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This is an Islamic Supplications site, hosting all duas as taught by the Holy Prophet (saws) & his Holy Progeny, Ahlulbayt(as)      (Refered in Quran 33:33)    First time/non muslim visitor click here

We are volunteers working on this site ,since 1999, seeking HIS & acceptance & your prayers.

The dua's are from books Mafatih Al Jinan & Baqiyatus Salehat by Shaikh Abbas Qummi ,Sahifa's from Ahlulbayt (as) & various apparently reliable books However the Authenticity/Chain of narrators is betond our scope.

Among the religious traditions of humanity the Shi'ah tradition within Islam is unmatched in its. rich corpus of devotional texts (dua and ziyarah literature)sources some listed here. handed down from the original leaders of the faith the Prophet Muhammad . More here صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم and the Imams of his family the Ahlulbayt عليه السلام

In order to recite these duas with the Niyat(Intention) of "Mustahab (Recommended) " a ruling from a Marja (learned scholar) is required. We are not certain of these rulings ,hence the Niyat (intention) for reciting these duas should be that of ' Rija ' ie HE may accept

The content may be freely used without any copyright but we appreciate a reference to the site .

Some of the Audios & English translations are inadequate & in case you can arrange better translations please provide the same.


“When someone supplicates, he should pray for others first, for it renders his supplication more conductive to being answered...and his supplication for them as well as himself will duly be answered”  Prophet Mohammed (saw)Source: Bihar al-Anwar, v.93, p.313, no.17

So..Please pray for the Tawfiq & HIS Acceptance our efforts and recite a Sura Fateha for the deceased of the Duas.org Team

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More about the Site & the Duas...

This site is a collection of duas to be recited throughout the year in fact on every day of every month & on particular occasions composed & taught by the Holy prophet & his holy Ahlulbayt in the early days of Islam which have every relevance for those who live today & those who will come tomorrow. These duas awaken the divine spirit in man & stimulate him to humanise & spiritualise the material gains and seek a means of approach to the merciful lord for asking help from HIM to solve the problems & issues we encounter day in & day out.

One authentic hadith حديث (tradition) says: الدعاء مخ العبادة Supplication is the pith (or essence) of adoration." As for the Holy Qur'ān, it tells you in the following verse that had it not been for people supplicating to their Creator, He would have had nothing to do with them: قُلْ مَا يَعْبَأُ بِكُمْ رَبِّي لَوْلا دُعَاؤُكُمْ " Say: 'Had it not been for your prayers (supplications), my Lord would not have cared about you'" (Qur'ān, 25:77):

Choose & pray that which is feasible the minimum shall benefit you beyond expectations. What the maximum has in store is beyond Imagination

These exalted themes  of these supplications, are the most explicit manifestation of miracles, proving the authenticity of divine mission of the Ahlulbayt [a]. And the one who possesses some degree of understanding in his heart, if will ponder about these supplications, would certainly accept their vicegerency without requiring any further proof and miracle.

And the one who desires to appreciate more about the splendor, of these supplication should compile his own prayer; then he should compare it with these supplications in order to discover the limits of variation between his own and theirs.

You will not find one hundredth of realities and learning (which have been incorporated in these supplications), in other speeches or in narrations and lengthy sermons of other men

The mystery of this could be that the Ahlulbayt in their supplications and hymns have spoken with Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted). Obviously, the degree of speech, its culmination, and descent depends upon the degree of intelligence and comprehension of the addressee; the delicate and sensitive points which are spoken before an aware and knowledgeable addressee are not spoken before some one who lacks these characteristics.

Yes! These supplications, reached to us through  the Prophet's Ahlul-Bait [a] as though form the complete reflection, or echo of whatever is contained in the Holy Qur'an. Or in other words these supplications constitute on Ascending-Qur'an in front of a Descending-Qur'an. The later is the holy scripture which was revealed by Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), to his esteemed servant - Prophet Muhammad [s], while the former constitutes the Qur'an from Allah's most distinguished servants, ascending upward towards Him. While the Qur'an is Allah's communications and candid words with his esteemed servants; these supplications are a communication of Allah's esteemed servant with Him, and this matter is not accepted and comprehended by any one, except a small number of believers who are thoroughly familiar and enlightened.

Also, it should be emphasized that the Ahlulbayt through these supplications have done a great favour to us by leaving such precious souvenirs - the souvenirs and blessings, for which we are helpless to thank; it is our obligation to appreciate their worth; in our actions must utilize the etiquette and proper manners as recommended by them; and must try with best of our abilities lest we act as unthankful and unappreciative of truth.


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