4 Prayer in Islam


O Believers! Your servants and the children who have not attained puberty must request permission (before entering your rooms). This is done in three instances, before the dawn prayer, at noon when you change your clothes to rest, and after the night prayer. These are three private times for you. At other times, it is not wrong for you or them to mingle with one another. God thus clarifies the revelations for you. God is Omniscient, Most Wise.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 24, Verse 58)
The institution of prayer is one of the most established concepts in Islam, and the healthiest prescription to all Muslims is to say prayer five times daily. Prayer has not only been researched to have numerous benefits to the surrounding energy fields, the health and spiritual benefits of prayer have only been recently confirmed by scientists and health-care researchers. Medical scientists now consider religious prayer to be a reliable answer to stress-free life, longevity, and healthy living. The hormonal, chemical, electrical, physical and physiological effects of prayer and meditation are apparent and this information is extensively covered in contemporary medical journals. Fortunately, even schools are compelled to implement a prayer program for their students in the daily curriculum. Weston (1998), for example, recommends his patients to pray daily for a month to invite good health to oneself and others.
If there were a stream at the house of one of you in which one washes himself five times a day, will there remain any dirt over his body? Verily, the likeness of prayers is the same as the stream. The person who establishes ritual prayers clears out his sins .
(al-Sadiq (AS) - Biharul-Anwar - Volume 82, page 236, al-Majlisi, 1627 (AR)
The Prophet further said:
The daily prayer is like a fountain of clean water right in your home, which removes, five times a day, the dirt, which settles on your body and soul.
We have a tradition from the Prophet (S) that says:
When you go to bed, the devil comes from behind and ties three knots over your vertex. Over each knot, he recites an evil spell, saying, sleep a long and slumberous night! When you wake up; if you commence by invoking God's Name, the first knot will breakup; if you leave your bed to make ablution, the second knot will breakup, and when you stand up for prayer, the third knot will breakup. Upon breaking up the devil's spells, one will feel energetic and in good spirits, otherwise, he will feel exhaustion and malice.
There are many situations in Islam where even a sick person or an injured person has to worship Allah (SWT) and say his prayer, regardless of his position, even if his time of death is nearby. The Prophet (S) further advised sick people to stand up and say prayer whenever they are sick, in pain or feeling unhealthy. He often used to say to the sick:
Stand up and pray, for there is a cure in prayer.
In an instance, when a thief asked the Prophet the solution to his stealing, the blessed Muhammad told him to pray to Allah and it is reported that this act of prayer in itself refrained him from stealing again. Clearly, the act of praying resulted in the transformation of the information resting within his energy fields and a change was imminent.

This concept of body and mind, when in harmony, can exert a powerful influence on the person's energy and force fields were studied in depth in the sixties by Dr. Ravitz, a Yale Neuro Psychiatrist. The role of prayer in spiritual growth has been well documented and is widely accepted. Its role in creating Islamic equality, discipline, unity, good ethics, discipline, and limitless reward cannot be overlooked. With years of praying and performing rituals, one's energy and information contained within the energy system becomes well-adjusted, free flowing and favorable. With prayer:
Images and misconceptions about reality within our negative belief system also clear away, creating more lightness, less stagnation and higher vibrations in energy. (Brennan, 1987)
Brennan calls prayer the Energy Metabolizing System, which serves as a protective screen, drawing only pure energy and limiting entrance of lower vibrations of energy from the space and the universal energy field. When the human energy is charged up and bright with vital energy, even personal troubles tend to slide away (Lindgren et. al., 1997).

If we do not have such a protective screen (which Muslims apply on them five times per day), then the energy becomes weaker and the frequency of the fields start to slow down, unable to repel incoming adulterated energy that is unhealthy for one's system to assimilate.

Apparently, scientists nowadays employ infrasonic machines to balance energy in disturbed and sick people. According to Richard Lee (1999), one of the functions of energy therapy with the infrasonic equipment is to allow ones energy to harmonize and create an energy barrier whereby the individual concerned heals faster, strengthening and increasing the vibration of his energy system. Islam has another answer, a much better and natural answer - the daily prayer at different times during the day, afternoon and evening.

Ostrander and Schroeder (1970) report scientists at Kazakh University in the Soviet, for a while, were trying to figure out as to what procedures or actions would strongly affect the human energy filed in a positive manner, when they realized it was none other than the simple act of breathing. Breathing seems to charge the entire body, renews the reserves of vital energy, and helps to equalize disturbed energy patterns (Bruce, Lindgren & Dlitt, 2000). No doubt, there is breathing aspect involved in all rituals, and the reason why Muslims have been encouraged to say prayer at all times, in particular before eating, before entering the bathroom, before intercourse, before rituals, and so forth. As in prayer, relaxation and meditation, one slows down his breathing and makes it deep, abdominal, without even noticing. Prayer puts one in this state.

Fortunately, the role of prayer in medicine is now being confirmed and medical doctors and surgeons permit this practice in their offices without hesitation. In a review of prayer and meditation as medical therapies, Harmon and Myers (1999) write the following:
Prayer and meditation have been used as healthenhancing techniques for centuries. Their use has been investigated more recently in the context of more conventional, allopathic medical approaches. These studies, despite methodological limitations, show some promise for the formal application and integration of these techniques into western medical practice.

Some potential benefits from meditation include reduced perceived stress and improvement in mild hypertension. Prayer appears to offer subjective benefit to those who pray; the effects of intercessory prayer on the health status of unknowing individuals require more investigation.
Few years ago, a review showed that 20-year old Americans could expect to live 6.6 years longer if they attend religious services at least once a week. Now Harold G. Koenig, who teaches Psychiatry at Duke University, reports that elderly people who are not disabled run a 47 percent greater risk of dying before long if they are not engaged in regular prayer, meditation or Bible study (Siemon-Nieto, 2003).

Koenig is the Director of the Center for the Study of Religion, Spirituality, Health, and editor-in-chief of Research News in Science and Theology. Discussing his longterm study with a sample group of 4,000 men and women above the age of 65, he related in an interview that praying and attending divine service regularly seem to result in a 40 percent reduction in the likelihood of high blood pressure.

It is true that when one is deeply involved and pre-occupied in prayer, he is introducing to his system, free flowing and highly charged energy, and attracting the same, thereby making his surrounding network of energy fields stronger and favorable. The info-energy is also that of peace, quite and solitude. This kind of energy purity within his system is not only good to that person's body and soul, but to the people near him as well. This code of behavior can be observed in almost all energy therapists as they prepare for a healing session. They organize their energy flow and the surroundings by several forms of meditation and prayer. Brennan (1987) lists more than 20 such exercises of bodywork including breathing and repeating phrases that should be employed before a healing session.

Muslims Pray Five Times Daily
And, the believers keep their word. They are trustworthy. Their testimony is truthful. They consistently observe their prayers on time.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 70, Verses 32-34)
al-Ridha (AS) has said:
The secret of prayer is that it is the confession of the lordship of Allah (SWT) and negating all kinds of partners and plurality for Him. In addition, standing before the Omnipotent, with humility, humbleness and the confession (of sins), and begging forgiveness of the previous sins; placing the face on dust five times a day as (a sign of) honoring and confession of His Greatness.

Prayer is the cause of remembering Him and taking distance from the arrogance and neglect. Prayer becomes the cause of humility, submission and humbleness (towards Allah (SWT), and the eagerness, keen fullness, enthusiasm regarding the desire of enhancement of material and spiritual progress (both in the world and hereafter).

Moreover, prayer makes a person engaged constantly in the remembrance of Allah (SWT), both day and night, so that one must not forget one's Lord, Master, Administrator and Creator, since forgetfulness will become the cause of rebellion.

Man, while offering prayer, stays in the presence of His Lord and in the state of His remembrance, and this very condition constrains, stops him from sins, and prohibits him from many kinds of corruption.
Hughes (1997) examined the relationship between prayer and healing and its relationship to holistic health. He writes that the apparent healing that results from prayer mystifies researchers. Numerous theories may be offered as to the mechanism by which this healing occurs. The belief of the praying person in the power of the prayer itself may stimulate healing, as the placebo effect suggests. The relaxation response and the sense of self-efficacy gained through the act of praying may enhance the immune system. All the above physiological and psychological changes are strongly related to one's energy system. The favorable additions to one's info-energy can hardly be ignored.

Scientists have for long related the effects of prayer and meditation, and the so-called unknown factors to the human energy system - the more strong and balanced the system is, the more healthy and vibrant that person will turn out to be in that particular situation. Unfortunately, medical doctors are infrequently aware of faith-healing beliefs and experiences among their patients, and they are further divided in their views about faith healing, with a majority expressing skepticism about faith healing, and a sizable minority favorable toward it (King et. al, 1992).

Further, the study by Bushwick and King (1994) supported the hypothesis that although many patients desire more frequent and more in-depth discussions about religious issues with their physicians, the concerned physicians generally do not discuss these issues with their patients.

Many doctors are aware that spiritual, mental, and emotional factors play a major role in illness and health; but, their training has emphasized the physical, and they often feel at a loss as to how to address the energy concept. The divine Qur'an has suggested to all Muslims to meditate and remember Allah constantly. Prayer, as we understand, is clearly the most effective way of creating exceedingly steady fields of energy and favorable info-energy system within the person.
And when you have finished the prayer, remember Allah (SWT) standing and sitting, and reclining.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 4, Verse 103)
The verse below from Qur'an confirms that prayer is indeed a powerful energy metabolizing system that will repel all incoming unsteady energy and unfavorable, corrupt info-energy:
. Verily! Prayer restrains one from filth and evil. And certainly, the remembrance of Allah (SWT) is the greatest (duty of the believers) and God is aware of what you do.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 29, Verse 45)
In his interview with the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S), Shaytan, the accursed said:
Allah made one deed, which if your followers performed it with right intention and at right time, I can never deceive them. And that deed is the five daily prayers (salat/obligatory prayers).

But, to solve this problem, what I did is that with every one of your followers I have assigned one of my soldiers whose name is Mutawaqee. And, his job is to make your follower lazy and involved in such activities due to which your follower recites prayer at the last time. When your follower recites prayer (salat) in the last minute, he / she recites it in such a way that his prayer is not acceptable to Allah.
Therefore, the tradition from the Infallible (AS) that if one's morning prayer is accepted, then he would not involve himself, or even be attracted to sinful or vile acts until the time for afternoon prayer. And the same applies until the time for evening prayer, is now clear. This avoidance is due to the powerful energy screen developed during prayer that assists the person to counter and balance any weaker fields of energy and adulterated info-energy he comes across during the few hours before his next prayer. This way he is less vulnerable to disobedience to the Almighty. This person is also protected from his own thoughts.

Lindgren et. al. (1997) report such negative encounters not only to unbalance the individual's energy system and make him or her vulnerable, but also develop in the person depression, confusion, unhappiness, or just becoming plain sick, as the energy centers are stuck or torn (due to the absence of the protective screen). Islam, therefore, takes good care of its followers throughout the day, and throughout one's lifetime.

Weston (1998) further believes that major healing outcomes are through Soaking Prayer. One must constantly bathe in prayer and good energy and this therapeutic level can be well maintained. This is another reason why Muslims soak themselves in prayer five times daily, and perform regular acts of worship and meditation throughout the day, and throughout ones life.

Islam and Restrictions on a Child
The right of a child upon his father is that he should give him a nice appellation, train him well and teach him al-Qur'an.
(Ali (AS), Nahjul-Balagha - Saying 399)

When your children grow up to seven years, teach them the prayer; when they are ten years of age, seriously admonish them for it.
(Prophet (S), Kanzul-Ummal - Volume 16, No. 45330)
Islamic law strictly prescribes that all puberty-aged children should have been given enough training to begin fasting, saying prayer and to have good moral character before the time these actions are strictly due from them. This firm ruling for prayer requires Muslims to wake up early in the morning and say prayer, as well as during the day and evening. This kind of attention and growth in the fields of energy surrounding the child is only now clear after researchers and scientists are encouraging parents to introduce their young children to the science of energy early during childhood.

As a human being matures, and the energy surrounding him develops, each field represents the psychological patterns evolving in the individual's life. If the child is let free to do what he or she wants, or if that child is encountering parental aggression for example, his energy centers will develop blockages and there will be a disruption in its growth (Brennan, 1987). According to Brennan, large changes in the energy also begin at puberty. The energy becomes infused with vibes from peers, and is vulnerable to disharmonious and discordant energy.

The history and current sets of information, memory and experience within this young person's energy system are also vulnerable. The blocked energy brings about new longing and new vulnerability that the individual has not yet experienced. At times, the entire energy system may be disrupted, resulting in psychological and physiological harm. Therefore, by training the children from the very young to be highly involved in prayer, fasting and other rituals, alterations and adulterated additions to the energy system, from an energy perspective, cannot reach the Muslim child whose energy system is protective and pure, much stronger, highly charged and free flowing. This is why the learned scholars of Islam always kept their babies near them when they were having Islamic discussions.

Importance of Early Morning Prayer
The prayers are decreed for the believers at specific times.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 4, Verse 103)
Early morning is a time when we have a relatively clear mind after having had enough sleep. After the right amount of sleep but still with a little bit of sleepiness left, it is most difficult to get up, but this period remains the best time for prayer.

There is freshness about the early morning, which belongs to no other period of the day. The sun has a more kindly brightness, with little geomagnetic activity that could affect one's energy fields. The air is fresher and this freshness is largely lost, as the day grows older. Because of all this, the ablution before prayer and prayer itself has a larger and more significant effect on one's energy system than any time during the day. This is why Islam has laid much emphasis on early Morning Prayer. Moreover, the increased rate of vibration developed during early Morning Prayer would serve as an energy protective shield and repel most of the low charge, discordant and disharmonious energy that one would encounter during the day. No wonder why spiritual masters, researchers and scientists recommend meditation during the early hours of the day.

Sri Chinmoy writes:
If you meditate in the morning, you will find that your meditation will be most fruitful. Before the sun rises, the earth-consciousness is not yet agitated. The world has not yet entered into its daily turmoil. Nature is calm and quiet, and helps one meditate. When nature is fast asleep, the animal in us also sleeps. At that time, we are still in the world of energizing and fulfilling dreams, from which reality can grow. That is why the awakened aspiring consciousness can get the most out of early morning meditation.

Once the day dawns, Mother-Earth becomes divinely energetic or undivinely restless. Especially in the West, because of its present dynamic nature, there is some feeling of irritation in the cosmos or in the outer nature. These restless qualities of the world do not have to enter into you, but usually they will. When people move around, immediately their vibration enters into you, no matter where you are. The air, the light, everything around you becomes permeated with the vibration of human activity and human anxieties. The world is standing in front of you like a roaring lion. How can you enter into your highest meditation in front of a roaring lion? But if you can meditate before the world awakens, when the cosmos is still and people around you are taking rest, then you will be able to have a deeper meditation.

Meditating during the day is very difficult. In the evening, meditation is also a little difficult, because for eight or ten hours you have been in the hustle and bustle of the world. During the day, you have met with many uninspiring people, and unconsciously their undivine thoughts and impure ideas have entered into you.
Recent scientific research has shown performing Fajr (dawn) prayer regularly in time daily is the best preventive and remedial measure for heart diseases, congestion of blood vessels, arteriosclerosis and cardiac infarction which causes brain stroke. A research conducted by the Jordanian Heart Doctors Society said the studies established that the cardiac infarction disease, which is one of the most dangerous diseases and congestion of blood vessels, was mainly caused by long hours of sleep in the day or night. The study stressed the need to refrain from long periods of sleep and get a sleep not exceeding more than four hours after which it is important to get up and do an activity for 15 minutes at the least.

The 8 Units of Prayer in the Middle of the Day
You shall consistently observe the prayers, especially the middle prayer, and devote yourselves totally to God.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 2, Verse 238)
The influence of Circadian Rhythm on the human body is a scientific fact. Our bodies display hundreds of these circadian rhythms; a few of the most important are sleep and wakefulness, body temperature, blood pressure, and the production of hormones and digestive secretions. Circadian rhythms are controlled by a biological clock in the brain, a tiny clump of cells known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN. The SCN is strongly influenced by the daily change between sunlight and darkness, with morning sunlight promoting early wakefulness and darkness setting the stage for sleep.

In essence, we are programmed by our circadian rhythms to sleep at night and to be awake in the daytime. For most people, it is difficult to concentrate and maintain alertness between midnight and 7 a.m. and to sleep during the daylight hours. And it is hard to eat in the overnight hours, when our digestive system essentially shuts down.

Dumont, Montplaisir and Infante-Rivard (1997) and Scand (1998) have studied such effects and their results showed that a high insomnia index was associated with a high number of awakenings, and that former night-shift workers had a significant reduction in slow-wave sleep, whether or not they had subjective sleep complaints. These results suggest that working at night may have persistent deleterious effects on quality of sleep.

According to Islam and Qur'an, the day has been reserved for all humanity to work and produce for their families, and the night has been reserved for quietude:
He is the One who designed the night to be a cover, and for you to sleep and rest. And He made the day a resurrection.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 25, Verse 47)

Allah is He Who has made for you the night that you may rest in it and the day to give you light. Verily! Allah is gracious unto the people, but most people are unthankful.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 40, Verse 61)
A similar call is made in the following verses in al-Qur'an - Chapter 10, Verse 67; Chapter 28, Verse 73; Chapter 30, Verse 23.

There is also strong evidence of heightened solar activity during the day, and the sun continuously emits streams of charged particles, mostly electrons and protons, which travel at speeds from 400 to 700 meters per second. Even though the earth's magnetic field acts as a shield protecting us from such damage, some particles do escape and may affect the human or the surrounding universal energy. Because of the sun's large effect on the geomagnetic field and human behavior (Becker, 1990), Islam has prescribed men and women to work during the day and say prayer in the afternoon (and return back to work), and earn a peaceful rest during the night when such disturbances to the frequencies of these energy fields to humans are minimal.

Islam has thus reserved the longer obligatory worship during the mid-day when every Muslim is obligated to offer eight units of prayer, when morning prayer includes only two units and the evening prayer seven units. One wonders as to why the burden of long worship during the mid-day when most people are exhausted and want to return back to their respective work schedules. Some people do not even spare time for this prayer because of their busy work schedule.

In most cases, the office space, meetings with people, and the interaction with electronic machinery, all introduce weak electric and magnetic fields to our energy system. This can compromise our energy. Further, the air conditioning strips air of its electrical vitality, and the steel structure blocks earth's magnetic field. When our energy becomes weak, our thinking becomes cloudy and our productivity declines. We also become more sensitive to the 60 Hz. electrical activities from fluorescent lights and office equipment, and the high frequency magnetic fields from the computer (Payne, 1988).

As noted, these effects can be dramatic to plants, humans and animals. The afternoon prayer is thus a required and much needed act of obedience to Allah and assisting in bringing about a balance in one's energy fields. Nowadays, even doctors of stress management advice their patients to take a few minutes off their schedule every afternoon to quiet the mind to be more resourceful in the later part of the afternoon. Prayer does just that.

Another reason as to why the long worship during mid-day is because; most persons are at most unstable and fatigued at noon, in particular after sharing various energy frequencies and info-energy (favorable or unfavorable) with different people while at work. To cleanse the spiritual dirt and bring back to the body, soul, the free flowing, and highly charged energy to perform during the later part of the afternoon, Allah (SWT), in His Infinite Wisdom has prescribed to all Muslims to be patient, perform ablution and say their 8-unit prayer in the afternoon. Regardless of the circumstance the people are in (those working late, those not working, and so forth), they may still earn the benefits of the afternoon prayer by balancing their energy fields through meditation, relaxation and worship, achieving higher states of vibration in the individual's force fields.

Saying Prayer on Time
Of the important distinguishing characteristics of Imam al-Khumeini was that, he always performed the prayer at the beginning of its time. He would also give importance to the recommended prayers (nawafil). This characteristic was present in him since the beginning of his youth age, when he had not exceeded twenty years.

Some friends used to say, We thought in the beginning that God forbid, he performs his prayers at the beginning of its time, out of show off. For this very reason, we tried to do something that if this action was out of showiness we stop the same.

For a long time we thought of it, and tried him several times in various ways. For example, exactly at the beginning of the prayer time, we would spread the tablecloth (for having our meals), or arrange to set out on a journey. However, he would say, You go on with your food, and I shall perform my prayers. I shall eat whatever remains.

On the other hand, while leaving for a journey (at the beginning of the prayer time) he would say, You go ahead. I shall follow and reach you. A long time had passed since this matter took place, and not only was his timely prayer not left, he (also) compelled us to perform our prayers at the beginning of its time.
Muhammad Abai

The other issue was prayer at the beginning of its time, that he laid great importance to. He would narrate a tradition from Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq that said, If a person takes his prayer lightly, our intercession will not reach him. Once I said to him, Taking prayers lightly may mean that a person sometimes performs his prayers, while sometimes he does not. He said, No. This, rather, is against the religion. Imam al-Sadiq meant that when Dhuhr (noon) comes to transpire (for example), and the person does not perform his prayers at the beginning of the prayer time, he has in reality given preference to something else.
Mahmud Burujardi
al-Mahdi (AS) has said:
Reciting prayer on the dot of time at its very outset is a cause of disgrace for Satan.
Know that the people of knowledge and of observance pay attention to, and take care of, the times for the prayer (five daily prayers) according to the depth of their knowledge of the sacred state of the Lord. According to their longing for supplication with the Creator, Honored be His Name, as these times are for supplication and meeting Allah.

They watch for the times of the prayer with all their hearts, and eagerly wait for the time of supplication to Allah, preparing them to be present at a fixed time to meet Him. Their hearts are present, and from the Presence, they demand the Present, as they respect the Presence for the sake of the Present. They believe that servitude is association and sociability with the Absolute Perfect and their eagerness for worship is due to this fact.
(al-Khumeini, The Disciplines of The Prayer)
al-Taba Tabai and Ayatullah Behjat (a contemporary Shia Gnostic presently residing in Qum-Iran) quoted Ayatullah Qadhi (the teacher of al-Taba Tabai in Gnosticism), as saying, If a person prays the obligatory prayers at the beginning of its time and does not attain lofty stations, he should curse me! (Alternatively, he said, he should spit at my face!).

The beginning of prayer time is a great secret! Safeguarding your prayers is itself a point other than establish the prayer the fact that man gives importance and binds himself to perform prayer at the beginning of its time in itself has many effects, even if the prayer is not performed with the presence of heart (and concentration).
Shaykh Muhsin Gharawiyyan
Some wives of the Messenger of Allah have said that the Messenger of Allah used to talk to us and we used to talk to him. But when the time for the prayer (daily prayer) arrived, he appeared as if he did not know us and we did not know him, as his attention was completely directed to Allah.
When he (the servant) knows that it is time of prayer and he does not pray, he is indeed careless about Me.
(Hadith al-Qudsi)
In Wasail al-Shia - Volume 3, Page 90, al-Sadiq (AS) says:
Whoever performed the obligatory prayer at the beginning of their times and observed their restrictions, the angels would raise them white and pure into heaven. The prayer would say (to the performer), May Allah (SWT) preserve you as you preserved me and entrusted me to a generous angel.

Nevertheless, whoever performed them after the appointed times with no excuse, and did not observe their restrictions, the angels would raise them, black and dark. The prayer would shout at the performer, You have lost me, may Allah (SWT) lose you, and may He not care for you as you did not care for me
Therefore, the importance of saying prayer on time is established. Now we can look at the science behind this command.

Weston (1998) writes that in a large city, 100,000 people praying would produce 10 billion sacred units of prayer energy that can significantly transform the group. In a nation of 10 million, one million citizens would produce one trillion units of prayer energy for their sacred group's energy field. If people in a particular city got together five times daily and said their prayer together, or they all prayed at one given time, the corresponding network of energy produced can have remarkable effects on the physical and spiritual nature of that group and nearby people. This is one of the main reasons, why Islam has recommended its followers to say their prayers in congregation. In addition, at a given time, and that this time for prayer becomes lapsed after a few hours.

We can also appreciate the fact that with all this specific and intelligent acting energy produced by thousands of worshippers at one given time in a congregation or throughout the country/world would most certainly have a constructive effect (including increased attention, concentration) on the energy fields of that person saying his prayer on time.

According to Weston (1998), these countless units of energy are strong enough to even ward off an earthquake, reduce airborne and water pollution, remove manmade radioactivity throughout the planet. This energy may even control weather patterns and topical storms (Nelson, 1983). Sending energy (coupled with the right information, as in prayer) to clouds and other objects of creation is possible and history notifies us of many such occurrences.

For instance, the Infallible Prophet communicated with Allah and sometimes directly to the clouds for rain. Emoto (2004) writes that such communication with clouds is very possible and anyone can try to be successful. Shamanistic practitioners communicate with the spirits of weather and request a change in weather patterns (not having full knowledge of the effects of rain or no rain on the creation as a whole), though this is a highly unwarranted practice and this aspect has been explained.

On saving the earth from a comet or meteor that is heading towards earth, Weston (1998) suggests that four billion people praying for the comet's path to veer away from the earth will create 16,000,000,000,000,000,000 volts of intelligent-acting energy (far stronger force than nuclear bombs could provide). This conscious and intelligent energy, with information, might just do the job. In a similar way, groups of people praying can alter the path of a hurricane or stop a predicted earthquake.

One can now understand the importance and benefit of individuals offering their prayers together and in one time. Islam has not wanted anything but good for its followers. No wonder, Muslims practice invocations and prayers for the sick in large gatherings. Furthermore, there has to be clear benefits to Muslims all around the city or the world when they gather at a particular place or in their homes and recite couplets or send salutations to the Infallible at a particular, specific time. Such kinds of practice take place only at certain hours and in certain days, so thousands may gather at one time to fulfill the act.

A good example is sending salutations to al-Husain and his children on the 40th day after his martyrdom is highly recommended and the timing - afternoon prayer time - is very important to achieve maximum productivity. Undoubtedly, such practices like the Pilgrimage bring together thousands of Muslims to perform worship, all of which have a strong effect on one's energy fields and the surrounding universal energy.

Quantum physics has shown that energy follows thought. Consider what will happen, then, if many people in a gathering or across the world focus on the same vision at the same time. Thought, then, is energy, and can influence all aspects of reality. This is particularly the case if it is held in clarity with focused intent, and even more so if large numbers of people do this together.

The world has witnessed many Prayer Circles arranged by large communities informing the entire world to pray at a particular time. Most recent, the Global Prayer for Iraq was launched in May 27th 2003 by the leaders of National Christian Evangelical Organizations. Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), announced operation - Iraqi Care at a press conference in Washington. The initiative provides an opportunity for Christians worldwide to join as prayer partners in helping Iraqis rebuild their country.

The internet-based effort, supported by the World Prayer Team, the Presidential Prayer Team, World Relief and the Christian Emergency Network, provides a specific avenue for Christians to encourage and bless the Iraqis through the power of prayer and through the adoption of a specific Iraqi city to lift up in prayer, Haggard said. In fact, the World Prayer Team and the Presidential Prayer Team were developed for these very reasons; to have millions of people pray at the same period of time or in the same time span, just what Muslims do on a daily basis when it comes to prayer, praying for the sick, or worship.

September 10th, 2003 has been made the World Earth Healing Day and the request to people is to gather in their respective and nearest energy portals and pray collectively on that day to heal the soul of the planet earth and invite peace on earth and reduce suffering. These energy portals or energy centers of the planet earth and power vortices that include many rock formations around the world are mentioned later. There will be two simultaneous global linkups in meditation. The first will be at 12 noon GMT (1pm in the UK). The second will be at 16:30 GMT (5:30pm in the UK). This day would provide an opportunity for people across the world to join in spirit and hold a collective vision of universal love and peace. When people who pray join in this way, their collective energy is greater than the sum of our individual energies. This annual event, which began in 1996, has linked up thousands of people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help raise world consciousness and further world healing.

The World Earth Healing Day thus seeks to promote a greater awareness of our interconnectedness as a global family. It provides an opportunity for individuals to express collectively their vision of a more harmonious and peaceful world in which all forms of life are honored as sacred aspects of one essential whole - the universal energy that the new physics says underlies all manifestation.

It is believed that sufficient numbers of people sharing the same focused intent at the same time can influence the collective consciousness or planetary energy field. It has been shown that subatomic particles do in fact respond to focused intent, and recent experiments conducted in the United States have shown that dramatic changes can be registered in the earth's magnetic field in response to our experience of planetary love.

It is reported in historical war accounts that devout persons have been able to pray and send powerful energy to destroy incoming attacks. In one incident, it is reported that two helicopters crashed onto each other after a prayer was made for that to happen. Of course, these events and many others do not get the attention of science. The possibility of such events will be explored in much detail in later sections.

Special Room for Prayer

Muslims have been strongly advised by the Prophet (S), the Infallible (AS) and the Scholars of Islam that the place they say their prayer should be special. al- Amini (AR) writes the following about the prayer room in his book Self Building - rooms that we do not use regularly, and should be neat and clean, a comfortable temperature, and dark. We should also burn incense to perfume the room. It should be an isolated place reminding us of Allah (SWT) and the hereafter. It is advised to select an isolated place free from noises and interference.

The place should be free from pictures and other objects that might attract our attention or stimulate a memory or thought. Finally, it should not be where we practice disobedience to the Almighty on a daily basis.

All this is because whatever low charge energy, and unfavorable info-energy (energy with adulterated information and memory) we have projected into the environment whilst doing undesired acts inside that room will lower the vibrations in our energy, the surrounding energy and thus weaken our performance in prayer, and make us lethargic and inattentive. This alteration and fault in the ambient energy field would take place because, while praying, we would be in direct contact with discordant fields of energy that the machines or we ourselves produced in that room.

Emotional outbursts, radiation from television and computer screens, and so forth, have their own way of unbalancing the electrical matrices in any given environment. Such unsteady and unbalanced energy fields, with adulterated info-energy do remain in a room long after the acts are committed. Goldberg has extensively studied this aspect in the late sixties, as well as Becker in the early nineties. The harmful effects of radiation, X-rays, fluorescent lights, rays from computer screens, and so forth on the energy as a whole can hardly be questioned. The mental and physical effects are also apparent. Their negative effects on the growth and health of plants and water have also been studied.

Weston (2000) comments that he preferred sick people not to enter his room because not only they had severe energy blockage, it took a long time for their energy to go away and the energy in the room to neutralize. Apparently, the Prophet advised Muslims to decorate their mosques with the remembrance of Ali. Clearly, the info-energy produced from such conversations of the life of an Infallible would bond itself to energy fields on carpets and walls, and even walls have been recorded to respond in a specific manner.

Shia Muslims have also been strongly recommended to perform the same actions performed by the Infallible and Prophets, and in the same places. A case in point, the learned scholars of Jurisprudence have advised Shia Muslims to perform I'tiqaf (seclusion from everything except the worship of the Almighty for a few days) only in mosques where the Prophet or the Aimmah have led the Friday prayers. Clearly, this order is there to establish a relationship with the energy of the Infallible (AS) and us Muslims who would benefit from such a communication.

Barbara Brennan (1987) writes the following about her special room for healing:
The room has to be clean and cleared of low energy, bad vibes, or dead energy. Burn incense - sage and cedar recommended (the smoke apparently attracts dead energy and carries it out the door). Some of these herbs are well known for their ability to unclog weak and clogged energy frequencies and charge the human energy field. Avoid fluorescent lights, as they have a very unhealthy spectral and frequency range. A ventilated room is advised.
In order to have stable and favorable info-energy in a room, we have to reserve that room only for prayer and worship that will project into the atmosphere highly charged and free flowing energy. This type of favorable info-energy in any given room would not impede our performance while praying since our energy system will be projecting energy with similar and higher, stable frequencies and wavelengths. But if we watched movies, entertained alcohol drinks, had emotional flare-ups, or even committed undesired acts in that room, we will have created and introduced into the room fields of energy with lower vibrations and adulterated information. Undoubtedly, to say one's prayer in that room will only be difficult and hard work for us, thus being unsuccessful and apologetic in our endeavors. This is a reason why Muslims have been recommended to say certain prayers on an open ground and directly under the sky.

Islam also prohibits impure items, ceremonially unclean individuals, swearing, backbiting, and so on, so forth inside a mosque. Inside a mosque, one is not allowed to hang pictures or drawings of people, have parties or commit sins. For the same reason, Atheists are not allowed to near the vicinity of the Ka'bah in Makkah, or even a mosque. Refer al-Qur'an - Chapter 9, Verse 17. The corruption of the surrounding info-energy is imminent. This aspect has been well explained.

The idea of a holy ground, or sites and places of religious congregations such as mosques, the Ka'bah in Makkah, achieves a completely new meaning. This worship area becomes a sacred space where reverence is shown through personal attitudes and sacred usage. According to Weston (1998), this is why spiritual wisdom advises people to carry out their spiritual disciplines of worship, meditation and prayer in one place in their homes. Experienced healers do all their healing in one particular healing room, even placing subjects in the same chair.

A Brief Note on Breastfeeding
Based upon the above understanding it is now clear why a Muslim woman will abstain from watching illicit movies or even participate in immoral acts whilst breast-feeding her child. The negative effect on ones energy fields and the effect of unfavorable info-energy developed from these acts alters the milk production and changes its chemistry at many levels.

As noted, during the battle of Siffin, Muhammad Hanafiyya was seen by Imam Ali (AS) to falter and weaken whist in the battle. Imam Ali (AS) tapped his shoulders and told him that this weakness in his behavior during the battle was a result of his mother's milk (not Fatima al-Zahra (AS). al-Husain (AS) also informed his enemies in Karbala that it was the forbidden foods creating such illicit behavior and denial.

Muslims also do not wear clothes or belts that are made of leather that is from an animal that has been slaughtered in a non-Muslim manner. Even if they wear such belts, they remove the belt during their obligatory prayer as prayer becomes void when performed with the leather-belt on.

It is related that Ayatullah Murtadha al-Ansari was one of the greatest scholars of his century, and all this was because his mother always breastfed him in the state of wudhu, ablution - a state of purification that creates in the surroundings of a person highly charged energy fields. Apparently, and as mentioned, scholars of Islam have for centuries even kept their babies nearby the discussions they had on religious matters.

It is now apparent that the energy and physical relationship with ones baby is a crucial matter and Islam has laid great importance to it. A Muslim woman carrying a baby is not recommended to watch, hear, or participate in events that lead to illicit and immoral acts of disobedience to the Almighty. This woman is also recommended to read Qur'an daily - certain specific chapters in Qur'an for the child to develop certain characteristics, be in the state of ablution at all times, spend much time in prayer, and so forth. Islam knows and appreciates the effects of the surrounding energy fields and info-energy on an unborn baby. Moreover, these acts create a peaceful state of mind and highly charged energy fields, both of which have positive effects on the unborn baby.

In Elixir of Love, Shaykh Rajab Ali's mother once told him:
One night when I was pregnant with you your father - who was then working in a restaurant - brought home some wholesome Kebabs. When I proceeded to eat, I found that you began to stir and beat my belly with your feet. I felt I should not eat from this food. I refrained from eating and asked your father why he had brought wholesome Kebabs that night, whereas the other nights he used to bring the customers' leftovers. He said he had actually brought these Kebabs without permission! So, I did not eat from that food.
The science on the above acts by Muslims follows.

According to scientific experiments, a baby's heart rate often slows down when its mother is speaking; suggesting that he not only hears and recognizes the sound, but is calmed by it. Research findings on the ability of a baby in the womb to recognize its mother's voice, and even distinguish it from other female voices, confirms what scientists have speculated about for more than 20 years, experiences in the womb help shape your newborn's preferences and behavior.

The findings about the baby's learning and memory during gestation period and influence of maternal environment on the unborn baby bring even greater responsibility for a family. This extremely exciting finding provides evidence of sustained attention, memory and learning by the fetus. The fetuses learn about their mother's voice in the womb and then prefer it after birth. The findings provide evidence that in-utero experience has an impact on newborn/infant behavior and development, and that voice recognition may play a role in mother-infant attachment.

Further, newborns have been shown, via a variety of learning paradigms, habituation, classical conditioning, associative learning and imitation, to possess a functioning memory (Hepper, 1996). After all, babies do enter this world with certain emotional tendencies and these emotional tendencies are not entirely derived from inherited genes. Environment also plays a part in shaping a child's emotional tendencies. Well, if the environment does shape behavior, what about the maternal environment, the only environment with which the unborn baby is involved.

The mother's emotional state of mind and her physical health during pregnancy constitute the maternal environment for the baby. We know that excessive stress or depression experienced by the mother can somehow influence the baby in the womb and he or she may enter this world with skewed emotional characteristics. A mother must do her best to minimize her stress level and to remain in a happy and positive mood during pregnancy. A father must do his best to give maximum emotional support to the expectant mother to help give the baby a jump-start in this world.

The idea that the pregnant mother's emotional state during pregnancy might have a positive or deleterious effect on the developing baby within is certainly not new. In an early study from 1941, Sontag found that pregnant women who were anxious, angry and/or afraid tended to have babies with higher heart rates, digestive problems, lower birth weight, and hyperactive. Numerous studies since have confirmed these findings, reinforcing Sontag's original results.

For instance, emotionally disturbed women tend to have infants who are irritable, poor sleepers, prone to gastrointestinal difficulties, have higher activity rates, cry more, are perceived by their parents as having a difficult temperament, and score lower on mental and motor skills tests. Several studies have connected anxiety and/or various psychiatric diagnoses in pregnant women with a much higher incidence of various birth complications.

Along with the ability to feel, see, and hear comes the capacity to learn and remember. These activities can be rudimentary, automatic, even biochemical. For example, a fetus, after an initial reaction of alarm, eventually stops responding to a repeated loud noise. The fetus displays the same kind of primitive learning, known as habituation, in response to its mother's voice, Fifer has found. But the fetus has shown itself capable of far more.

In the 1980s, Psychology Professor Anthony James DeCasper, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, devised a feeding contraption that allows a baby to suck faster to hear one set of sounds through headphones and to suck slower to hear a different set. With this technique, DeCasper discovered that within hours of birth, a baby already prefers its mother's voice to a stranger, suggesting it must have learned and remembered the voice, albeit not necessarily consciously, from its last months in the womb. More recently, he is found that a newborn prefers a story read to it repeatedly in the womb - in this case, The Cat in the Hat - to a new story introduced soon after birth.

Behavior doesn't begin at birth, declares DiPietro. It begins before and develops in predictable ways. One of the most important influences on development is the fetal environment. As Harvard's Als observes, the fetus gets an enormous amount of hormonal bathing through the mother, so its chronobiological rhythms are influenced by the mother's sleep/wake cycles, her eating patterns, and her movements. Studies have also indicated that a fetus heart races when mom reads poetry.

Scientists have advised parents-to-be who want to further their unborn child's mental development should start by assuring that the antenatal environment is well nourished, low-stress, drug-free. Various authors and experts also have suggested poking the fetus at regular intervals, speaking to it through a paper tube or pregaphone, piping in classical music, even flashing lights at the mother's abdomen.

One study looked at the ability of the fetus to learn a TV theme tune, Neighbors, frequently heard by the mother during her pregnancy. In the first experiment, newborn infants (2-4 days of age) of mothers who watched Neighbors during pregnancy (and heard the theme tune) became alert stopped moving and their heart rate decreased (orienting) upon hearing the tune. These same individuals showed no such reaction to other, unfamiliar tunes. Newborns of mothers who did not watch the TV program during pregnancy showed no reaction to the tune. There was no exposure to the TV tune after birth, the last exposure occurring before birth. Hence, individuals must have learned the information about the tune prenatal and retained it 2-4 days until tested postnatal.

These studies do indicate that the fetus is able to learn and remember familiar auditory stimuli in the womb, retain this information over the birth period and that this learning is specific to the familiar stimulus. Other studies have confirmed the ability of the fetus to learn familiar auditory stimuli in utero.

Scientists have further advised us that it is not a real stretch to say that by carefully choosing and presenting appropriate sensory experiences involving movement, touch, and sound for your child before birth, you can guide the development and perhaps even increase her learning potential. More importantly, you can give your child a sense of security while you are developing a sense of closeness through emotional communication, even before birth.

Scientists also report that prolonged exposure to rock music can result in fetal distress and may actually inhibit sensory perception. It is best to avoid any music with a very heavy beat. As we shall note later, Islam has not only prohibited pregnant Muslim woman to avoid exposure to loud, piercing rock music, but it has prohibited such an act in general to all Muslims at all times.

Therefore, Islam has been in the forefront recommending its followers the importance of a good quality psycho affective communication between mother and child during pregnancy. This relationship has been shown to be decisive for fetal growth and for the prenatal period and further development of the child. Maternal psychological stress leads to adverse pregnancy outcome. Chronic anxiety causes an increased stillbirth rate, fetal growth retardation and altered placental morphology.

Experimental studies have demonstrated a relationship between specific episodes of maternal psychological stress and exacerbation of fetal asphyxia in utero. It is concluded that all the psycho affective interchanges between the mother and child are decisive for harmonious fetal growth and brain development (Relier, 2001).

Prayer, meditation, fasting, reciting Qur'an, not engaging in disobedience to the Almighty (in general), to be in the state of ablution at all times, are all ways to refresh one's energy fields and thus create a favorable stress-free environment for a growing child in the womb of the mother. Suffice to note that the great scholars of Islam - Allamah Taba Tabai, Shaykh Murtadha Ansari, and so many others are reported to have attained such high status in fear of the Almighty because they were breastfed in the state of purification at all times.

Perfume Before Prayer
O Children of Adam! Be adorned at every time of prostration .
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 7, Verse 31)
Mir Ahmed Ali (1998) comments on the above verse and refers adornment to cleanliness and decency of apparel. He reports al-Hasan (AS) putting on decent dress whenever he went to pray. When asked about his appearance and fragrance, he used to reply:
God is All-beauty and loves beauty!
Adornment may further represent perfect attention toward God whilst praying. It is reported that the Prophet (S) applied the oil of musk before he wore his pilgrim's cloth, on the Day of Sacrifice, and before he performed circumambulation of the Ka'bah. Apparently, he enjoyed using perfume extensively. His house was most fragrant. The smoke of wild sage, cedar, sweet grass and lavender has been used for centuries to cleanse the human energy and the surrounding universal energy. This process, also known as smudging purifies the energetic fields (Poole, 1999).

The recommendation to perfume yourselves and burn incense during prayer is one of the most effective ways to charge your energy fields during prayer. Apparently, aroma has been scientifically proven to open energy blockage within a person or in any environment and permit free flowing of energy. So, to apply perfume or burn incense whilst praying is highly meritorious to one's worship. Surprisingly, more health-care professionals (dental surgeons, in this study) are employing aroma in their clinics to help balance their patients' anxiety, so treatment can occur at ease and without fear (Smith, 1998).

Although it has been researched and used longer by European physicians than Americans, aromatherapy, or the applied use of scent to affect physical or psychological changes, is a rapidly expanding scientific frontier in the entire world. In fact, medical research is spurring the development and use of aromatherapy products with life-enhancing capabilities. Some of the more compelling results promoted by inhaling certain scents include weight loss, anxiety reduction, deep relaxation, etc. Considering all these benefits, the scents most certainly have something to do with one's energy system and the information within.

Further explanation forwarded by Schwartz and Russek (1999) is that these oils extracted from plants contain essential systemic memories that reflect the wholeness of the plants themselves in addition to the unique combination of physical components that comprise the individual plants. The aroma also charges one's energy, and introduces favorable info-energy into the room, replacing the lower vibrations energy fields that may hinder the performance of prayer.

Another way of looking at the significance of scent is the physiology and the way aroma works. The scent is first perceived by the nerve endings at the back of the nose, and signals are passed to the limbic system in the brain. An important part of the limbic system, the hypothalamus, governs the pituitary gland, which controls hormone release throughout the body. Additionally, production of different neuro-chemicals can be triggered by smells. These neuro-chemicals can change your moods - like serotonin, which calms, or endorphin, which gives a natural high. Therefore, applying scents into one's clothing for prayer is another nice and effective way to balance the surrounding energy during prayer.

Muslims Face the Ka'bah whilst Praying
Verily! The First House made for humankind is the one at Makkah, blessed and guidance for the worlds.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 3, Verse 96)

Wherever you go, you shall turn your face (during prayer) towards the sacred mosque (Ka'bah); wherever you might be, you shall turn your faces towards it. Thus, the people will have no argument against you, except the transgressors among them. Do not fear them, and fear Me instead. I will then perfect My blessings upon you, that you may be guided.
Burujardi, al-Khumeini's son-in-law narrates:
Whenever the Imam performed wudhu, he would perform all the parts of it facing the direction of the Ka'bah in Makkah. Even if the basin was not in the direction of the Ka'bah, at every instance, after taking a handful of water, he closed the tap, and facing the Ka'bah, washed his face or hand.
In al-Qur'an - Chapter 2, Verse 125, Allah makes the Ka'bah a resort and sanctuary for Muslims. He has specifically asked the Prophet (S) to keep it pure for the believers who direct themselves towards it. Even Prophet Ibrahim was asked by Allah (SWT) to keep it clean and maintain its purity.
Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take the station of Ibrahim as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Ibrahim and Ismail, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer).
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 2, Verse 125)

And, when We fixed for Ibrahim the place for the House, saying, associate not with Allah and clean My House for those who make the circuits and stand in prayer, bow and prostrate themselves.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 22, Verse 26)
One of the main reasons why Muslims say their prayer directing themselves to the Ka'bah in Makkah is to draw and attract to oneself from the Ka'bah, highly charged energy and favorable info-energy and therefore, be as energetic, attentive, and humble as one possibly can during prayer and other worship. What a powerful energy unity exists when thousands of Muslims stand for prayer and direct themselves towards he Ka'bah, all projecting and sharing higher vibrations of energy with desirable info-energy from the same untainted source.

Similar is the case when millions of Muslims visit the Ka'bah once a year and this is compulsory for every healthy and able Muslim man and woman, and this has been done for centuries. It seems that circling the rock and absorbing its highly charged fields of energy is an ancient practice that Shamans do it until today and tomorrow. Siegel (1994) writes in her book Eyes of the Jaguar that during her journey with the Shamans, she circled the Inti Huatana rock in Machu Picchu and leaned her hands and forehead against the rock to absorb its power.

Muslims do a similar act with the Ka'bah; the water of Zam Zam; the Qur'an; the Mohr and the Shrines of the Infallible (AS). We know that even water in these areas has the ability to form beautiful crystallizations (Emoto, 2004 - Water on Machu Picchu, and Zam Zam water near the Ka' bah). This entire process creates an extremely powerful, free flowing universal energy fields around this group of people performing the Hajj and other rituals.

A case in point, even when the Qur'an, the mohr (earth/stone from Karbala where al-Husain and his family were mercilessly martyred) or other sacred books fall down or dirt falls on it, Muslims pick them up in reverence, kiss them, and clean them. This is because the Qur'an or the mohr understands that it fell or has been mishandled and the act of kissing it, cleaning it or embracing it results in exoneration. Muslims also keep the Qur'an on their heads several times in a year in the month of Ramadhan. This act can now purport to have energy, as well as physical benefits.
For everyone is a direction, to which he turns. Hasten to do more good than others do, wherever you may be. God will bring you together unto Him. Verily, God has power over all things.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 2, Verse 148)

Allah has given to you the Ka'bah; a sacred house; a sanctuary for humankind; the sacred month; the offerings and the garlands. This is what you may know that whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is known to Allah. Allah knows everything.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 5, Verse 97)
In al-Kafi - Volume 4, al-Sadiq (AS) is reported to have said:
Three things are sacred for Allah; His Book that is full of light and wisdom. His House that is the Qiblah towards which people offer their prayers, and Allah does not accept from him who directs towards any other direction save the House, and the household the Prophet (S).
Even though the Ka'bah is made of stone, there is life, conscious and intelligent energy in rocks and all inanimate objects that vibrate in a certain frequency, as discussed in previous and later sections under gemstone. The energy, history and the approach to Makkah al-Mukarramah, and the Ka'bah are much desired (this aspect will be explained in details later), and to be in constant and direct relationship with such a kind of intelligent energy is only fruitful to humans.

Allah has made the approach and handling of the Ka'bah as perfect and absolute since time immemorial - as the first House on this earth. This does not leave the slightest chance that the Rock and its nearby vicinity will be disrespected or mishandled. Prophet Adam (AS) built it first, and not even spillage from drinking water was allowed near al-Ka'bah.
The first sanctuary appointed for humankind was that at Bakka a blessed place, guidance to the peoples.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 3, Verse 96)
Lindgren et al. (1997) report several major power vortices (with free-flowing, higher vibrations of energy and unadulterated info-energy radiating from them) and millions of minor ones, and many energy and sacred sites all around the world. One of these rocks is the Funeral Rock at Machu Picchu, which Siegel (1994) reports an electric shock going through her body as she touched the wall. It was as if the rock was vibrating under her. There are many other earth's natural energy portals, power centers and sacred sites. Most of them are entirely made up of stones.

Some of them include the Glastonbury Tor, the Silbury Hill, the Avebury, the Stonehenge, the Roll Right Stones in England; the Gomateshwars and the Sravanabelagola in India; the Angkor Wat and Bayon in Cambodia; the Mount Bromo in Indonesia; the Mount Fuji in Japan; the Mount Cook and Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand; the Ayers Rock (Uluru), the Wilpena Pound, the Glasshouse Mountains and the Olgas in Australia; the Giza in Egypt; the Monument Valley and Sedonba in Arizona, Mount Shasta in California; Macchu Pichu in Peru, and the Delphi in Greece.

Shamans, as well as many ordinary people from many religions visit such places for healing, so it is of no surprise if Muslims make regular visits to the Ka'bah, the shrines of the Infallible, the graves of their beloved and very religious and spiritual people, Mt. Marwa in Makkah and Mt. Tur in Madina, in which Muslims climb. There are more than hundred such sacred sites for Muslims in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Jerusalem. Most of these objects are stones, houses, tombs, wells and even houses that most sacred and sanctified persons including the Infallible had constant access to, and continue to have access until the Day of Judgment. It is reported that al-Mahdi (AS), the 12th Infallible directs himself to the Ka'bah at all times during prayer and other rituals, and makes the visit, in person, once a year as do all able Muslims.

The entire ceremony of Hajj is sacred, in which millions of people throughout the world visit several places, some barren and dry, but to gain proximity to Allah, the Almighty. These people are prohibited from certain acts and behavior that are allowed in normal circumstances. So, the approach to these sites has forever been sanctified, pure, and favorable, and thus the high status of these sacred lands and stones remains. It is said:
Hajj is a week of total loyalty. The body is denied all kinds of comforts. The mind and the heart are tuned to bask in the light of devotion. It enables man to rise to the glorious heights of spiritual bliss.

The proud, rich and the egotistic celebrities are made to know and realize their true insignificance, otherwise, in any other situation, they would prefer to spend any amount to avoid association with the ordinary people and being brought to the level of the meek .

No distinction of wealth, fame, birth, color or nationality is of any use when the hajj begins. All are in the service of the Lord. It is a training ground to put the idea of fellowship of man into practice. Whoso fails to do in day-to-day life what he has experienced during the hajj, is not a true believer.

There is no other religion, which has such an institution to inspire effective voluntary control to curb brutality and pride, so easily acquired by the men of the world. Islam would have been labeled as an imperfect code of life if hajj has not been prescribed as an obligatory duty.
We now know that these sacred shrines (holding the graves of the Infallible, or places they visited) and objects contain powerful healing abilities through the physical realm and the realm of the energy. We will mention later several incidents including the angel Fitrus who received forgiveness and healing (from the damage in his wings) by just touching the cradle of al-Husain (AS) when he was born (the body of al-Husain in other narrations). Shamans have been observed to place their foreheads and kiss the above-mentioned stones that are known worldwide to have a powerful vibratory nature. The following advice from al-Mahdi to those who visit these sacred shrines is as follows:
You should not prostrate on the graves. However, you can touch your face to the grave. And, there is no harm in performing prayer in front of the grave.
It is reported in authentic traditions that even animals have sought intercession from the Infallible, in their lives and in their death. In one incident, a wounded lion was observed caressing one of his legs on the grave of Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, and instantly the dust presented itself as a cure and the lion left the scene, (the grave of al-Husain; the earth of Karbala has similar powers and this area is explored in the next section). In his Salutation to his grandfather, al-Mahdi salutes al-Husain (AS) by saying that at that time, your horse galloped towards your camp, weeping and neighing, and that even the horse of al-Husain (AS) performed lamentations on his blessed death.

The Messenger of God has said:
While I was going up with Jibraeel on the night of Me'raj, we reached the fourth sky. I saw a house made of rubies. Jibraeel told me, O Muhammad, this is Bait al-Ma'mur (Qiblah of the inhabitants of the skies). God created this house fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earths. O Muhammad! Pray directing yourself to this house.

Then God ordered all of the other prophets and Messengers to come. Jibraeel aligned them (all of the other Prophets and Messengers) in one line behind me and I led the Salat.
(Biharul-Anwar - Volme 26, Page 307)
The Ka'bah appears to draw most of its energy from the most pure higher source in Paradise, since it is directly connected to the Bayt al-Ma'mur, the Ka'bah in Paradise. These two are situated in one line, the Bayt al-Ma'mur is situated directly above the Ka'bah, even so when anything is dropped, it would fall on the roof of the Ka'bah. To draw energy from a source hundreds of miles away is a proven fact of science and Quantum physics, and Ostrander and Schroeder (1970) quote ample studies that have confirmed such kinds of communication. No wonder the Ka'bah has been rightly termed the House of Guidance and whosoever approaches it or directs him towards it shall gain from it.

Besides the general respect, reverence and power given to the Ka'bah, the visits by the most purified Infallible and clean Muslims, unlimited numbers of angels have circumambulated the Ka'bah. Archangel Jibraeel (AS) once informed Prophet Adam (AS) that he also performed the circumambulation of this holy House 300 years before him. And since angels are pure energy, the rates of frequencies of the energy fields within the surroundings of the Ka'bah would most certainly increase in abundance from such visits and humans would greatly benefit from drawing such energy from the Ka'bah. This source of cleansing the information within the energy fields of humans and increasing the charge in these fields would be the most favorable spot in the entire universe. No wonder, Muslims face the Ka'bah almost hours and hours in a day.

In the book Hajj, the Islamic Pilgrimage, the author Sayyid Mohammed Zia Abadi writes:
The House, highly respected, is the Qiblah towards which Muslims all over the world perform their prayer, slaughter cows, sheep, and camels, and bury their dead. All deeds are accepted only when they are performed in the direction of the Ka'bah. Muslims deem such respect for the Ka'bah in the remotest and most hidden places. They are careful not to ease nature with their face or back towards it. The House is so sacred that sacrificial animals and precious assets are offered to it.

God does not withhold His favor from man and protects him with His special kindness and mercy. To prepare man to ascend to a metaphysical world, God has made a house of stone and mud in this world calling it His House and inviting His helpless and shelter-less servants to shower them with His special blessings.

What a great favor God has done to human beings to choose a House for Himself on the earth! What need does God have for a house in a ruined village? To fondle the villagers and to shower them with favor, God has chosen a house of the village as His to invite the helpless people to it once a week, a month, or a year calling them His guests. He bestows gifts on them so that they will improve their living conditions, learn manners, and obtain knowledge and Gnosticism. They would come to the city from the village and come to the capital city to be worthy of being received by the king and become His favorites.
The Ka'bah is also wrapped around throughout the year with a cloth - Kiswah - containing different verses from Qur'an and pure names of Allah, and we have seen and shall note later that these writings can store and release powerful energy within them that humans can benefit from nearby or a far. The Kiswah is woven from pure natural silk, which is dyed black. The sentences La Ilaha Illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah. Allah Jalla Jalalah, Subhanallah Wa Bihamdih, Subhanallah al- Adheem, Ya Hanan, Ya Manan are embroidered on the black silk in thread of gold. The Kiswah is made up of 41 pieces. Each piece is 14 meters long and 95 cm wide. The wide belt, 45 meters long and 95 cm wide, comprises 16 parts.

The chapter al-Ikhlas from the Qur'an is embroidered in gold as circles on the four corners. These circles are surrounded with squares of Islamic decorations. Under the belt, there are also 6 verses of Qur'an, each of them inside a separated form. The drape (Sitara) of the door of the Ka'bah, which is called the Burqa, is made of the same black silk material, and it is 6.5 meter in height and 3.5 meters in width. The border and drapes are embroidered with silver threads covered with gold. The whole Kiswah is lined with a thick material of cotton.

Prostration on Earth is Better
al-Majlisi (1627) reports that Allah once addressed the Prophet (S) that on him and his sect, He has bestowed the treasures of His Own Empyrean, namely the first and second chapters of the Qur'an. And contrary to the restrictions laid to the other sects, the whole world is a place of adoration and prayer for the Prophet and his followers. Allah continues further and remarks that He constituted the dust of the earth to him as a purifier, and has given to the Prophet and his followers the exclamation - ALLAHU AKBAR - God is great!
O Believers! You shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness that you may succeed.
(al-Qur'an - Chapter 22, Verse 77)
Grounding one's energy into earth is one most efficient way to eliminate most of the blocked fields of energy (with lower frequencies) and replace the unfavorable info-energy accumulated during the day. Because we absorb muddled and low charge energy from peers, we also let our energy be drained by peers whose fields of energy are at a much lower rate of vibration. Also, because we work with different electronic machines on a daily basis, we ought to ground them before they manifest into any kind of mental or physical discomfort.

According to the Berkely Psychic Institute (1989), and as quoted by Lindgren et. al. (1997) in their work, Aura Awareness, the grounding technique is as old as the hills and is taught by many mystical schools and healing programs - connecting yourself to the earth physically and allowing the energy to release down into the earth. Muslims prostrate on earth several times in a day during their five daily prayer program. The earth is the first recommended element to be employed during prostration, and other elements may be used only in absence of earth. Now we understand the significance of such an act when performed several times a day.

Furthermore, the Shia sect of Islam firmly believes in prostrating on the earth at all times during prayer, and prostrating on the earth from Karbala (where the sacrifices of al-Husain and his sacred family took place) is much recommended. The information and history contained within the energy fields that is found on earth from Karbala can only be productive to one's energy system. al-Husain (AS) did fight the infidels on that land and proclaimed the absolute truth, thus saving Islam and its beliefs from torture. This is the reason why the earth from Karbala is called Khaaq-e-Shifa, the earth that intercedes.

The Land of Karbala has been a place of visitation for the past Prophets (AS). Prophet Adam, Prophet Nuh, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Yusha, son of Noon, Prophet Suleiman and Prophet Isa (AS) have all passed through this land at some point in time. In fact, history is witness that circumstances compelled them to pass through this land. Each one of them was informed about the tribulations and ultimate martyrdom of al-Husain (AS). On this information, each one of them wept bitterly and cursed the killers of al-Husain. We have already noted the energy transference to such places from the pure servants of Allah, the creator and sustainer of this universe.

Allamah Majlisi (AR) writes in Hayatul-Qulub - Volume 3:
Through reliable sources, Shaykh al-Tusi (AR) had narrated a tradition from Imam Zain al- Aabidin (AS) that the place described as a faroff place by Allah where Maryam had moved for delivering is Karbala. Maryam had covered a long distance from Damascus to Karbala in a split second. Prophet Isa (AS) was born at a point near the grave of Imam al-Husain (AS) and she returned to Damascus that same night.
Authentic traditions report that:
Once the land of Ka'bah declared proudly, Which land is like me? Allah has made His House on me. People from all parts of the earth come to pay homage to me. I have been made a place of inviolability (Haram) and sacredness by Allah.

On hearing this Allah, revealed, Be silent! Wait a little (before you say anything further). I swear by My Might and Honor, the excellence and distinction I have granted to the land of Karbala is more than what I have given you. Compared to Karbala, your position is like a drop the size of a needle head in front of the sea.

If the dust of Karbala had not been there, I would never have bestowed this honor upon you. If the one resting in Karbala (al-Husain (AS) had not been there, I would neither have created you nor the House over which you are so haughty.

Wait, adopt humility and modesty and do not be arrogant and haughty. Do not try to prevail over Karbala in importance (as that is not possible). Else I will be displeased with you and throw you in Hell.
(Kamil al-Ziarat - Page 267, Tradition 13, from al-Sadiq (AS)
Allah, the Almighty, has granted this elevated status to the land of Karbala also because of its humility. Safwan Jammal narrates from al- Sadiq (AS):
When earth and water were boasting about their superiority over the other, Karbala was also asked to narrate its merits. Karbala declared:

I am Allah's blessed and purified land. There are healing powers in my dust and water, however, I do not consider that a source of pride and arrogance. On the contrary, I stand humbled and disgraced in front of my Lord. I do not consider myself superior to anyone. I thank Allah (for everything).

Allah was so pleased with this sign of humility that He elevated the already exalted status of Karbala with the martyrdom of al-Husain (AS).
The Shiite Muslims have been recommended to recite an invocation on the day of the birth of al-Husain (AS), and in that invocation, the following is mentioned:
And there is intercession in the earth from Karbala.
In a long narration, part of which the Prophet (S) says:
Cure is placed in the soil of his place (of martyrdom).
(Biharul-Anwar - Volume 36, Page 285, Hadith 107. Mustadrakul-Wasail - Volume 10, Page 276, Hadith 30)
It is reported in Amali of Tusi - Volume 1, Page 325, al-Tahdheeb - Volume 6, Page 74, and Biharul-Anwar - Volume 110, Page 118, that a companion once said to Abu Abdillah, Ja'far bin Muhammad (AS), I am very ill. I am suffering from several diseases. I have used every kind of medicine but have not seen any result.

He replied:
Why have you not used the clay of the grave of Husain bin Ali (AS)? It is the best cure for every disease and it is the safety from every fear. Take the clay of his grave and say:

O Allah, I ask you through this clay, and through the right of the angel who took from it, and through the right of the Prophet who held it, and through the successor who is laying in it, to send your blessings to Muhammad and his family and to ...ask for your needs.
Abu Abdillah (AS) added:
The angel who took from it was Jibraeel who showed the land of Karbala to the Prophet (S) saying, This is the dust (from the grave) of Husain (AS) who will be killed by your nation.

And the prophet who held it is Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (S). And the successor who is laying in it is Husain (AS) along with the rest of the martyrs.
I (Harath bin Mughira) asked, I understood (that the dust is) a cure from disease but what do you mean by safety from every fear?

Abu Abdillah (AS) replied:
If you fear a ruler or anyone else, do not leave your house unless you are carrying some of the clay of the grave of Husain (AS) and say, O Allah! I have taken this clay from the grave of Your Wali and son of Your Wali, so make it (a guarantee of) safety and protection from that which I fear and that which I do not fear. And you will be protected.
So I did what Abu Abdillah (AS) ordered me to do. I said what he ordered me to say and my diseases were all cured. And just as he said, (the dust) was (a guarantee) of protection and safety for me from which I feared and that which I did not fear. And I have not seen any misfortune ever since.

al-Mahdi (AS) says in the Salutations of Nahiya - addressing al-Husain (AS) - Peace be upon whom Allah placed a cure in the soil of his place (of martyrdom), or in other words, Peace be upon the one whose grave's soils bestowed with curative powers by Allah.

In this regard, al-Sadiq (AS) narrates:
Allah, the Almighty, has made the dust of my ancestor al-Husain (AS), as a cure for every sickness and safety from every fear.
(Amali Shaykh al-Tusi - Volume 1, Page 326)
In another tradition, it is mentioned:
The dust of al-Husain's (AS) sacred shrine is a cure for every sickness and this is the biggest medicine.
A companion was once sitting with a group of our people (Shia) with Imam Ja'far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS) when he said:
Allah, the Most Exalted, has made the dust of the grave of my grandfather, Husain (AS), the cure of every disease and protection from every fear and misfortune.

When you hold the dust of his grave, kiss it, place it over your eyes, and then rub it over the rest of your body and say:

O Allah! (I ask You) by the status of this dust; by the status of the one who is lying in it; by the status of his father, his mother, and his brother. By the status of the Imams from his sons, and by the status of the angels who have surrounded his grave, to make this dust the cure of every disease, recover from any illness, salvation from any evil, and protection from that which I fear.

Zaid bin Usama continued, I have been using it ever since and praise be to Allah for I have not seen any misfortune.
(Amali of Tusi - Volume 2, Page 326)
In the book Qasasul-Ulama, there is an anecdote of the period of Abbas, the Safawid. A Christian King sent a messenger to Abbas with the message that he may be given a chance to debate with Muslim scholars and if he defeats the Muslim scholars, they must all accept Christianity. Now the person sent by the Christian King had some powers by which he was able to guess accurately what others held in their fists. The scholars were invited to debate with him and they included Muhsin Faiz.
When the debate began, Muhsin remarked that the Christian King has sent an ordinary man instead of a religious scholar for debate. The envoy brushed the remark aside and told him to hide something in his fist so that he can prove his miraculous powers.
In Islam, the act of prostration signifies piety and humbleness, and is an act of worship. No wonder, Muslims have been recommended to spend much time in prostration proclaiming the mightiness of Allah (SWT), as the low charge energy is drained into the earth and replaced with higher frequency energy fields. Of course, prostration also signifies the niche of worship. The Infallible were many times observed to prostrate and their prostration prolonged from the daybreak till the noon prayer.

It is a common knowledge that a human being is exposed to extra waves of radiation and lives, in most cases, in the middle of electromagnetic fields, which affects the cells and adulterate the energy. So, as stated by Dr. Mohamed Dia al-Deen Hamed, Professor of Biological Sciences and head of Food Radiation Department in Radiation Technology Center, prostration frees the body from the extra waves that cause many diseases.

There has to be an earthing connection to free these extra waves and this is to be done by sujood (prostration) to ALLAH Almighty, as we are obliged. Connecting the forehead to the floor does this process. In sujood, the negative waves move from the body to the floor, which is a negative pole. Consequently, the emptying process happens especially if you make the sujood with your seven members (forehead, nose, hands, knees and feet).

Some studies showed that, in order to empty the waves, you have to face Makkah in your Sujood. That is what we are all doing in our prayer (Qiblah). Scientists give out the reason that Makkah is the center of the earth (where the earth started to spread). The studies revealed that Makkah is the best direction to free these waves because of facing the center of the earth that is effective in freeing the human being from his grieves to feel peacefulness afterwards.

Therefore, besides physical dirt, there is another reason why the earth, which Muslims use to prostrate, blackens and the command to clean it at all times. It is because the blackness is due to the excessive undesired and unsteady fields of energy absorbed. One's prayer may even be considered void if the mohr (the earth Muslims use to prostrate) is too dirty and prevents direct contact with the skin of ones forehead.

Al-Jibouri remarks:
Is it not most exemplary and the best thing to do to make the prostration on a soil from which springs of blood gushed out colored with the dye of love for Allah and crafted on the Sunnah of Allah and on pure and sincere loyalty to Him?

Is there anything better than a soil kneaded with the blood of a pure and revered person, an individual the rewards of loving that are the token of appreciation of the Conclusive Divine Message?

It is a soil fermented with the blood of the Master of the Youths of Paradise, a symbol of love for Allah and for His Messenger (P) and the trust left by Muhammad (P) among his Muslim nation as we are told by the Sunnah.

When the Shia use Karbala's soil to prostrate upon, they do not claim that doing so is absolutely obligatory; nor do they claim that it is an obligation derived from the Islamic Law or the creed; nor is it one of the sect's obligation; nor does anyone among them, from the very first day, distinguish between it and others collected from the earth's soil, when they regard prostrating upon it as permissible. Contrary to what ignorant folks claim, those who base their claim on their own personal views.

Finally, such is our Husain (AS), and such is our love for him. Such is his mourning. Such is Karbala and its turba - the piece of earth upon which we prostrate. Allah is our Lord and our Sunnah and its tradition is the Sunnah of our Prophet (S) and its tradition, and to Allah does all Praise belong.

Importance of Qunut - Raising one's Hands in Prayer

Muslims have been recommended to raise their hands whenever they supplicate (in prayer or not) as a measure of humbleness. Now we are able to understand more its merits related to the human energy field.

According to the science of energy, raising one's hands up to the sky may not only mean giving oneself totally to God, but also a way to draw energy from higher sources (Lindgren and Dlitt, 2000), in particular from al-Mahdi (ATFS). Being an infallible, his energy is pure, most sanctified and unadulterated, and is abundant and available in the universe. We can receive his infallible energy if we make a request and he desires that kind of communication. His energy forms part of the planetary energy, or the universal energy that anyone may have access.

Scholars have cautioned us that the final stages of spiritual perfection (the final objective of every human being) require a special kind of preceptor. Only the Prophet (S) and his rightful successors (AS) hold this extremely high position.

Their guidance and company are vital and crucial throughout the journey (which starts from birth to ones death). The nature of this company is esoteric and not physical, for the real nature of the Imam (AS) is his luminosity, the authority of which extends to everyone and everything in this world.

Allamah Taba Tabai (AR) writes that:

Whatever stages the spiritual traveler traverses, he covers them in the light of the Imam (AS), and the Imam (AS) controls every position to which he advances in that position. Throughout his journey, the spiritual traveler enjoys the company of the Imam (AS) and remains associated with him. Even after reaching his destination, he needs the company of the Imam (AS), for it is the Imam (AS) who teaches him the rules that are observed in the world of divinity.
In the Invocation of Nudba, al-Mahdi (AS) asks us to pray and ask:
.Where is the link that connects the cosmic complex?

(The 12th Imam (AS) - because of whose blessings all living beings get their daily bread, because of whose presence, the heaven and the earth stay stable. And through him Allah will fill the earth with equity and justice, when it is run over with tyranny and oppression.

I bear witness that their words are decisive arguments; to follow their example is obligatory, to obey them is compulsory, to love them is necessary (because it has been) preordained, to take after them is sure salvation, to oppose them is certain destruction. They are the chiefs of the people of paradise, effective helpers on the Day of Judgment, and the best guides for the humankind, surely the best-approved successors.
The systemic memories of the Infallible and Prophets (AS) do exist in space in form of energy, as well as Hitler's. So those who can read energy need to be careful. The potential to resonate with the most horrific aspects of past and present is a huge possibility. Shamanic practitioners are trained to access and recognize such spirits and energy, and even ask assistance directly from them. One of the other dangers of practicing Shamanism comes from encountering wounded spirits who may want to do mischief or harm, or from misplaced energies which may want to lodge in your energy field. However, Shamans believe that if you do not engage with these spirits or energies, they cannot harm you.

In any case, the ability to resonate with the holiest individuals is possible. The info-energy of al-Mahdi (ATFS, in occultation) is present in space if one should wish to communicate with it in order to develop and maintain such kinds of energy transfer and communication. This is easily achieved when one recites Ziyarat (salutations) to the Infallible, raises hands with such specific intention of energy transfer with the energy fields of his sacred body and soul, and initiates this kind of communication.

Intention is therefore vital (Weston, 1998). The minds of illumined masters, who have perfectly attuned their will with God's will, can transmit the divine power to bring instantaneous healing of body, mind, and spirit. The writings and lectures of spiritual therapists and healers abound with examples of such healing. They have explained that though they seem miraculous, divine healing is the natural result of scientifically fulfilling the universal laws of creation.

Calling and asking for assistance, and receiving help from the Infallible (AS) is therefore an understandable aspect. For those at the receiving end and would like to be certain, knowing this energy is from al-Mahdi (ATFS) is vital and important to establish this connection. With practice and recognition, one can have access and be aware of his highly charged energy vibrating in him. Similar is the case when one directs himself at the Ka'bah during prayer and is absorbing all the energy from this highly pure and untainted energy source. In many cases, one is not even aware of such energy transfer, but it does happen and it has been proven scientifically.

The transmission of healing energy to a person located at a distance from the healer (the Infallible (AS) in this case, or even an ordinary person with a high spiritual status and good health), is a well-practiced belief. This healing method has been in use for many thousands of years and in many cultures and religions.

Einstein was amongst the first to have theorized about resonance. Although healers used distant healing for many thousands of years before his time, he made an interesting scientific re-discovery. His theory on vibratory resonance was that:
If two electrons of a single atom are separated, and one of these electrons is placed on the moon (for example) and the other on earth, then by altering the frequency of the electron on earth the frequency of the electron on the moon would change simultaneously, and also instantly. This is how healing energy is applied during distant healing.
Albright (1999) writes that even though we may not be familiar or even believe in the prayer phenomenon, we should be aware of the latest studies covering this topic. In the past 40 years, he quotes more than 150 formal controlled studies on distant healing have been published, with more than two thirds of them showing significant (observable and measurable) effects in the recipients - the recipients reporting to be more healthy, vibrant, and motivated.

Many present-day energy practitioners (who can read and recognize energy patterns) raise their hands up towards the sky and meditate as they draw free flowing energy from higher sources like the sun for example. As these practitioners take in the energy from the sun, they also breathe deeply the fresh morning air. The hand acts as a receiver, draining energy from higher sources into the hands and into one's body and soul. This is a normal practice within energy practitioners (Bruce, Lindgren and Dlitt, 2000).

Importance of Mentioning Basmallah (In the Name of Allah) and Names of the Infallible
...and when you determined out of clay a thing like the form of a bird by My permission, then you breathed into it and it became a bird by My permission, and you healed the blind and the leprous by My permission; and when you brought forth the dead by My permission...
(al-Qur'an - Chapter, 5, Verse 110)

And be not like those who forsook Allah (SWT), so He made them forsake their own souls .
(al-Qur'an - Chapter, 59, Verse 19)
In one of his advices to his son, Shaykh Rajab Ali (AR) writes:
If you rise up for God, all the universe's assets will guide and support you. Since their perfection lies in merging in you, they wish to deliver what they naturally possess to achieve real perfection. If man rises up for God, all existing creatures will line up in his cause to present to him what they possess and to be his guide.
Sadr al-Mutallihin (one of the great Philosophers in Islam) says in his commentary of the Verse of The Chair/Throne - denoting His Power, Knowledge and Dominance - the importance of starting everything in the name of Allah and the verse, Who is it that can intercede with Him without His permission?
This is about the ones who will be the intermediaries between humankind and God for they hear his words in their hearts.

When he says, Kun and His decree enter the realm of activity and existence. All things pay heed to it and obey it.
Imam al-Sadiq (AS) has said:
Everything is humble to a believer even the pests and the beasts of prey on the Earth, and the birds in the sky.
The oppressor King (during the time of Prophet Jirjis (AS) fed Jirjis with a deadly poison. When the Prophet prayed, Bismillah . (in the name of Allah), the poison failed to have any effect on him. The magician then said:
Had I given this poison to all those living on earth everyone would have definitely become blind and worthless in every way. It would have totally altered their physique and all their joints would have been disbanded. So, O Jirjis! You surely are the light of divine guidance and a lamp in the dark world of ignorance. I testify that your Allah is the only true Allah and all others are false deities. I believe in your Allah and treat all of His Prophets as truth tellers and I repent for all of my past sins.
The relationship between the energy within the poisonous food and energy of the Prophet and Ali, as well as other purified souls will be explored later. Suffice to say that these foods never harmed them, and they always confirmed the fact that NOTHING in this universe can harm them unless it is the will of Allah.

Muslims start everything in the name of Allah (SWT). The Basmallah precedes every action, worship and even thought. Allah even refuses Muslims to partake any meat from an animal, which was slaughtered without mentioning the name of Allah. Weston (1998) suggests that the word of God must be present in every healing encounter. Barbara Brennan (1987) appeals to all healers to begin their healing sessions by making an affirmation to align oneself with the Lord, and the higher energy sources like the angels.
So eat of (meats) on which Allah's name has been pronounced, if you have faith in His signs.

Why should you not eat of (meats) on which Allah's name has been pronounced .?

And do not eat of that which Allah's name was not mentioned.

(al-Qur'an - Chapter 06, Verses 118, 120 and 121)
In one tradition, the Prophet of Allah (S) says:
Anything, which does not start with the name of Allah (SWT), is cut-off (from Allah's blessing).
Sayyid Tawus has recommended application of this verse to all foods, although the verse pertains only to animal foods. Sayyid Tawus says:
All the eatables that are prepared without taking the name of Allah before commencing the preparation, I do not partake! How can a believer eat the bread that has been cooked by the baker without taking the name of Allah?
Also, without the mention of Allah, the Creator, the work itself becomes empty of divine intervention and the relationship between the work and Allah is nonexistent. If one were to say the name of God before he or she began to water a plant, for example, then the plant would understand this communication as it is intelligent enough to be aware of its creator and designer. The work itself will be blessed to produce favorably due to the mentioning of the name of the creator. Indeed, all of creation knows and understands its creator. This is why research has shown water and plants to react to positive words and experiences.

al-Taba Tabai (AR) writes in his exegesis of al-Hamd, that:
People often take the name of one of their great and powerful personalities at the time of doing or beginning a work. By this association, it is believed, the work would achieve success, greatness and blessings; or that it would be a memorial to keep the named one's memory alive forever. This is also observed in naming a child, a project, a house or an association - they give it the name of a deeply loved or highly respected person, so that his name would continue in this form; for example, a man names his son after his father, in order to perpetuate the father's memory.

This verse runs on the same line. Allah began His speech with His Own name - Great is His name - so that the ideas taught in this chapter be stamped by, and associated with it. Also, it teaches a lesson to mankind, showing them the perfect manner of starting all their talks and actions; it guides them to put the stamp of the divine name on all their activities; doing every work for the sake of Allah, associating it with His good names and attributes. In this way that action would be rendered neither null and void, nor remain incomplete; it has been started in the name of Allah, and negation and annihilation cannot reach that sacred name.

Allah has declared variously in the Qur'an that what is not for His Person must perish, is in vain; He Will proceed to the deeds not done for His sake and shall render them as scattered floating dust. He shall forfeit what they have done and shall nullify their deeds, and that nothing shall remain except His honored Person.

Therefore, what is done for the sake of Allah and performed in His name shall continue and will not perish. Everything, every work and every affair shall have its share of eternity - as much as it is related to Allah. It is this reality that has been hinted in the universally accepted tradition of the Prophet, Every important affair, not begun with the name of Allah, shall remain incomplete.
Also, it is now clear why Shiite Muslims take the names of Ali, the Prophet (S) and the remaining Infallible (AS) before they act, since these perfect souls are the reason for this creation. The mentioning of such names would create an understanding between the person and what he or she is about to do. Further, these very objects can witness the glorification of that person on the Day of Judgment. Ayatullah Sayyid Shahbuddin al-Mar'ashi (one of the great scholars of understanding in the history of Islam) wrote the following Will to his children, When you raise your hands in Qunut for an obligatory prayer, recite the following invocation:
Allahumma Inni As-aluka Bihaqqi Fatima Wa Abiha Wa Ba'liha Wa Baniha Wa Sirril Mustawdai Fiha. An Tusalli Ala Muhammadin Wa Aali Muhammad. Wa An Taf'al Bi Ma Anta Ahlu Wa La Taf'al Bi Ma Ana Ahluh.

O Allah! I am asking you on behalf of Fatima, Her father, her husband, and her two children .

This dua was taught to me both by my father as well as by my teacher Jamalus-Salikeen Shaykh Muhammad Husain Shirazi. He was narrated this authentic hadith from Shaykh Murtadha Kashmiri Ridhwi by Ibne Tawus from the Holy Imam (AS).
It is possible that that food or water that is consumed will not hurt the person who recites a familiar name like in the name of Allah before consuming them. The food, water, plants know Allah, Ali and all the Infallible. Foods are intelligent and have many times said praises in the hands of the Prophet and the Infallible. This has been noted earlier and well mentioned in history. Apparently, Dr. Weil explains such communication between a person and his cancer, boils, and that these growths have responded and shrink on the person's constant requests. It would also be possible to communicate with a stone inside ones kidney or bladder and ask it to come out in from the body. Emoto (2004) also writes that water (that has been recited upon certain positive remarks) has the ability to form beautiful crystals as it enters the human body producing favorable results. In Islam, water also has the ability to praise and glorify Allah.

Certainly, if these requests are made on behalf of the Infallible and the Prophet - and since the whole of creation, including the tiniest bacteria, virus or cancer cell know the status of the Infallible in this universe - the outcome would certainly be positive. This aspect has been explored, and will be addressed again in details in later sections. A good example involves miracle cures - when a sick person or a person who suffers from cancer or a debilitating disease that is going to end his or her life, and instantly he or she is cured.

On the other hand, a healthy person gets sick and dies, or dies without any known cause. Many times a placebo is given credit, or something that must have happened, but most of the time it is the intelligent relationship between the bacteria or the cancer and the prayer or certain prayer made on behalf of the Infallible. The cancer would appreciate the order from the Almighty and the Infallible and spare the human from going worse and into death. In a similar instance, the disease can stop from going worse because it has been requested to do so by its master. Many such cases have been reported and Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Gary Null, are amongst the foremost healthcare professionals who favor and explain such occurrences as possible events well explained by science. Indeed! Allah is the final source of cure, and everything happens under His Awareness.

In al-Ihtijaj - Volume 2, Page 225:
al-Sadiq was once asked by an atheist as to why is it deserving for a small child to suffer from ailments and sicknesses while he is sinless and has committed no crime. The leader responded saying:

Surely illnesses are of various kinds. The illness of divine tribulation, the illness of divine punishment, and illness as a means for death.

Do you think that the reason behind illness is to eat rotten food and drink contaminated water, or a malady that was present in the child's mother? Do you think that whosoever manages his body properly, takes good care of the conditions of his spirit, and distinguishes the dangerous foods from the advantageous will never turn sick?
Suffice to say that the entire creation was created in front of the Infallible and the entire contents of the universe have been ordered to accept orders from the Infallible; the Prophet, Ali, the Prophet's daughter and the wife of Ali - Fatima, and the remainder eleven purest souls.

Further, Ali is the benefactor to the whole of creation and the only way to Allah for intercession in this world and the next. We also know that all the Prophets, including the last Prophet Muhammad (S) asked Ali for help and Ali delivered in so many different ways. (This will be explored in the last section on Ali)

The Prophet once said to Ali:
If there had not been the risk of people idolizing him as the Christians worship Prophet Isa, he would have made public such of your merits as would make people use the soil under your feet to cure their ailments, and the water from the remainder of your WUDHU (ablution) in order to be cured.
(Amali of Saduq - Page 86. Yanabiul Mawaddah. Tarikh Tabari)
In another tradition, we have reports saying that only the Prophet and Ali know the status of Allah. Only Allah and Ali know the status of the Prophet, and only Allah and the Prophet know the status of Ali.

Apparently, even soil on which Ali walks becomes infused with higher vibrations and curative info-energy that can provide healing of the blocked and low charge energy fields of humans and animals at the energy level. Many such examples have been and will be mentioned. One authentic and most recent narration involves a great scholar of Islam and lover of Ali, whose eye problems disappeared after he applied the soil (on his eyes) on which the visitors to al-Husain (AS) were walking. The incidence with the leg of a lion cannot be ignored, as well as the earth from Karbala.

Shiite Muslims invoke Allah through Ali at all times, exactly what the Prophet and all other Prophets have done. This narration is noted in later sections that some of the people of Quraish were cursed and the thirty persons were told to cover their eyes and supplicate to Allah to heal them on behalf of Muhammad, Ali and their pure progeny. This formula was no sooner pronounced, they were instantly restored to a more healthy and vigorous condition.

So many other examples like this have been recorded in history. Apparently, as we have noted, even God Himself has advised the entire creation, at several occasions, to pray for ones needs by mentioning the name of Ali.

al-Mutahhari writes the following narration in his article Ahlul-Bayt - Its Meaning and Origin, which appears in The Message of Thaqalayn - an Iranian publication. al-Kashani, one of the great Islamic Scholars, reports a similar tradition in his commentary of the Qur'an:
When Almighty Allah created Adam, the father of humankind, and breathed His spirit into him, Adam looked to the right hand side of the Empyrean. There he saw five figures in the form of silhouettes engaged in prostration and genuflection.

He asked, God, have you created any one from the dust before me? God replied, No. Adam said, So who are five figures that I see resembling my own shape and form? God answered, These are five of your offspring. If it were not for them, I would have not created you. They are five people whose names are derived from My own. If it were not for them, I would have not created paradise or hell, the heavens and the earth, the skies and the lands, the angels, the human beings and the jinn.

I am Mahmud and this is Muhammad. I am A'ala and this is Ali. I am Fatir and this is Fatima, I am Ihsan and this is Hasan. I am Muhsin and this is Husain. By My Glory, whoever bears even an atom's weight of grudge against them will be cast into hell. O Adam! They are My chosen ones. For them, I will save or cast others to perdition. If you want anything from me, you should resort to these five people.
Apparently, the following sacred wooden plate was hanging in the ark of Prophet Nuh (AS). It contains the names of the vicegerent - Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, al- Hasan, al-Husain (AS). Apparently, Prophet Nuh (AS) pleaded to them for help during the great flood. It is written in the ancient Samani language. In the book, Elia - Light, Knowledge, and Truth, by Shaykh Ghayas Uddin - honorary editor, Lahore, 10/7/69 and by Hakim Sayyid Mahmud Gailaini:
During the month of July 1951 a team of Russian experts, were surveying the valley of Kaat. Perhaps they were busy in finding out a new mine. They noticed a few pieces of rotten wood at a place. The group officer started digging the place. To his surprise he found heaps of woods pressed there under the earth.

Experts by observing a few layers speculated that these woods are extra ordinary and possess obscure mystery. They excavated the place with deep interest. They found quite a good amount of wood and many other things. They also found a long rectangular wooden plate.

The experts were surprised to observe that this particular plate measuring 14x10 inches was in far better condition among other wood, which were on the verge of decomposition due to aging. After investigation at the end of 1952 experts concluded that this particular plate to the Prophet Nuh Ark, which had rested on the peak of mount CALFF (JUDY, Chapter al-Hud). And the plate, on which a few words of some ancient language were inscribed, was fixed on the Ark.

After it was proved that woods found in the excavation are that of the Nuh's Ark, the curiosity as to what is written on the wooden plate was aroused. A board of experts was appointed by Russian Government under its research department to investigate the language of the wooden plate. In the center of the plate, there is a drawing of a palm shape on which some words of ancient Samani language are written. Mr. N. F. Max, Expert, Ancient Languages, Britain (Manchester), has translated the words written on the wooden plate, in English as follows:

O my God, my helper! Keep my hand with mercy and with your Holy Bodies, Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Shabbar, and Shabbir. They are all biggest and honorable. The world established for them, Help me by their names. You can return to right. The board started its work from 27 February, 1953. Following were the member of this board:
1. Professor Solonon, Macow University
2. Professor Ifa Han Kheeno, Lu Lu Han College China
3. Mr. Mishaou Lu Farug, Officer I/C fossils
4. Mr. Taumol Goru, teacher, Cafezud College
5. Professor De Pakan, Lenin Institute
6. Mr. M. Ahmed Colad, Zitcomen research association
7. Major Cottor, Stallin College

The translation was documented in the following newspapers:

Weekly - Mirror, U.K., December 28, 1953. Star of Britain, London, Manchester, January 23, 1954. Manchester Sunlight, January 23, 1954. London Weekly Mirror, February 01, 1954. Bathrah Najaf, Iraq, February 02, 1954.

al-Mufid narrates a tradition in his al-Amali:
Once when Ali, Amirul-Mu'mineen was near the mountain at Siffin, the time for Maghrib (evening) prayers set in. So he went farther away and called for the prayers. When he finished the Adhan (call for prayer), a man appeared from near the mountain, having grey hair and beard, with a bright, white face. He said, Peace Be Upon You, O Amirul-Mu'mineen! And Mercy and Blessings from Allah! Welcome to the successor of the last of the Prophets, leader of the ones with bright, brilliant faces, (on the Day of Judgment), magnanimous and protected, excellent one and one who has the reward of the truthful, master of all the successor.

So, Ali said, And peace be upon you, how are you? He replied, I am well, waiting for the holy Spirit. I do not know of any name, which is greater in the estimation of Allah, at the time of ordeal, than yours is, nor of any who has earned more rewards than you, or of anyone who has an elevated place higher than yours. Put up with all that you are in, O my brother, until you meet the al-Habib (the beloved Prophet).

When Ali was asked as to who that person was, he replied, He is Sham'un, the successor of Isa. Allah sent him to me to give me solace for this confrontation with His enemies!
al-Majlisi (AR) writes that, according to a reliable tradition of Imam al-Sadiq (AS), a Jew came to the Prophet and asked and glared at him in anger. The Prophet inquired, O Jew! What do you want? The Jew asked, Who is better, you or Prophet Musa, Son of Imran, upon whom the Almighty sent Torah, held conversation with him, granted him the Staff, split the sea and provided a cloud to shade him? Prophet Muhammad (S) said, It is detestable for a person to praise himself but it is incumbent upon me to inform you.
When Prophet Adam took false step, he repented for it in the following words, O Allah, forgive by Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad and Allah forgave him.

When Prophet Nuh boarded the ark, he thought he would be drowned. He prayed to Allah for the sake of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad to save him from the storm, so Allah saved him.

When Prophet Ibrahim was thrown into the fire, he invoked Allah for the sake of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. Allah cooled the fire and kept him safe.

When Prophet Musa cast down his staff, he was afraid, he prayed to Allah for the sake of Muhammad, and the family of Muhammad, make me overcome my fear. Allah told him not to fear, you have an elevated status.

O, Jew! If Musa had been present in my time and had no faith in my Prophethood and me, his own Prophethood would not have benefited him. O Jew! al-Mahdi is from my progeny when he would reappear, Prophet Isa, Son of Maryam would descend for his assistance and perform prayers behind him.
On one occasion, some of the people of Quraish were cursed and the effects were apparent. Instantly, the thirty persons laboring under the effects of the curses were then brought and laid down before Muhammad and Ali, who said to them to cover their eyes and supplicate to Allah to heal them on behalf of Muhammad, Ali and their pure progeny. This formula was no sooner pronounced that they were instantly restored to a more healthy and vigorous condition.

Based on the above connotations, it makes perfect sense to include the name of the Prophet, name of Ali, or the remaining pure and purified twelve Infallible whenever one has to invoke Allah. Also, in Hayatul-Qulub, al-Majlisi (AS) writes that Allah, the most Sublime once said to Prophet Adam (AS):
These (five lights) are the best of creatures and I have created them. This is Muhammad and I am Praiseworthy (Hamid) and Praised (Mahmud). Because whatever I do for my creatures deserves praise. I have named him as a derivative of one of My Names.

This is Ali and I am High and Great. This name (Ali) is also a form of one of My Names.

This is Fatima and I am the originator of the earth and the heavens. This Fatima shall separate My enemies from My mercy on the Resurrection Day and she shall remove the defects from my devotees. That is why I named her with conjugation of My quality.

This is Hasan and Husain and I am the One who does goodness. I have given them names related to this little of Mine because they are My exalted creation and the most honored.

I shall accept My worship only through their channel, and through them I will bestow salvation to My creatures. Through them shall I punish and reward. O Adam! Approach Me through their mediation. If a detestable action is committed by you, seek forgiveness through their intercession. Because I have vowed not to reject anyone who petitions Me through them. I shall not spurn anyone who prays for forgiveness through their intercession.

When Adam committed Tark al-Awla, (going for a lesser good - and neither was there any law in Paradise to go against) he prayed for divine forgiveness through them, and he was forgiven.
It is further reported that when Prophet Adam (AS) committed this error, Allah ordered him and Hawwa (AS) to go far from His presence. Those who disobey His orders cannot stay in the heavens so Allah sent them to the earth. When the merciful Allah wanted to forgive him, He sent Archangel Jibraeel (AS) to them. He came and said, Certainly! You are the losers by disobeying the order. Now recite the names that are written on the Throne for forgiveness, and pray to Allah to accept your repentance. Adam prayed to Allah, for the sake of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain, accept my prayer and have mercy on me. Allah forgave him as He is kind and merciful. After that Adam memorized the names of the holy five and informed the people of his community.

There are numerous traditions attesting to this fact.

Therefore, the main reason for reciting the name of Allah is to create a strong physical and energy connection (and communication) between the person and the act itself, or an object. If one were to begin in the name of Allah before operating complex machinery, the parts of the machinery, being living, would understand the communication since all has been created by the one creator, Allah. The machine would even be gentle and expose itself and its secrets to the person. In another instance and in Islam, if a person recites in the name of Allah and then drinks water, the water continues to perform the glorification of Allah as it works itself inside the body of a person. There are ample of studies showing that water does have consciousness and responds/acts accordingly.

The same applies when a person opens the door, or lifts something heavy, or walks on the earth - he is away from danger simply because he prays, or says the name of Allah at all times and before doing anything and the opposite party understands that communication and is willing to help. If one is looking for a certain paragraph of information in a very big book with hundreds of pages, he should try asking the book, and the book many times has fulfilled these kinds of favors, though we are not aware.

Shamanic practitioners have been observed to develop such communications - with the spirit of a particular book - and ask for specific favors. They have even been able to find long-lost objects. These books are therefore living by nature and Allah has given them consciousness. Additionally, when these objects are called upon, the spirit (or info-energy) of that lost object replies (Turner, 1996). The writings of Shaykh Rajab Ali (AR) in Elixir of Love are as follows:
Try to set your heart for God. When your heart is for God, He will be there. When He is there all that relates to Him will be present and evident there. Whenever all will be with you, God is there, the spirits of the Prophets and Awliya will be there. If you will, even Makkah and Madina will be with you. So try that your heart be just for God so that whatever is created by God be present to you!
After all, and as mentioned before, one of the many purposes of Islamic rituals is to increase the rate of vibration in our fields of energy so we may attain higher stages of the spiritual journey. For instance, the Ziyarat (salutations) of al-Mahdi (ATFS) and the other Infallible (AS) is recommended on a daily basis. Tabrizi in his book Spiritual Journey of The Mystics writes that:
It has been narrated that in appraisal of deeds nothing is more precious and esteemed than sending salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad and his holy progeny, the Infallible.
The above communication with ones energy and reaping benefits from this kind of relationship is a fact and should be practiced. Most certainly, and like the intention of a person who prays hard and vivid, the energy begins to flow during this Ziyarat, and the energy of the Infallible with higher rates of vibration will begin to flow into the weaker energy of fallible humans and the later will derive benefit and also share the goodness. In history, it is recorded that the Prophet and the Infallible often prayed for their people by name, and even embraced them to impart knowledge and guidance. This sharing of energy and information within the energy is therefore an act that has been practiced for centuries.

Apparently, Allah (SWT) confirms such energy and direct communication between the Prophet (S) and his faithful believers, and that whenever the people experience sadness and come across a misfortune, those feelings of sadness also overcome the Prophet (S) and he feels the suffering. This also explains why a mother would experience pain and discomfort on a child's misfortune that transpired hundreds of miles away; and why the 12th Imam al-Mahdi becomes sad and dejected whenever he is informed about our vile actions, be in through our specific energy reaching him, or through the angels.
Indeed! The Prophet is among you. He grieves whenever you are in distress; he is solicitous regarding your welfare; he is compassionate and merciful towards the faithful.

(al-Qur'an - Chapter 09, Verse 128)
It is, therefore, customary for Muslims to invoke the name of Allah (SWT), and sometimes the name of Allah on behalf of the Infallible whenever they do anything important, or whenever they seek His protection against His archenemy and ours, Satan, the Accursed.

Therefore, this manner is undoubtedly one way to continue charging the human energy system. The advice is as follows:
So let us start in the name of Allah (SWT); Who created and determined everything from nothing, the Ever-Living, the Eternal; Who is never affected by time, nor space, nor anything else; Who never initiated a place for His being, nor did He attain His might after having created everything, nor was He weak before then.

In The name of Allah (SWT); Who never needed company before creating everything.

In the name of Allah (SWT); the like of Whom there is none at all, nor was He without His domain before the latter creation.

In the name of Allah (SWT); Who hears without a hearing faculty, Who sees without vision.

In the name of Allah (SWT); Who is Mighty without having to derive His might from His creation.

In the name of Allah (SWT); the eyes of Whose creatures can never see Him, the Most Exalted One, the all-Knowing.

I testify that Allah (SWT) is the One and Only God; there is no partner with Him, the One and only One upon Whom all things and beings depend. He does not beget, nor is He begotten, nor is there anything like Him.

I further testify that our master Muhammad is His Servant and Prophet, bearer of His Message and of the glad tidings, the one whom He trusted for His revelation; blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon him and his righteous and pure progeny.
(al-Jibouri, 1997)
al-Sadiq (AS) states:
Shut the doors of sins through seeking refuge to Allah (SWT), and open the doors of obedience by reciting Basmallah (before acting).
(Biharul-Anwar - Volume 92, page 216. al-Majlisi, 1627 (AR)
Finally, Allah Himself advises us in Qur'an to reach Him through the Infallible, and why three blessings (salawat) on Muhammad before and after we invoke Allah is recommended for acceptance of the invocation.
O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah, seek the means of approach unto Him, and strive with might and remain in His cause, that you may prosper. (al-Qur'an - Chapter 5, Verse 35)
Imam Ali (AS) beautifully summarizes:
Those who ask Allah through us will succeed, and those who do not will wear (themselves) out and will be destroyed. (Biharul-Anwar - Volume 23, Page 102)

Muslims Observe Prayer during an Earthquake, Tornado or Eclipse

Electromagnetic fields, similar to those found in overhead power lines can have a biological effect on human cells, an effect that could contribute to the complex cellular process that leads to cancer, research at Michigan State University shows.

This work of James E. Trosko (2000), a Professor of Pediatrics and Human Development, and colleagues is published in the October issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, the Journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Humans are connected, by resonance, with the entire solar system. Numerous biologists have forwarded the idea that living things could be influenced by changes in the earth's low-strength geomagnetic field and that the earth's magnetic field can affect the cyclical behavior of living organisms. The process, according to Becker (1990), involves the physical interactions of the fields and the electrical currents flowing within the organisms. This knowledge was called Feng Shui, or the science and art of winds and waters. Further, Mesmer was amongst the first to believe that planetary changes exerted an influence on humans (Payne, 1988). As early as the fifties, Ostrander and Schroeder (1970) quote Dr. Ravitz who wrote in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine:

Phases of the moon, the sun's position, cosmic and gamma rays, sunspot radiation, and other disturbances of the earth's magnetic field have an impact on the force fields around our bodies.
All living organisms appear to respond to minute magnetic changes. This geomagnetic field can penetrate everywhere, passing easily through inanimate objects, water and air, and the human energy system. Living organisms are more sensitive than electronic equipment and therefore more susceptible to malfunction at times of geomagnetic storms (Payne, 1988).

Even gardeners today are turning to the moon for sage advice on the best time to plant, prune, weed, and harvest. The practice, known as moon or lunar gardening, is cultivating a cult following. Lunar gardening is the oldest form of gardening known to man. The practice centers on the moon's gravitational effect on the flow of moisture in soil and plants and, to a lesser degree, the effect of moonlight on seed germination.

During an eclipse, there is a heightened level of energy that affects both the world environment and our own internal environment. Whenever an eclipse takes place there are many effects on the natural world. For example, our digestive power is greatly reduced, many animals and birds stop eating and go to sleep; nature turns within.

The energetic effects of the eclipse can occur between 2-3 days before and after the eclipse. Due to the potent energy released during this time, emotions (both positive and negative) can be heightened and mishaps can happen more easily. Therefore, it is important to be especially mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions during this time. In this way we can contribute to the welfare of the whole universe.

Clearly then, whenever there is an earthquake or a tornado, the earth's magnetic field is shattered and becomes highly unstable. This magnetic storm is often strong enough to cause very high power currents to flow in electric transmission and telephone lines, causing their breakdown. Similar events produce major disturbances in radio and television signals. Such fluctuations can be observed and experienced on a daily basis, but the massive change in the earth's magnetic fields mainly occurs during natural disasters.

The effects on living organisms have been measured and recorded. Howard Friedman and Robert Becker (1963) looked at the possible relationship between magnetic storms and human behavior. In their study, they found the storms to correlate with a significant increase in the admissions to mental hospitals, weekly, and psychiatric patients' behavior.

Payne (1988) reports Dr. Frank Brown who worked at Woods Hole Marine Biological laboratories, to have written about 50 papers on responses of animals and plants to geomagnetic parameters, vulnerable mainly during storms, eclipses, earthquakes and sunspot activities. Payne also quotes Gauquelin, a French researcher, on a number of studies showing increased accidents, heart attacks, blood disease, and other ailments at times of heightened planetary and earth activity. Payne also quotes research going on in laboratories in India, China, Europe, and the United States to discover how magnetic fields affect the chemistry of the cell, the nervous system, or the circulatory system.

Therefore, it would be certainly beneficial for the people to have a powerful protective screen enveloping them during these events, so the disastrous effects are minimized. Researchers and scientists like Philpott and Taplin (1990), authors of the Biomagnetic Handbook have suggested that people sleep facing north during such storms to avoid excessive damage to the their energy and therefore, one's emotions and behavior. These effects have been documented to be psychological as well as physiological. Islam has a different and extremely effective answer to such a problem.

Because humans become highly vulnerable during such natural disasters, which bring about magnetic storms, Muslims have been obliged to direct themselves towards the Ka'bah in Makkah and say prayers during such events, and continue to say their prayer until the event is over (the later is recommended). Undoubtedly, and as we have noted before, the prayer and directing oneself to the most pure source of energy, the Ka'bah would create within the person, an energyshielding screen (filled with highly charged and free flowing fields of energy) that would hardly be affected by such magnetic storms. Even though such kinds of magnetic storms occur on a daily basis, they are stronger and more harmful during natural disasters, and thus the reason for the prescription to say a longer, special kind of prayer during those hours.

Further, the Prophet (S) himself prohibited acts like sexual intercourse on the night of the new moon and on the night of eclipses. Such avoidance is necessary, and the command to offer prayer at those times is a prescription for all Muslims. The Prophet (S) even linked mental illnesses in people to natural disasters and natural signs, exactly what scientists have studied and proven (Islamic Medical Wisdom, the Tibbul-Aimmah).

Suffice it to comment that prayer can develop within a person highly charged energy that will screen him or her form these electrical disturbances. The infoenergy released from the act of prayer would also be powerful enough to stop the interference of the info-energy released from the earth or disturbances in space. Apparently, members of the World Earth Healing Day take into account several astrological implications before selecting the one-day in the year for global prayer.

Fasting on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Every Month - Full Moon Days There is a strong recommendation by the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (S) to fast on the 13th, 14th and 15th of every Islamic (lunar) month, the white days, so one can have a protective energy-shielding screen guarding him during the full moon days when there are significant magnetic disturbances radiating into the earth and affecting mankind at different levels. The positive effects of fasting on one's energy fields cannot be overlooked and will be explored in details in the next chapter. Moreover, when a Muslim fasts, he or she is supposed to behave in such a manner that causes a significant alteration in his energy system making it even more nonpenetrative to the outside energy disturbances. Apparently, the Hindus consider the full moon day, (Purnima) sacred. Some Hindus fast on this day or at any rate take only light food in the night.

We know that man is composed of 80% liquid and 20% solid. The moon has an effect on the sea, making the tides rise or fall. In the same way, the moon may also have an effect on the liquid content in man - this results in man becoming tense and irritable. That is how the term lunatic came into being. Luna means moon in Latin. Lunatic means insane. Lindgren, Dlitt and Corder (2000) quote Alessandra, author of Seeing Auras, that a chaotic electromagnetic field (i.e. a power line, full moon, and so forth) can completely de-vitalize one's physical energy. However, some astronomers reject the above argument as being based on a crude and misleading analogy. However, more researchers report a relationship between the lunar cycle and the rate of homicides (Lieber & Sherin, 1972), the utilization of emergency mental health services (Blackman & Catalina, 1973), suicides (Jones & Jones, 1977), and the rate of emergency calls to local authorities (De Voge & Mikawa, 1977).

Data on several aggressive and/or violent human behaviors were examined to determine whether a relationship exists between the lunar syndoic cycle and human aggression. Homicides, suicides, fatal traffic accidents, aggravated assaults and psychiatric emergency room visits occurring in Dade County, Florida all show lunar periodicities. Homicides and aggravated assaults demonstrate statistically significant clustering of cases around full moon. Psychiatric emergency room visits cluster around first quarter and shows a significantly decreased frequency around new and full moon. The suicide curve shows correlations with both aggravated assaults and fatal traffic accidents, suggesting a self-destructive component for each of these behaviors. The existence of a biological rhythm of human aggression, which resonates with the lunar syndoic cycle, is thus postulated.

At the University of Miami, psychologist Arnold Lieber and his colleagues decided to test the old belief of full-moon lunacy, which most scientists had written off as tale. The researchers collected data on homicide in Dade County (Miami) over a period of 15 years - 1,887 murders, to be exact. When they matched the incidence of homicide with the phases of the moon, they found, much to their surprise, that the two rose and fell together, almost infallibly, for the entire 15 years! As the full or the new moon approached, the murder rate rose sharply; it distinctly declined during the first and last quarters of the moon.

Dr. Lieber and his colleagues should not have been so surprised. An earlier report by the American Institute of Medical Climatology to the Philadelphia Police Department entitled The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior found similar results. That report showed that the full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving, and kleptomania. People do seem to get a little bit crazier about that time of the month.
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