Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 33
The supplication which the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) taught him and he used to recite at the time of ending the fast.

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In the name of Allah The Beneficent the Merciful.

O Allah! Lord of the light, possessor of the throne, Master of the seas, Owner of the intercession, Lord of the tauret, Injeel and Zaboor. You are Allah for the creatures of Heaven and Earth. There is no other Lord in the entire Universe. You are dominating the creatures of the skies and the earth and there is no king other than You. By Your honoured name and Your honoured self and by the means of Your creation I seek from You, O the living, O the ever living! O the living, O the ever living! O the living, O the ever living! I beseech You in that name by which You have illuminated the Heavens and the Earth, and by that name with which the earlier nations attained salvation,and by which the future nations will achieve forgiveness. O the living before the existence of every living and the living after the extinction of every living. O the possessor of true living there is no god except You. Send blessings on Mohammad and the progeny of Mohammad, forgive my sins, make my transactions easy for me, grant me peace and tranquility at the earliest and keep me on the religion of Mohammad and his progeny. On the guidance of Mohammad and his progeny and on the tradition of Mohammad and his progeny. Grand my deeds a high status and worthy of acceptance, and grand me the things which You have granted to Your pious and close servants because I have faith on You, I have relied on You and I am pleading with You, and have presented myself in Your presence then gather me and my parents, my household and all pious offsprings together at one place and keep sorrow away from me, and my parents, and my offsprings and from all my children. My Lord You are very generous unmatched Creator of the Heavens and the earth. You give whomsoever You wish and withholds from whomsoever You wish. O most merciful of the mercifuls by the sake of Your mercy have mercy on me.