1st Infallible → Hazrat Muhammad (saw)

2nd Infallible → Imam Ali (as)

3rd Infallible → Hazrat Fatima (saw)

4th Infallible → Imam Hassan (as)

5th Infallible → Imam Hussain (as)

6th Infallible → Imam Sajjad (as)

7th Infallible → Imam Muhammad Baqir (as)

8th Infallible → Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)

9th Infallible → Imam Musa Kazim (as)

10th Infallible → Imam Ali Reza (as)

11th Infallible → Imam Muhammad Taqi (as)

12th Infallible → Imam Ali Naqi (as)

13th Infallible → Imam Hassan Askari (as)

14th Infallible → Imam Mehdi (atfs)




English Books

→ The Twelve Successors by Sayyid Murtadha al-'Askari
Narrations of the Prophet on the number of Imams, the twelve Imams according to the school of caliphate, brief account of the Imams.
→ Khair-ul-Bareeyah compiled by Sayyid Farhat Hussain
Fazael & Importance of Ahlulbayt in Sihah-e-Sittah (Saheeh Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim Jam'a Tirmizee, Sunan Ibne-e-Majah & Sunan Abi Dawood ) and other Sunni authentic books.
Origins and Early Development of Shi'a Islam by S.H.M. Jafri
Excerpts from the preface: In these pages...an attempt is made to trace out and reconstruct those earliest tendencies and ideas which gave Shi'a Islam its distinctive charcter...My aim has been to reconstruct and present the development of an Islamic ideal--that of a particular vision of religious leadership that first appeared after the Prophet's death--based on the testimony of the historical sources.
Shiism: Imamate and Wilayat by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
Origin of Shi'ism, self-censorship in Muslim history, Ghadir Khumm and the Orientalists, appointment of Imam 'Ali (a) explicit or implicit?, concept of Ahlul Bayt, Wilayat, and the knowledge of the Ahlul Bayt (a).
→ Pearls of Wisdom
Short stories about the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (a) and their noble companions.

→ Imamate and Leadership by Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari
Translated by Dr. Hamid Algar, includes leadership in Islam, leadership of the Prophet and appointment of Imam Ali, responsibility of the companions, necessity of Imamate, and interesting accounts of Imam's communication with the unseen including the story of Maitham al-tammar.
Urdu Books

Jilal ul Ayoon ( Volume - I | Volume - II )     by Allama Baqir Majlisi
Detailed biography on the life of each of the 14 Infallible. Downloadable PDF files. Right-Click & Save Target As

Shian-e-Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) by Shaykh Sadooq
To Download Right-Click on link & Save-Target As

Ahle Bait (A.S) Haley Mushkilat by Mohammad Tejani Samawi

Ahle Zikr ( Volume I | Volume II ) by Mohammad Tejani Samawi

14 Sitaray by Syed Najmul Hasan Kararwi

Naqoosh e Ismat by Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi

Tazkara Masomeen (A.S)

Maqtal e Abi Mukhnaf

Sulaim Bin Qais Halali

Mojezaat-e-Aale Muhammad (A.S) ( Part I - Part II - Part III )


Guftar Dilnasheen (Sayings of 14 Masumeen)

Ali (A.S) Khalifa-e-Rasool (PBUH)

Khilafat O Imamat



Ahl-al-Bayt (a): Its meaning and Origin by Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari
A short article from the quarterly journal Message of Thaqalayn, on the history of the term Ahl al-Bayt, and traditions which make use of this title.

The Scholarly Jihad of the Imams by Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
The period of the 5th and 6th Imams (a), the rise of the Abbasids, the prominence of the school of the Imam Ja'far as- Sadiq in the religious sciences, and its contributions to other branches of knowledge.

A Glance at Historiography in Shi'ite Culture by Rasul Ja'fariyan
Shi'i historians throughout history and their works on the prophets, kalami, hadithi, and maqtal literature, cities and regions, and the 12 Imams.

'Al-Ghadir' and its relevance to Islamic Unity by Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari
The concept of Islamic Unity, and the contribution of the book "Al-Ghadir" by Allamah Amini towards such a unity.

Ghadir Khumm and the Orientalists by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
Brief account of the event, study of Shi'ism by the Orientalists, recognition of Ghadir Khumm, the work of the historian M.A Shaban, and the meaning of 'mawla'.

Glimpses of Shi'ism in the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal by Dr. Sayyid Kàzim Tabàtabà’í

Kitab Al-Irshad by Al-Mufid by Dr. I.K.A. Howard
A biography of the Shi'i scholar Shaykh al-Mufid, and a description of his book 'Kitab al-Irshad' which contains biographies of each of the 14 infallibles.

Imams - Clear and Coherent Policy by S.J Hussain
Coherent methods and goals of all the Imams, despite the apparent differences in the methods in which they carried out their policies.

Chart of 14 Masumeen Birth, Martydom & other Details

→ Ahlulbayt & Quran

→ Virtues of Ahlulbayt in Sihah-e-Sittah

Did the Prophet (s) Appoint a Successor?

Ahlulbayt & Holy Prophet (saw)

Why Follow the Family of the Prophet (s)?

Twelve Successors

Wisdom of the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.):The Main Pivot of Islamic Unity

Ahl al-Bayt's (A.S.) Way of Worship

Humbleness and Forgiveness of the Ahl al-Bayt(A.S.)

Ahl al-Bayt's (A.S.) Altruism

Ahl al-Bayt's (A.S.) Status on the Day of Resurrection

The Value of Knowing the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S)

Unity of the Muslims and the School of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

Knowledge of the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)

The Concept of Ahlul Bayt: Tribal or Islamic?

The Relationship between the Holy Qur'an and the Progeny of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)

Ask Ahl al-Dhikr If You Do Not Know

The Reward of Loving Ahlul-Bayt(A.S.)

The Holy Qur'an and Ahlul Bayt(A.S.)

Scholarly Authority of the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.) for Islamic Scholars

Who are Prophet Muhammad's (S.A.W.) Ahlul Bayt?

Who are Ulu'l-Amr(Those Vested With Authority)?

Role of the Shia Imams in the Reconstruction of Islamic Society

Ahlul-Bait (A.S.) in the Holy Qur'an and the Holy Prophet's Traditions (Sunnah)

History of the Twelve Imams (‘a) from the 5th to 10th Centuries

Enmity Toward the Ahl-al-Bayt (A.S.)

The Event of Mubahila

The Event of Cloak (Hadith al-Kisa)

Oppression to the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

The Origins of the Knowledge of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

Purity of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)

Love of Ahlul Bait leads to Paradise

Characteristics of Those who are Like the Members of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

The Rewards of Mourning for Ahlul Bait (A.S)

Intercession (Shafa'ah) of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)

Warning against Extremism towards Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

The Two Weighty Things Left by the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.

The General Life-Style of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)





Ziarat-e-Jamia Kabeer

Ziarat-e-Jamia Aemmatul Momineen

Ziarat-e-Jamia Sagheer

Dua-e-Aalia Mazameen (Dua after Ziarat)