Sayeda Um-kalthum - Daughter of  Imam Ali a.s and  Sayeda Fatima al Zahra a.s

Birth- This great lady was born on the 16th of Ramadan in the 9th year after hijrah.
Death- Sayeda Um-kalthum past away only a short time after the tragendy of karbalah. Sayeda Um-kalthum left this world about four months after Ashurah on the 16th of Rajab in the 61st year after hijra, in the holy land of Madina.
Parents- Sayeda Um-kalthum was the daughter of the great Imam Ali a.s and the lady of the women of the worlds Sayeda Fatima al Zahra a.s
Siblings- Sayeda Um-kathum was the youngest of the five children of Imam Ali a.s and Sayeda Fatima a.s. She had two older brothers Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein a.s and one older sister Sayeda Zeinab a.s and the unborn mater Sayed Mohsen.
Um-kalthum married  the son of Jaffar ibn abu Talib, 3awn the husband of Um-kalthum died at karbalah, through his life he was along side our Imams in many battles and he was present in karbalah with Imam Hussein a.s and died at karbalah. 3awn and Um-kalthum did not have any children.
This great lady was very young when her mother Sayeda Fatima a.s past away she was only 1 and a half years old. Sayeda Um-kalthum a.s was raised in the laps of her father Imam Ali a.s , to Um-kalthum her father was everything because she never had the chance to have a relationship with her mother. on the night of the nintenth of Ramadun when Imam Ali a.s was struck at on his head the Imam was at the house of Sayeda Um-kalthum. 
Um-kalthum was the main narrator of the hadiths of that night. She said on that night i brought him (Imam Ali a.s) his food, (she bought him salt,yogurt and bread) he replied; my duaghter why have you brought me so much to eat since when have you seen your father eat meals this big. Don't you know a person who has such meals will have a longer exam on the day of judgment. She then went and took some of it away. 
She also said that night i saw my father walking to the window and coming back walking to the window and coming back saying this is the night the Prophet pbuh&hpp told me about, she said i looked at him and said my father you are the greatest of worriers and i have never seen you look as scared as i have seen you tonight , he replyed my duaghter this is the night i know i will return back to my Lord. She said that she then went towards her older brother Imam Hassan a.s , Imam Hassan a.s was also a very important figure in her life as he was her older brother. She told him about the way her father is then Imam Hassan a.s hurried to the house , she narrates he came to my father and said is it true what she is saying Imam Ali a.s said yes i saw angel Gabriel rubbing two stones together and dust fell on the people of Macca and on the people of Madina and of the people of Kufah therefor i gather there must be an annoucnment witch is going to be made.
Um-kalthum was also present when Imam Hassan a.s was facing oppression. 

Um-kalthum also had a stong stance at Karbalah with Imam Hussein a.s. Sayeda Zeinab and Sayeda Um-kalthum were like rocks by Imam Hussein a.s side at karbalah. Sayeda Um-kalthum gave a sermon at Kufa after Karbalah, when she gave her sermon people where saying is this Ali ibn abu Talib speaking, because of the quality and the power of her sermon, her worlds are amazing , this sermon should be read and memoriesed, this sermon should be and implemented in the lives of our sisters that strive to live lives like this great lady. when she spoken these words narrations state the people started crying.
Sayeda Um-kalthum in her sermon at Kufa said: 
Oh people of Kufa may evil touch you. Why did you leave al Hussein alone without any assistance? Why did you slay him? and why did you ransack his property as if they were you own inheritance? Having held his women as captives you hert them and you harmed them. Woe be to you and may perdition over take you. Do you know what you have bought onto yourself? Do you know the burden you have put onto your backs? Do you know whoes blood you have shed? Do you know which great ladies you have greived? Do you know wich duaghters you have ransacked? and Do you know whoes properties you have plundered. You have killed the best of men after Rasullah Muhammad pbuh&hpp and have not shown any affection or any love. But we'll be patient in soon the army of Allah swt will be triumphent and the army of the shiatan will be the losers.

Book: The Hidden Treasure


Updated 23 November 2011

Sun Behind the Cloud Publications has just published its second book entitled The Hidden Treasure, Lady Umm Kulthum, daughter of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima.

Lady Umm Kulthum (s) was the fourth child born to Imam Ali (a) and Lady Fatima (s). She spent her life serving seven Infallibles, and witnessed crucial moments that changed the landscape of Islam forever: from her mother�s sermon about Fadak, to the terrible calamities on the plains of Kerbala.

Despite this, her name has been mentioned only occasionally in the books of history.

From the libraries of Damascus to Beirut, Jaffer Ladak has spent two years investigating and evaluating historical resources and scholarly opinions, to piece together what is known about her life.

The Hidden Treasure is her first published biography. It seeks to address these issues and restore Lady Umm Kulthum (s) to her rightful place in the hearts of those who love the Ahlul Bayt (a).

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