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Know Your Imam - Some Facts

      Name: Mohammed (as)

      Father : Imam Hassan al Askari (as)

      Mother: Narjis khatoon(sa)

      Birth date : 15 Shaaban year 255 AH

      Birth place : Samarrah (Iraq)

      Imamat date :At the age of 5 in Rabil awal 260AH

      Presently In occultation (ghaibat)


Know Your Imam - His Titles

      Abul  Qasim (same as the prophet)

      Al Qaim (who will stand up)

      Al Muntazar (the awaited)

      Al Mahdi (guide)

      Sahibuzzaman (imam of our time)

      Khalaf saleh


Know Your Imam- Traditions

      “There will be 12 Successors”

      “The world shall not end until a person from my progeny who shall carry the same name ,comes & fills the earth with justice”

      “The world cannot exist unless an Imam or hujjat is present”

      There are many many more in various sources


Know Your Imam - Minor Occultation

10/11th Imams made people familiar with concept

Minor (ghaibat sughra) period lasted 69 years

Names of 4 representatives in this period:-

1.Abu amr Uthman ibn Saeed Amri

2.Mohammed ibn  Uthman (son of first)

3.Hussain ibn Rauh

4.Abu Hassan bin Mohammed SaymoriThere is a letter by our Imam informing us that his representatives will be the scholars (Alims  - Marajas) henceforth.


Know Your Imam - Long Life Issues

      If Allah (swt) can make someone alive after death, why can’t HE keep someone alive for a long period?

      Many prophets /people have had v long lives: Adam, Noah, Khizr, Ilyas, Isa (as)

      Zulqarnain had a life of 3000 years

      Satan(shaitan) himself has a long life!

      There are proofs of the Imam’s birth but no reliable tradition on his death.



Know Your Imam - His Presence

      His example is like the sun behind the clouds, which though hidden  still provides  warmth & light

      He is only hidden from our ordinary vision

      Our deeds (a’amal) are taken to him regularly & he is sad or happy depending on what we do everyday

      He attends gatherings especially Haj

       Many , many incidents of meeting, sighting  & help have been recorded


Know Your Imam - Reappearance Signs

      There will be discord & cruelty & injustice widespread

      Sufyani will appear

      Dajjal will appear

      Killing of Nafs e Zakkiyah

      There will be a heavenly cry

      It will be on Friday at the Ka’aba


Know Your Imam - Waiting….

      We need to be in waiting (Intezar) for his reappearance…

      Our actions & behaviour should reflect we are in waiting for such a personality

      We should give up deeds which displease Allah (swt) & do what Islam demands from us.

      There is NO FIXED TIME for his re-appearance, it is unknown. You can make the difference if you call from the heart and be like he wants his followers to become.


Know Your Imam - Calling….

      He answers call from a All Momineen and Helps them when called.

      He meets people who call him with the right Neeyat

      He is the Imam of our time and in the time of need and difficulty we should call upon him for help and solutions.

      There are many recorded events since his occultation where he has helped Momineen in person.

      “ARIZA” is one way of communicating with him throughout the year.