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In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate


“All praise be to Allah who created the heavens and the earth and Ordained (put therein) darkness and light; yet those who disbelieve set up

equals with their Lord. He it is who created you of clay, then decreed a term (of life for you) –and a term determined is with Him; even then you doubt. He is Allah in the heavens and in the earth; He knows what you hide and what you disclose, and He knows what you earn (of good and evil)” (6:1-3)..


And “Praise be to Allah who has delivered us from the unjust people” (23:28); 

And “Praise be to Allah who has preferred us above many of His believing servants” (27:15);


And “Praise be to Allah who has given me Isma’il and Ishaq in spite of my old age; verily my Lord hears the prayer. O my Lord, make me steadfast in prayer, and also some of my offspring. O Our Lord, accept my prayer. 

O Our Lord, forgive me and my parents, and the believers on the day when the reckoning shall come to pass” (14:39-41)…

 “All praise, then be to Allah Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth, Lord of the worlds. His is the greatness in the heavens and the earth: and He is the All-mighty, the All-wise” (45-36-37) 

“Praise be to Allah to whom belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. His is the praise in the Hereafter; He is All-wise, All-knowing. He knows whatsoever goes into the earth and whatsoever comes out of it, whatsoever comes down from heaven, and whatsoever goes up to it, He is Merciful, Forgiving”(34:1-2).

 “Praise be to Allah, Originator of the heavens and earth, who made the angels messengers having wings two, three and four, He adds what he wills to His creation.

Verily Allah has power over all things. Whatsoever of mercy Allah may make available to man there is none who can withhold it, and whatsoever He withholds there is none to release it thereafter. He is All-mighty, All-wise. O people remember the bounty of Allah granted to you; is there any creator, other than Allah, who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? There is no god but He: whither then are you deviating?” (35:1-3).

“Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds” (1:1), “the Ever living (lord) who does not die.. ‘’ (25:58), the Established Who does not change, the Eternal Who does not perish, the Sovereign Who does not cease to exist, the Just Who is not unmindful, the Judge Who does not act unjustly, the All-Subtle from Whom nothing is hidden, the All-prevailing Whom nothing incapacitates, the Bestower of what He wills on whomsoever He wills, the First Who is not preceded and the Last Who is not overtaken, the Apparent above Whom there is nothing and the Hidden beyond Whom there is nothing and He “.. encompasses everything in (His knowledge” (65:12) and “..He has counted everything in numbers” (72:28).. 

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, and grant me eloquence of speech in calling on You, and accomplish through it my request, grant me through it my need, deliver to me my hope (mentioned) in it, preserve me through it in my fear, make complete through it my blessings, answer through in my prayer, and purify through it my action, a purification through which You have mercy on my humble supplication and my complaint; I ask You to have mercy on me and to be pleased with me and to answer me, Amen, Lord of all Being…. 

Praise belongs to Allah Who “..raises the heavy clouds. The thunder sings His praise, and the angels too, in awe of Him. He sends thunderbolts, and smites with them whomsoever He wills; yet they dispute concerning Allah, and He is mighty in power” (13:12-13),  

Praise belongs to Allah, “ .. to Him alone is the true prayer” (13:14) and “..He is the self-evident Truth” (24:25), and that which is called upon “..apart from Him – that is false; and He is the All-High, the All-great” (ref. 31:30)… 

Praise belongs to Allah who “ ..takes the souls a the time of their death, and those who do not die (he takes) during their sleep; He withholds those on whom He has decreed death, and sends the others back (to their bodies) for an appointed term. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect” (39:42)  

Praise belongs to Allah whose “ .. Throne (knowledge) extends over the heavens and earth; the preservation of them does not tire Him; He is the Most high, the Great” (2:255). 

Praise belongs to Allah “..the Knower of the unseen and the seen. He is the Beneficent, the Merciful. He is Allah; there is no god save He; the King, the All-holy, the Peace loving, the Bestower of conviction, the Guardian, the Ever prevalent, the Supreme, the Great Absolute. Far too exalted is Allah above what they associate (with Him) (59:22-23).  

Praise belongs to Allah, there is no god but He, “.. the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are all the Names Most Beautiful. Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him. He is Ever prevalent, All-wise” (59:24). 

“All praise be to Allah, who has not taken (unto Himself) a son, neither has He any partner in the Kingdom, nor has He any helper out of humility”. And proclaim His greatness by extolling (His glory)” (17:111).



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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

 All praise is for Allah who has created the heavens, the darkness and the light. Yet the idolaters ascribe partners to Him. It is He Who has created you from clay. Your span of life is fixed and the specified time is in His knowledge. Notwithstanding this, doubt persists in your minds.

He is present in the Heavens and on Earth, knows whatever is manifest and hidden in you and is aware of your actions and deeds. All praise be to Him Who relieved us from oppressors. All praise be to Him Who elevated us over many of His Believers.

All praise is exclusively for Allah who blessed me with Ismail and Ishaq in spite of my old age. Surely my Lord listens to prayers.

O my Lord! Reckon me and my off-spring among those who are steadfast in Your prayers, bless our prayers with acceptance and forgive me, my parents and the Believers on the day of resurrection. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, and the Lord of the Worlds. He is Mighty and Wise.

It is He Who deserves all praise, for whatever is in the Heavens and on Earth belongs to Him. In the world Hereafter, all praise is exclusively for Him. He is All wise, the Knower (of everything). He knows whatever enters the Earth and whatever comes out (therefrom), whatever descends from the sky and whatever ascends towards it.

He is Merciful and Beneficent. Praise be to Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. He appointed the Angels as messengers who possess two, three and four wings. He increases in the creation whatever He wishes. Verily, Allah is powerful over everything.

There is none to stop His blessing made commonly available to mankind nor can anyone to grant that which He withholds.

He is most High and All wise. O Mankind! Remember the Bounties, which He has bestowed on you. Is there any other God save Allah who grants you sustenance from the Earth and sky? There is no God except Him. Why then do these people level (false) charges against Him.

Praise be to Allah Who is the Lord of the Worlds. He is Immortal. He is ever lasting hence no diminution can occur to Him. He is the (eternal) Monarch, therefore downfull cannot be ascribed to Him.

He is Just, hence no slackness can be attributed to Him. He is such a Sovereign Who never commits oppression. He is sublime, and nothing is hidden from Him. His bounties are limitless.

He bestows on anyone whatever he chooses. He is the Forerunner who has no predecessor. He is so Manifest that nothing is more clear than Him. He is such a Secret that nothing can equal Him in secrecy.

His knowledge encompasses everything and He has reckoned everything will a clear reckoning. O my Lord! Bestow Your Blessings on Mohammed and his Progeny.

Let my tongue praise you! Grant me success in my aims through prayers. Fulfil my desires and help in achieving my goals. Protect me and bless me through these prayers. Accomplish Your Bounties on me.

Grant my prayers. Purify actions so that You may have pity on my helplessness and my complaints. I beseech You to show mercy on me. Be pleased with me and accept my prayer. Praise be to Allah Who has created the heavy clouds. The thunder and the Angels praise Him.

It is He Who flashes the lighting that harms those whom He wishes. The truth is clear as daylight, yet the people believe not and argue about their God. Whosoever is proclaimed as God besides Him is false. He is the most High and the Great.

Glory be to Allah Who raises up the souls when men are dead. He also raises up the souls of those alive when they go to sleep. Then He detains the souls of those whom He commands to die and releases the souls of the rest of them for the specified time. Surely there are His signs in it for those who may reflect.

Glory be to Allah whose Throne extends over the Heavens and the Earth, and the preservation of them both tires Him not. He is most exalted and Great. Praise be to Allah, the Knower of what is manifest and what is hidden, Beneficent and Merciful.

There is no God beside Him. He is the King the most Holy the Bestower of conviction, the Guardian, the Supreme, the Great. He is above what is attributed to Him. He is the Creator, Maker and Fashioner.

O Allah! Yours are the beautiful names. Every one in the Heavens and on the Earth praises Him. He is Ever-prevalent and All wise. All praise is for Him Who has neither any son nor any associate in His Realm.

He has no helper against humiliation. And to Glorify Him, magnifying His Praise.