khiyanatin aw-radooha wa aqabatin irtaqooha wa dibaabin dahrajooha wa azyafin lazmooha
Allahummal anhuma fee maknoonis-sir-ri wa zahiril alaniyati la-nan kaseeran Abadan daaa-ii-man daaa-ii-ban sarmadan lan qitaa-a li-amadihi wa la nafada li-adadihi la-naen-yaoodu aw-waloohu wa la yanqatioo aakhiruhu lahum wa li aa-wanihim wa ansarihim wa muhib-beehim wa muwaleehim wal muslimeena lahum wal maaa-ii-leena ilaehim wan nahiqeena bi-ihtijajihim wan nahizeena bi-ajnihatihim wal muqtadeena bi-kalamihim wal musad-diqeena bi-ahkamihim
[Repeat 4 times] Allahumma az-zibhum azabaen-yastagheesu minhu ahlun naari aameen rab-bal aalameen
[Repeat 4 times] Allahummal anhum jamee-an
Allahumaa sale ala muhammadin wa aali muhammadin fa aghnini bi-halalika an haramika wa aa-izni minal faqri rabbi inni asa-tu wa zalamtu nafsi waa-taraftu bi-zunoobi wa ha ana za baena yadaeka fakhuz li-nafsika rizaha min-nafsi lakal utba la aaoodu fa-in udt-tu fa-ud alae-ya bil-maghfirati wal-afwi laka bi-fazlika wujoodika wa maghfiratika wa karamika yaaa ar-hamar-rahimeena wa sal-allahu ala say-yidil mursaleena wa khatimin nabiyeena wa aalihit tay-yabeenat tahireena bi-rahmatika ya ar-hamar-rahimeen


Introduction & Merits of Recitation


The prayer of Sanam-e-Quraish (the idols of Quraish) is a very authentic supplication of Amir-ul-Momineen Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib as and it has been recognised by all renowned historians as such.
It has been narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas ra that one night I went to the Masjid-e-Nabbivi saww tooffer my late-night prayers and saw Amir-ul-Momineen as offering his supplications. I decided to sit in a corner and listen to Mola Aliasws’s recitation of Quran and prayers. After completing Salat (late night prayers, shafa and witr) , Imam  recited supplications which I had never heard before.Later, I approached Imam Ali (as) and said may I be your ransom; please tell me more about those prayers which I have never heard before.
Imam Ali (as) then replied, it was ‘Dua-e-Sanam-e-Quraish’ and added, I swear to Allahazwj who owns the lives of Mohammad saww and Ali as, whosoever would recite this prayer will get an extraordinary reward from the Lord; similar to assisting Prophet Mohammad saww during the battles of ‘Ohad, Badar, Hunain and Tabuuq’ and would achieve the martyred status in the presence of the Prophet saww. And the reward of 100 Hajj and Umara as an associate of Prophet Mohammad saww as well as ‘Sawab’ of 1000 months of fasting. In addition, one will be on the side of Rasool-Allah saww and Aimah Masomeen asws on the Day of Judgement and Allah will forgive all his/her sins, despite
the fact if his/her had committed sins are equivalent to the stars in the sky, grains of sand in the wilderness and leaves of all trees. Also the one who recites it will be saved from punishment in the
grave, and a window from heaven will be installed in his/her grave. 
Insha-Allah, prayers will be rewarded, through the sanctity of the supplication, and Oh! Ibn e Abbas if any of our friends is, in particular, engulfed by hardship, he/she would surely find a refuge through recitation of this prayer.
Reference Misbah Kafami Page 552 Bihar ul Anwaar vol 82/85 page 260
Another narration from Imam Ali as says:“He who recites this Du’a is (in terms of reward) like a marksman who have shot 1000 arrows in the battle of Badr and Uhud beside the Prophet saww.”
-Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v4, p405, Hadith #5021
- Bihar al-Anwar, v82/85, p260, Hadith #5
The Arabic text of the Dua given in this book is taken from Misbah al Kafami (page 552) and Bihar ul Anwaar ( Vol 82, Page 260). This is the complete Dua as narrated by Amirul Momineen as and it is worth mentioning here that the rest of the portion given in most of the books has been added by Ibn-e-Taus.