General Taqibaat of Daily Prayers

General Taqibaat from Baqyatus salehat  | Duas for Morning &Evening ,Sunrise&Sunset- Mafatih

Recite Tasbih Zehra 34 times Allah o Akbar,33 times Alhumdolillah & 33 times Subhanallah

Other Short powerful duas

Recite ten times the Quranic Surah (i.e. Chapter) known as al-Ikhlas:

Recite ten times“All Praise and Glory be to Allah, the Supreme And there is no power or power-acquiring Except through God, the High, and the Mighty”.

 Recite once:“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate God, guide me through Your Grace; Supplement my meager means with abundance of your generosity. Spread your Mercy All over me. Send down over me your Blessing!” 

Recite ten times:“Glory and Praise be to Allah For there is no God except Allah And Allah is Supreme”. 

Recite ten times:“I bear witness that there is no God except Allah. He is alone having no equals or partners. Alone everlasting Who does not need to take a son or a spouse”

 Recite once:“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. I give, hereby, myself And all that God has give me In the custody of Allah, The one, The Everlasting, Who begets not. Nor has He been begotten. Nor there is one equal to Him! And I, hereby, take refuge with myself And that God has given me With the Lord of Day break From the evil of what He has created And from the evil of darkness when it gathers. And from the evil of those women who blow on knots And from the evil of envious when he envies. And I take refuge with myself and all that God has given me With the Lord of men, The King of men, the Sustainer of men From the evil or the slinking whisperer Who whispers in the breasts of men Of Jin and Men”.

 Recite once:There is no power or strength save in God The most High, the Most Supreme. I rely on the Living Who will not Taste, the Taste of death I laud and glorify the One Who has not take a spouse Or a son! Nor there was a partner to share sovereignty nor a friend To supplement a possible need. So glorify Him In the greatest way possible. 

Recite three times:“I seek forgiveness from the Lord (testifying) There is no God other than Him The Living and the Everlasting Of Majesty and Splendour And I turn to Him In Repentence!” 

Then recite:“O Lord I ask you In the name of Muhammad and his line of Progeny To have Mercy on Muhammad and his posterity. And (through them) grant me (also) The light in my eyes, the true understanding of my faith The (Divine) Certainty in my heart The sincerity in my actions and peace in my mind And spaciousness in the means of my living And gratitude unto You As long as you decide to keep me alive”. 

Then recite:“There is no God except Allah, the One, without any partner. To Him belongs the Kingdom and to Him is due all Praise. He gives life and death. In His hand is the good, and He has power over all things”.

“I seek refuge in Allah, the Hearing, the Knowing, from the evil suggestions of Shaitans and seek refuge in Allah from their presence. Surely Allah -- He is the Hearing, the Knowing”.

 Then recite:“O Allah! Who transforms hearts and eyes, may my heart steadfast to Thy religion. And make not my heart to deviate after Thou hast guided me a right and grant me Thy mercy. Surely Thou art All – bestower, and by Thy mercy save me from the fire. Oh Allah! Extend the span of my life and increase my subsistence and unfold Thy Knowledge. If there is any misfortune for me in the guarded tablets make it fortunate for me, for surely thou effaces what Thou pleases and inscribes (what Thou pleases) and art heart of guarded tablet”. 

Midday Prayers

“Oh Allah! If my sins are countless, Thou All-tremendous, if my short-comings are great, Thou are the greatest and, if my miserliness is lasting, Thou art All-Generous. Oh Allah! Pardon my great sins by Thy tremendous forgiveness, and my numerous short-comings by Thy manifest generosity, and rood out my miserliness by the grace of Thy generosity. Oh Allah whatever grace we have is from you. There is no God but Thou. I seek Thy forgiveness and turn in repentance to Thee”.

 Then recite the following:

“Oh Allah! Give us true belief, remembering mind, fearing heart, enduring body, benificient Knowledge, bountiful sustenance, acceptable action and sincere repentance, and bless Muhammad and his progeny, all of them, Oh Most Merciful of the merciful!”.

 Then recite:

Oh Allah! The Lord of seven heavens, and the Lord of seven earths, and whatever is in them, and whatever is between them, and whatever is beneath them, and the Lord of tremendous throne. And the Lord of Gabriel, Michael and Israfeel, and the Lord of Sab-e-Masani (surah Al-Fateha), and the Lord of tremendous Quran; and the Lord of Muhammad, the last of the Prophets of Allah, bless him and his progeny. Unbounded blessings be on Muhammad and progeny of Muhammad. I ask Thee by Thy mightiest name, by Whom heavens and earth are sustained, and by Whom the dead are given life and the living are provided with sustenance, and the gathered, and the scattered are gathered, and by Whom are encompassed the number of the spans of life, and the weight of mountains, and the measure of oceans. Oh one! Who are like this, I ask Thee to Shower unbounded blessing on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and do for me such and such (in the place of ‘such and such’ ask for you need).

 After this, raising your hands towards the sky recite the following:

“O Allah! I seek nearness to Thee by Thy munificence and generosity, and seek nearness to Thee through Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger; and I seek nearness to Thee, through Thy angels and Thy prophets. Bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and nullify my mistakes, and hide my defects, and pardon my sins, and fulfil my needs, cure my progeny and dependents, and do not chastise me for my reprehensible – (foul base) acts, for, verily, Thy munificence and Thy pardon and Thy forgiveness are wide”.

 Then recite ten times:“ I hold the rope of Allah, I place my confidence in Allah, and I rely on Allah”. 

The Afternoon Prayers 

After Namaz-e-Asr recite the following supplications:

1. “I seek Allah’s forgiveness, except Whom there is no god, the Living, the Self-Subsistence, (ever-lasting) the Beneficent, the Merciful, the Possessor of majesty and splendour, and I beseech Him to accept my repentance, the repentance of one who is abased, submissive, indigent, miserable, wretched, seeker of protection, and who controls not for himself either profit or harm, death or life, nor resurrecting after death.

 Then recite:

“Oh Allah! I ask Thee (to enable me to do) good things, and refraining from doing bad deeds, and to do virtuous deeds. Pardon our sins and have mercy on us, and mercifully accept our repentance and make us die at a time when we are not on trial! By Thy mercy. Oh Most Merciful of the merciful!”

“Glory be to Allah, all praise is due to Him! There is no god but Allah. Allah is the greatest; and there is no might and no strength but from Allah, the most superior, the All-tremendous. Glory be to Allah at morning and evening. Glorify His purity when you enter upon the time of evening and morning. And to Him belongs praise in the heavens and the earth, at night fall and mid-day. Glory be to Allah and all honour for He is free from the stories ascribed (about Him). Peace be on His apostles. And all praise rightly belongs to Allah – Lord of the worlds. Glory be to possessor of the dominion and the Kingdom. Glory be to possessor of might and invincibility. Glory be to the Living, the one Who will never die. Glory be to the All-Self-existent, the Everlasting, Glory be to the Living the Self-subsistent. Glory be to the All-high, the Most High. Glory be to Him and exalted be He, All-glory and All-holy, our Lord and the Lord of Angels and spirit. Oh Allah, surely my sin seeks the refuge of Thy pardon; and my fear seeks the refuge of Thy peace; and my indigence seeks the refuge of Thy self-sufficiency; and my abasement seeks the refuge of Thy exaltation. Oh Allah! Bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, and pardon me, and have mercy on me, for surely Thou art the Praised and the Glorious. Oh Allah! as Thy light has guided me, so all praise is due to Thee; and by the bounty of Thy clemency pardon me, so all praise is due to Thee Oh our Lord! Thou art the Most Generous of the generous and Thy Splendour is greater than all splendour, and Thy gift is greater in merit than all gifts. Thou thank those who obey thee and forgive when disobeyed, and grants the supplication of one in distress, and removes the harm, and rescues from affliction, and enriches the indigent, and cures the ailing, and nobody can recompense for any of Thy blessings. Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!”.

 Then recite:“Oh He Who ended prophecy on Muhammad (Allah bless him and his progeny), end for me this day with goodness, and my mouth with goodness, and my year with goodness and my life with goodness”.

After this read Sura Inna Anzalnaho fi Lailutil Qadr up to the end.


After Namaz-e-Maghrib, recite the following supplications:

O Allah help us to depart from life of this world in safety and save us from fire and make us enter Paradise with peace and safety. And make us die in Thy submission and include us with the righteous, I beseech You by Thy grace and mercy on us, Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful! . 

Then recite:“O Allah! surely, I have no knowledge of the main source of my subsistence, and I seek it only through the passing thoughts that come to my heart, and I wander about in cities searching for it, and I am preplexed in regard to what I search for. I do not know whether it is in a valley or in the mountains, in the earth or in the heavens, in the continent or in the sea, and in whose hands it is, and from whom it is. And surely I know that Thou hast its Knowledge, and its sources are in Thy hand, and Thou alone distributes it by Thy kindness, and creates opportunities through Thy mercy. Oh Allah therefore bless Muhammad and his progeny; and Oh Lord! increase my sustenance, apportioned by Thee, and make easy to search and the source near; and do not make me strive in the search of what Thou hast not decreed from my sustenance. For, surely: Thou art indifferent to chastise me and I need Thy mercy. Bless Muhammad and his progeny and by Thy grace show generosity to Thy slave, surely Thou art the most generous”.


Then recite:“Oh Allah! Who transforms hearts and eyes, steadfast in Thy religion. And deviate not my heart after Thou hast guided me aright and bless me from Thy mercy. Surely Thou art the Most generous Giver, and by Thy mercy protect me from the fire. Oh Allah! extend the span of my life and increase my subsistence and spread Thy mercy on me; and, if in Thy Knowledge, there is anything unhappy for me in the guarded tablets change it into happiness, for surely Thou changeth what Thou pleaseth and inscribe what Thou pleaseth; and the guarded Tablet belongs Thee alone”.

 Then recite:“Surely Allah and His angels bless Prophet; Oh you who believe call for (Divine) blessings on him and salute him with a (becoming salutation. Oh Allah bless Muhammad, Thy Prophet and his progeny and his household”. 

The Night Prayer 

After the night prayer recite the following supplications:

“Oh Allah save us from all tribulations of the world; and turn away from us the evil of the world and the evil of the hereafter; and give us the good of the world and the good of the hereafter; By Thy grace and by Thy mercy, Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!”


Then recite the following:

“Oh Allah, this is the prayer that I have offered to thee. In offering it I have no need from Thee and no personal wish from Thee except to bow down (before Thy majesty) and to obey Thee and to comply with what Thou hast commanded me. Oh Allah, do not punish me if there has been any flaw or defect in my bowings, my prostrations or my standings or sittings, and bestow Thy grace on me by Thy acceptance and forgiveness by Thy mercy. Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!” 

Then recite the following:

“I seek refuge in the might of Allah, and I seek refuge in the power of Allah, and I seek refuge in the forgiveness of Allah, and I seek refuge in the mercy of Allah, I seek refuge in the dominion of Allah, He Who has power over all things, and I seek refuge in the mercy of Allah from the evil of all strong tyrants and the rebellious Shaitan, and all persons who attack from ambush, thieves and all accidents; and from the poisonous animals, and noxious insects and reptiles and evil of the common people, and from the menace of the small and big beasts in the nigh or in the day; and from the evil of the transgressors of Arab and non-Arabs and their sinners, and from the evil of the transgressors among Jinn and men and from the evil of all living creatures which Thou holds by their forelock. Surely straight is the path of my Lord”. 

Then recite the following:

“Oh Allah! I ask Thee for joyful patience, great reward; sincere turning; a remembering tongue; forbearing body; increased subsistence beneficial knowledge and good action; granted supplication; forgiven sin; honest livelihood; decent children; wholesome cure; a blessed destination; a victory close at hand; and lasting bliss and the Paradise, and silk, and freshness and vigour, and delight, by Thy mercy, Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!” 

Then recite the following:

“Oh Allah! By the truth of Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad; and save me from Thy plan; and make us not forgetful of Thy remembrance; and do not disclose our defects which Thou has concealed; and do not deprive us of Thy grace; and do not bring down Thy wrath on us; and do not send us away from Thy vicinity and do not diminish Thy mercy on us; and do not deflect Thy blessing from us; and do not deprive us of Thy salvation and set aright what thou has given us; and increase Thy blessed, excellent and fine bounty on us; and do not alter thy blessings which we possess and do not remove us away from Thy abundance for undoubtedly thou art most generous; and do not let us go astray after thou hast guided us aright; and grant us from Thee mercy. Verily, Thou are Most generous. Oh Allah! make our hearts obedient to Thee and our souls good, and keep our wives chaste, and make our tongues truthful and our belief lasting and our certainty sincere and do not destroy our livelihood our Lord! Grant us good in the world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire”.