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up Parent Directory 17-Feb-2017 12:41 - unknown ABDULLAH IBN IMAM ZAYNUL ABIDEEN.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:34 680k unknown ABDULLAH IBN JA'AFARE TAYYAR.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:35 728k unknown BILAL.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:35 744k unknown BURIAL PLACE OF SHUHUDAS HEADS.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:36 660k unknown Copy of DSCN1362.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:36 40k unknown DSCN1327.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:36 624k unknown DSCN1339.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:37 644k unknown DSCN1340.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:37 680k unknown DSCN1354.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:37 528k unknown DSCN1355.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:38 604k unknown DSCN1356.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:38 700k unknown DSCN1361.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:38 676k unknown DSCN1362.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:39 760k unknown DSCN1363.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:39 616k unknown DSCN1364.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:40 728k unknown DSCN1365.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:40 700k unknown DSCN1370.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:40 700k unknown DSCN1372.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:41 656k unknown DSCN1390.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:41 740k unknown DSCN1393.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:41 600k unknown DSCN1394.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:42 640k unknown DSCN1396.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:42 596k unknown DSCN1398.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:43 600k unknown DSCN1415.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:43 528k unknown DSCN1422.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:44 716k unknown DSCN1424.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:44 96k unknown DSCN1425.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:45 696k unknown DSCN1426.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:45 620k unknown GRAVE OF AMMARE YASIR.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:45 728k unknown GRAVE OF HAZRAT HABIL.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:46 676k unknown GRAVE OF HAZRATE BILAL-MUEZZIN OF THE HOLY PROPHET.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:46 736k unknown GRAVE OF OWAIS QARANI.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:47 688k unknown GRAVES OF ULEMAS AT THE ENTRANCE OF BIB ZAINAB'S HARAM.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:47 676k unknown HUJR IBN ADI- COMPANION OF THE HOLY PROPHET AND IMAM ALI WHO WAS BRUTALLY MUR... 16-Feb-2017 04:47 728k [IMG] Hujr bin adi.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 184k [IMG] IMG-20170214-WA0022.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 152k [IMG] IMG-20170214-WA0073.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 160k [IMG] IMG-20170214-WA0081.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 160k [IMG] J. Yahya(s).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 192k [IMG] J. sakina Kubra & J. umm kulthoom(s).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 244k [IMG] Janabe Bilal.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 96k [IMG] Janabe Fizza sham.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 100k unknown MOSQUE IN WHICH PROPHET ZAKARIYYA IS BURIED.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:48 632k unknown MUSALLA AT BIBI ZAINABS HARAM.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:48 716k unknown PLACE WHERE BIBI ZAINAB GAVE HER KHUTBA.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:49 580k unknown PLACE WHERE IMAM HUSSAINS HEAD WAS KEPT IN THE OMAYYAD MOSQUE.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:49 684k unknown PLACE WHERE IMAM ZAINUL AABIDEEN GAVE HIS KHUTBA.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:49 624k [IMG] Place of wudhu 4th Imam (a) (2).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 144k [IMG] Place of wudhu of 4th Imam(a).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 224k [IMG] Place where holy heads kept sham.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 164k [IMG] Place where raasul Hussain was kept in darbare sham.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:42 152k [IMG] Placein sham where the cut-off holy heads were kept.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:39 336k unknown RIVER FURAT.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:50 584k unknown SHRINE IN WHICH THE STONE IS KEPT.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:50 708k unknown SHRINE OF AMMARE YAASIR.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:50 704k unknown SHRINE OF BIBI RUQAYYA.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:51 760k unknown SHRINE OF MOHSIN IBN IMAM HUSSAIN.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:51 624k unknown SHRINE OF OWAIS QARANI.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:52 700k unknown SHRINE OF PROPHET YAHYA (JOHN THE BAPTIST) IN THE OMAYYAD MOSQUE.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:52 740k unknown SHRINE OF PROPHET ZAKARIYYA.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:52 660k unknown SHRINE WHERE SHUHUDAS HEADS ARE BURIED.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:53 680k unknown STONE ON WHICH IMAM HUSSAINS HEAD WAS KEPT AND WHICH STILL BLEEDS 2DAY.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:53 744k [IMG] Sayyeda Sakina(s).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 268k [IMG] Sayyeda Zainab(sa).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 180k [IMG] Sayyeda sakina(s) (2).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 160k [IMG] Syyeda Sakina(sa).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 168k unknown THEIR PICTURES.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:54 668k unknown TOMB OF AMMARE YAASIR.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:54 716k unknown TOMB OF BIBI FIZZA.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:54 608k unknown TOMB OF HAZRAT BILAL.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:55 604k unknown TOMB OF HAZRAT HABIL 1.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:55 628k unknown TOMB OF HAZRAT HABIL.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:55 656k unknown TOMB OF OWAIS QARANI.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:56 676k unknown TREE UNDER WHICH HAZRAT HAILS BODY IS SAID 2 HAVE BEEN KEPT.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:56 684k unknown ZIYAARAT ABDULLAH IBN IMAM JA'FAR SADIQ.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:33 692k unknown ZIYAARAT OF AMMARE YASIR.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:34 736k unknown ZIYAARAT OF OWAIS QARANI.JPG 16-Feb-2017 04:34 720k [IMG] Zareeh J. Fatema Sughra(nisbat).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:40 156k [IMG] list of those whose heads were kept here.jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 192k [IMG] pLACE OF WUDHU 4tH Imam (a).jpg 17-Feb-2017 12:41 128k

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