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The Holy Month of Ramadhan - is our annual chance to be the guests of the Almighty - As we strive to make the best of this Blessed opportunity - for quite a number of us - it will also be the time when we have our 'annual' interface with the Holy Qur'an [ Fortunately - as it takes place at least in this Holy Month. Unfortunately - as that's the only month it takes place in ]

So let's resolve to : - 

1. Enhance the quality of our interface with the Holy Qur'an - attempting to UNDERSTAND it rather than merely RECITE it.

2. Increase the time spent in the interface - from whatever it is at present to more than that.

3. NOT ABANDON our interface with the Holy Qur'an after the Holy Month of Ramadhan - that is CONTINUE well beyond it 

    - indeed KEEP the Holy Qur'an in our lives - for the rest of our entire lives.

4. MOST IMPORTANT - TAKE CONCRETE steps to move from 'MERELY READING' ( which also has benefits)  the ARABIC script to ACTUALLY LEARNING the ARABIC language to BETTER UNDERSTAND what Our Creator is telling us. This will CHANGE our          relationship with the Holy Qur'an.

5. ESTABLISH permanent Arabic Language Teaching/Learning Courses/Sessions/Centres in our local areas of operation/influence to change from merely 'READING' the Arabic script to 'KNOWING' the Arabic Language - for ALL - men, women - children, adults and even the aged.

6. Take advantage of available Resources for learning the Arabic Language - for instance (a) Online material on the Internet    (b) Self-learning books, CDs, Multimedia resources for learning Arabic language (c) Academic courses - attended or Distance     Learning Courses - offered by universities, schools and other academic bodies

7. Promote the need for graduating from being just an Arabic 'READING' community to becoming an Arabic 'KNOWING' one

"And Indeed, We have made Qur'an easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)?"     (The Holy Qur'an 54:17)

Verily, I leave behind two precious things (thaqalayn) amongst you: the Book of Allah and my Ahlul-­Bayt. Verily, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the side of the Pond.”- The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.a.w.s.] (Sahih Muslim)



Your parents spoke to you in one language                                            
    -     You learnt it !                                                                             

The rest of the world spoke to you in another one                                  
    -     You learnt it !                                                                               

The Almighty speaks to you in Arabic                                                 
    -     DID YOU LEARN IT ?                                                               

LEARN ARABIC                                                                               
- Its easy, not difficult                                                                       
- Its never too late in life                                                               
- It will CHANGE your relationship with the Holy Qur'an               

Please take advantage of the following for whatever one can gain from them and promote this cause.

Quran Book Mark pdf

Quran Dictionary pdf

Vocabulary of the Quran pdf

Pray we all make the best of this B;lessed Month that is before us. May He forgive all our sins and grant us all the very best of His Mercies in this world and in the Hereafter