Syeda  Fatima's (sa) Duaa After Isha Prayer




Glorified is the one, before whose greatness, everything is subservient. Glorified is the one, before whose power, everything is debased.

Glorified is the one, before whose command and kingdom, everything is humble.

Glorified is the one, in whose hand is the control of all issues.

Praise be to Allah, who does not forget those, who remember Him. Praise be to Allah, who does not disappoint those, who call Him. Praise be to Allah, who is sufficient for those, who rely on Him.

Praise be to Allah, who is the raiser of the heavens, spreader of the earth, confiner of the seas; who keeps the mountains arranged; creator of the creatures, grower of trees, who makes the springs to gush out, who has regulated all the affairs, one, who makes the clouds to float, one, who makes air, water and fire to come out from the depths of the earth and who takes them towards the atmosphere and the cold and hot lands. Through His favors are the goodnesses completed and through His thankfulness, the bounties increase; through His command is the sky raised and through His power are the mountains stable. Beasts of the wildernesses and the birds of the nests, all recite His praise.

Praise be to Allah, whose ranks are lofty and who is the sender of signs and one, who gives expansion in blessings and conceals the defects; who accepts the goodnesses and who lends support in staggering, one, who removes grief and sorrow, who sends down the blessings, who accepts the supplications, who revives the dead and is deity of all the creatures of the sky and the earth.

All praise is for Allah, upon every praise, every mention, every thanks and patience, every Prayer and Zakat, every standing up and worship, every success and auspiciousness, every increase and mercy, every bounty, nobility and obligation, every comfort and distress, every severity and ease, every difficulty and hardship, every straitness and relief, every self-sufficiency and poverty and in every condition, upon every time and place, every stage and location and place of return.

O God, I seek your refuge, grant me refuge; I seek your neighborhood, accommodate me in your shade; I seek help from You, assist me; I am pleading from You, please respond to my plea. I am praying for You, accept my prayer. I seek assistance from You, please help me. I seek guidance from You, guide me. I want sufficiency from You, be sufficient for me. I seek your refuge, give refuge to me. I am attached to the rope of your guidance, protect me.

I rely on You, so be sufficient for me. Accommodate me in your refuge and your neighborhood and grant me a place in your most secure refuge. Grant me protection and security, surveillance and observation, and your peace.

Grant me a place under your shade and deem a strong shield for me; and grant your protection, security, guarding and surveillance from the front, back, left, right, up and down, so that no creature may come near me with its harm and detestable act. I adjure You by there is no god, except You, You are the most favor giving, originator of the heavens and the earth and the owner of majesty and nobility.

O God, protect me from the jealousy of the jealous, oppression of oppressors, deception of the cheaters, tricker of the tricksters, attacks of the attackers, tyranny of the tyrants, injustice of the unjust, excess of the unfair, oppression of oppressors, attacks of the attackers, pressure of the compellers, accusation of accusers, antics of those, who create panic, tale telling of tale tellers, corruption of the corrupt, magic of the sorcerers, rebellious and satans, injustice of the rulers, and protect me from the worst actions of all the people of the world.

O God, I ask You by that name of yours, which is in the unseen treasure trove and which is clean and pure, through the auspiciousness of which the sky and the earth endure, and through whose light, the darknesses are lit up; and the angels have recited its praise and the hearts tremble by it, and the necks, bowed before it; through it, You revived the dead; that You forgive all my sins, whether committed in the darkness of the night or the light of the day; whether committed deliberately or involuntarily; whether committed secretly or openly. And bestow upon me certainty, guidance, effulgence, knowledge and understanding, so that I may establish the laws of your Book, legalize your lawful and prohibit your unlawful, perform your obligations and establish the practice of your prophet, Muhammad.

O God, join me with the righteous characters of the past and include me among the upright folks of the present, and end my acts in the best deeds, as You are the forgiving and merciful. O God, when my life ends and the days of my tenure are complete, and meeting You becomes necessary, O kind Lord, my entreaty is that make obligatory for me a place in Paradise, seeing which the first and the last become envious.

O God, accept my praise and be kind to my entreaty and pleading. And have mercy on my confession against myself. I have made You hear my voice among all the callers and have expressed my sincerity amidst all the pleaders, and I have extolled You among all the speakers, and have placed your glorification among all praisers.

And You are the responder for all those, who plead, refuge giver to all the seekers of refuge, helper of all the helpless, refuge of those, who flee, who harkens to the moaning of all the believers, who reforms the sinners, and Allah blessings be on the prophet, who was the giver of glad tidings and the warner, and illuminated lamp, and upon all angels and holy prophets.

O God, the layer of the earths, and the creator of the heavens, and one, who fixes the nature of the hearts and one, who decides the fortunate and the unfortunate.

Appoint your most noble salutation, more blessings, send greatest greeting on Muhammad, who is your servant, messenger, trustee of your revelation, who will rise up with your proof, who defends your sanctities, those, who express your command; who bestow stability to your signs, and are fulfillers of your pledge.

O God, in exchange of every excellence, merit, distinction in every condition and every stage, where You found your Prophet your helper and found him steadfast in the most severe circumstances; found him enemy of your enemies and friend of your friends, away from all detestable things and caller to all the pleasing things.

Grant the excellence of your rewards and specialties of your bestowals, through which his issue gets precedence and his rank is exalted, along with those, who were going to rise up with your justice, so that no merit, excellence, mercy and nobility should remain, with which it does not specialize Muhammad and grant him his most exalted rank and convey him to the highest positions, amen, O Lord of the worlds.

O God, I entrust to You my religion, my self and all your blessings on myself, so take me in your refuge, protection, respect and security.

As your neighbor is powerful and your praise is exalted, your names are sacred, and there is no deity other than You. You be sufficient for me in every comfort and discomfort, severity and ease, as You are the best of the protectors.

O God, I have relied on You, turned my attention to You and only towards You is my return; O God, don’t make me a means of trial for the disbelievers and forgive me sins as You are powerful and wise. Our Lord, turn away the chastisement of Hell from us, as this is a great loss and the Hell is the worst place of stay and location. Our Lord! decide between us and our people with truth; and You are the best of deciders.[1]

Our Lord! Forgive us therefore our faults, and cover our evil deeds and make us die with the righteous.[2]

Our Lord! and grant us what You have promised us by your apostles; and disgrace us not on the day of resurrection; surely You do not fail to perform the promise.

Our Lord! do not punish us if we forget or make a mistake; Our Lord! do not lay on us a burden as You laid on those before us. Our Lord do not impose upon us that which we have not the strength to bear; and pardon us and grant us protection and have mercy on us, You are our Patron, so help us against the unbelieving people.

Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire.

And may Allah bless our chief, Muhammad the Prophet and his purified progeny and grant security to them.

[1]        Surah Araaf 7:89.

[2]        Surah Aale Imran 3:193.

subhaana man tawaa-za-a’ kullo shay-in le-a’zamatehi, subhaana man zalla kullo shay-in le-i’zzatehi, subhaana man khaza-a’ kullo shay-in le-amrehi wa mulkehi.

subhaana manin qaadat lahul omooro be-azimmatehaa.

al-hamdo lillaahil lazee laa yansaa man zakarahu, al-hamdo lillaahil lazee laa yakheebo man da-a’a-ho, al-hamdo lillaahil lazee man tawakkala a’layhe kafaaho.

al-hamdo lillaahe saamekis smaa-e, wa saatehil arze, wa haaseril behaare wa naazedil jebaale, wa baa-re-il hayawaane, wa khaaleqish shajare, wa faatehe yanaabee-i’l arze, wa modabberil omoore, wa mosayyeris sahaabe, wa mujrir reehe wal maa-e wan naare min aghwaaril arze motasaare-a’atin fil hawaa-e, wa mohbetil harre wal barde.

allazee be-nea’matehi tatimmus saalehaato, wa be-sukhrehi tustawjabuz zeyaadaato wa be-amrehi qaamatis samaawaato, wa be-i’zzatehis taqarratir raaseyaato, wa sabbahatil wohoosho fee falawaate, wat tayro fil wakanaate.

al-hamdo lillaahe rafee-i’d darajaate, munzelal aayaate, waase-i’l barakaate, saateril a’wraate, qaabelil hasanaate, moqeelil a’saraate, monaffesil korobaate, munzelil barakaate, mojeebid da-a’waate, mohyil amwaate, elaahe man fil arze was samaawaate.

al-hamdo lillaahe a’laa kulle hamdin wa zikrin, wa shukrin wa sabrin, wa salaatin wa zakaatin wa qeyaamin wa e’baadatin, wa sa-a’adatin wa barakatin, wa zeyaadatin wa rahmatin, wa ne’matin wa karaamatin wa fareezatin wa sarraa-in wa zarraa-in, wa shiddatin wa rakhaa-in, wa moseebatin wa balaa-in, wa u’srin wa yusrin, wa ghenaa-in wa faqrin, wa a’laa kulle haalin, wa fee kulle awaanin wa zamaanin, wa (fee) kulle maswan wa munqalabin wa moqaamin.

allaahumma innee a’a-ezun beka fa-a-i’znee, wa mustajeerun beka fa-ajirnee, wa mus-ta-e’enun beka fa-a-i’nnee, wa musta-gheesun beka fa-aghisnee, wa daa-e’eka fa-ajibnee, wa mustaghferoka fagh-fir lee.

wa mustanseroka fan-surnee, wa mustahdeeka fahdenee, wa mustakfeeka fakfenee.

wa multaje-an elayka fa-aawenee, wa mustamsekun be-hableka faa’simnee.

wa motawakkelun a’layka fakfenee, waj a’lnee fee e’yaazeka wa jewaareka wa hirzeka wa kahfeka wa heyaatateka wa haraasateka wa kalaa-ateka wa hurmateka wa amneka.

wa tahta zilleka, wa tahta janaaheka, waj a’l a’layya junnatan waaqeyatan minka.

waj a’l hifzaka wa heyaatataka wa heraasataka wa kalaa-ataka, min waraa-ee wa amaamee wa a’n yameenee wa a’n shemaalee, wa min fawqee wa min tahtee, wa hawaaliyya hattaa laa yasela ahadun menal makhlooqeena elaa makroohee wa azaaya, laa elaaha illaa antal mannaano, badee-u’s samaawaate wal arze, zul jalaale wal ikraame.

allaahummak fenee hasadal haasedeena, wa baghyal baagheena, wa kaydal kaa-edeena, wa makral maakereena, wa heelatal mohtaaleena, wa gheelatal mughtaaleena, wa zulmaz zaalemeena, wa jawral jaaereena, wa’ tedaa-al mo’tadeena, wa sakhatal muskheteena, wa tashahhobil motashahhebeena, wa sawlatas saa-eleena, waq tesaaral muqtasereena, wa ghasHmal ghaashemeena, wa khabtal khaabeteena, wa se-a’ayatas saa-e’ena, wa namaa-matan nammaameena, wa sehras saharate wal maradate wash shayaateene, wa jawras salaateene, wa makroohal a’alameena.

allaahumma innee as-aloka bismekal mahkzoonit tayyebit taaheril, lazee qaamat behis samaawaato wal arzo, wa ashraqat lahuz zolamo, wa sabbahat lahul malaa-ekato wa wajelat minhul qoloobo, wa khaza-a’t lahur reqaabo, wa ohyeyat behil mawtaa: an taghfera lee kulla zanbin aznabtohu fee zolamil layle wa zaw-in nahaare, a’mdan aw khada-an sirran aw a’laaneyatan, wa an tahaba lee yaqeenan wa hadyan, wa nooran wa i’lman wa fahman hattaa oqeema ketaabaka, wa ohilla halaalaka, wa oharrema haraamaka, wa o-addeya faraa-ezaka, wa oqeema sunnata nabiyyeka mohammadin sallal laaho a’layhe wa aalehi.

allaahumma alhiqnee be-saalehe man mazaa, waj a’lnee min saalehe man baqeya wakh tim lee a’malee be-ahsanehi, innaka ghafoorun raheemun, allaahumma ezaa fanaa U’MREE WA TASARRAMAT AYYAama hayaatee, wa kaana laa budda lee min leqaa-eka, fa-as-aloka – yaa lateefo - an toojeba lee menal jannate manzelan yaghbetonee behil awwaloona wal aakheroona.

allaahummaq bal midhatee wal tehaafee war ham zaraa-a’tee wa hotaafee wa iqraaree a’laa nafsee wa’ teraafee, faqad as-ma’toka sawtee fid daa-e’ena, wa khoshoo-e’e fiz zaare-e’ena, wa midhatee fil qaa-eleena, wa tasbeehee fil maadeheena.

wa anta mojeebul muztarreena, wa mogheesul mustagheeseena, wa gheyaasul malhoofeena, wa hirzul haarebeena, wa sareekhul moameneena, wa moqeelul muznebeena wa sallal laaho a’lal basheerin nazeere was seraajil moneere, wa a’lal malaa-ekate wan nabiyyeena.

allaahumma daa-heyal madhuwwaate, wa baa-re-al masmookaate, wa jabbaalal qoloobe a’laa fitratehaa, shaqeiyyehaa wa sa-e’edehaa.

ij-a’l sharaa-efa salawaateka, wa nawaameya barakaateka wa karaa-ema tahiyyaateka, a’laa mohammadin a’bdeka wa rasooleka wa ameeneka a’laa wahyekal, qaa-eme be-hujjateka, waz zaabbe a’n harameka, was saade-e’ be-amreka, wal moshayyede le-aayaateka wal moofee le-nazreka.

allaahumma fa-a-a’tehi bekulle fazeelatin min fazaa-elehi, wa manqabatin min manaaqebehi, wa haalin min ahwaalehi, wa manzelatin min manaazelehi, ra-ayta mohammadan laka feehaa naaseran, wa a’laa makroohe balaa-eka saaberan, wa leman mowaaleyan wa a’mma karehta naa-eyan, wa elaa maa ahbabta daa-e’yan.

fazaa-ela min jazaa-eka wa khasaa-esa min a’taa-eka wa hebaa-eka, tusnee behaa amrahu, wa to’lee behaa darajatahu ma-a’l quwwaame be-qisteka, waz zaabbeena a’n harameka hattaa laa yabqaa sanaa-un wa laa bahaa-un wa laa rahmatun wa laa karaamatun illaa khasasta mohammadan be-zaaleka, wa aataytahu minkaz zoraa wa ballaghtahul maqaamaatil o’laa, aameena rabbal a’alameena.

allaahumma innee as-tawde-o’ka deenee wa nafsee wa jamee-a’ ne’mateka a’layya, faj-a’lnee fee kanafeka wa hifzeka, wa i’zzeka wa man-e’ka.

a’zza jaaroka, wa jalla sanaa-oka wa taqaddasat asmaa-oka, wa laa elaaha ghayroka hasbee anta fis sarraa-e waz zarraa-e wash shiddate war rakhaa-e, wa ne’mal wakeelo.

rabbanaa a’layka tawakkalnaa wa elayka anabnaa wa elaykal maseero. rabbanaa laa taj-a’lnaa fitnatal lil-lazeena kafaroo wagh fir lanaa rabbanaa, innaka antal a’zeezul hakeem. rabbanas rif a’nnaa a’zaaba jahannama, inna a’zaabahaa kaana gharaamaa. innahaa saa-at mustaqarranw wa moqaamaa.

rabbanaf tah baynanaa wa bayna qawmenaa bil-haqqe wa anta khayrul faateheen.

rabbanaa faghfir lanaa zonoobanaa wa kaffir a’nnaa sayye-aatenaa wa tawaffanaa ma-a’l abraar. rabbanaa wa aatenaa maa wa-a’ttanaa a’laa rosoleka wa laa tukhzenaa yawmal qeyaamah, innaka laa tukhleful mee-a’ad.

rabbanaa laa to-aakhiznaa in naseenaa aw akhtaanaa, rabbanaa wa laa tahmil a’laynaa isran kamaa hamaltahu a’lal lazeena min qablenaa, rabbanaa wa laa tohammilnaa maa laa taaqata lanaa beh, wa’ fo a’nnaa, wagh fir lanaa, war hamnaa, anta mawlaanaa fansurnaa a’lal qawmil kaafereen.

rabbanaa aatenaa fid dunyaa hasanatanw wa fil aakherate hasanatanw wa qenaa a’zaaban naar.

wa sallal laaho a’laa sayyedenaa mohammadenin nabiyye wa aalehit taahereena wa sallama tasleemaa.