Syeda Fatima's (as)Duaa After Maghreb Prayer




Praise be to the one, Whose praise cannot be encompassed together even by all the speakers. All praise is for God, whose bounties cannot be counted by even all those, who count. All praise is for God, whose right cannot be restored even by those, who try to restore it. And there is no god, except Allah, the first and the last. And there is no god, except Allah, the apparent and the hidden. And there is no god, except Allah, the giver of life and death. And Allah is the greatest and owner of rewards and Allah is the greatest and He is eternally present.

All praise is for Allah, whose knowledge cannot be perceived even by the learned; and whose knowledge cannot be labeled as ordinary even by the ignorant; and the praisers cannot reach upto the end of His extolling and the describers cannot describe Him. And even all creatures together cannot describe Him fully.

All praise be for Allah, Who is the owner of kingdom and dominion; owner of the great and tremendous force; owner of honor and greatness; owner of elegance of majesty and awe and beauty and power and strength and force and might and favor and clout and goodwill and nobility and justice and truth; and good manners and greatness, exaltation and enormity, and excellence and wisdom; and self-sufficiency and wideness; and tying up and opening; and forbearance and knowledge; and matured reasoning and perfect bounty; and beautiful and elegant creation; and are the noble bounties. Only He is rule the world and hereafter, and Paradise and Hell and what is between them. He is bountiful and also the highest.

All praise be for Allah, Who is the knower of secrets of the unseen and is aware of the concealed secrets of the hearts; there is no scope to flee and run away from Him. All praise be for Allah, who is the owner of pride in His kingdom; who is honorable in his stage; and the owner of domination in His kingdom, who is powerful in His attacks; who is the owner of the loftinesses of His Throne; who is aware of the circumstances of His creatures; and has the capacity to reach upto what He has intended through His knowledge.

All praise is for the one, through the support of whose words all seven hardest heavens and the softest earths are established. Through Him are fixed in the earth the tent pegs of mountains; and through His favors blow the winds that bloom the blossoms and in the atmosphere of the sky is established the excursion of the clouds; and the seas are stopped at their boundaries; and the hearts are trembling due to His fear. And the lords of the world are destroyed through His Lordship. Blessed are You, O counter of the drops of rain and the leaves and the enlivener of the dead bodies on Judgment Day.

Praise be to You, O owner of majesty and nobility! That You have conducted with this poor destitute, who has come to take refuge in your court. And with the destitute, who has unloaded the baggage in your presence and is the seeker of your pleasure and has presented himself before You and has kneeled down before You and is seeking from You those things, which are not concealed upon You. So, now my share must not be deprivation and my fortune as compared to my hopes, should not be fixed as helplessness.

O that God, who is present since eternity, and will endure like this forever and who is continuously guarding the deeds of the servants.

O one, who has made the days of the world, declining, its months on the stage of change and its years, center of rotation.

You alone are that owner of permanence, whom the times cannot age and the passing times cannot create change in it.

O that being, for whom everyday is new and whose sustenance is ready for every weak, strong and severe; only You have distributed sustenance among all the creatures and have maintained equality between the ant and the bird.

O God, when the earth straitens for people, I seek refuge from that straitness.

O God, when Judgment Day prolongs for the sinners, make that day so short for me, like the gap between two prayers.

O God, when the sun begins to heat up and between the two there remains only distance of one mile, and in its heat there is increase of ten years, then we beseech You to bestow us the shade of the cloud of mercy and arrange the pulpit and chair for us upon which we may sit when people head to the stage of accounting. Amen, O Lord of the worlds.

I ask You, O God, by the right of these praises that You forgive all my sins and overlook them. Give me the garment of health and security in religion.

As I am asking You in the condition that I am confident of the fulfillment of my request and I supplicate with such reliance that You are listening to my voice; so now listen to my call and don’t cut off my hope. Do not overturn my praise and glorification and do not make my entreaty hopeless. I am needful of your pleasure and beggar for your forgiveness. I ask You while I have not despaired of your mercy and I am supplicating in such fashion that I am not unveiled from your displeasure.

Lord, accept my plea and send down your forgiveness for me; make me die a Muslim and join me with your righteous servants.

O God, do not deprive me of your grace and nobility, O doer of good, and by separating me from Yourself, do not hand me over to my self, O doer of favor.

Lord, when the friends separate from us at the time of death, have mercy on my destruction and when I am interred in the grave, have mercy on my loneliness and when I appear in the stage of Judgment Day, have mercy on my alienity and when I stand before You in the stage of accounting, have mercy on my needfulness.

Lord, I seek refuge from Hell through You, so accord refuge to me and I seek salvation from Hell fire through You, so give me salvation. I am terrified of Hell, so keep me away from it; and I want your mercy in distress and sorrow, so have mercy on me.

Lord, I seek forgiveness for my ignorance, so please forgive me. [Lord] my needs have taken me out and made me stand in the stage of supplication, so now don’t disappoint me, O owner of nobility, favor, bounty and forgiveness.

My chief, O doer of good, O merciful, accept my supplication between all entreaties and among all complainants, have mercy on my tears. On the day I leave the world, deem my relief to be in your meeting and among all the dead, veil my defects, O my great center of hopes, when I am going to the grave alone, have mercy on me, O my support and the focus of my needs, and knower of the direction of my pleas.

O fulfiller of needs, fulfill my needs, my entreaty is towards You and only You are my helper and center of hope. I flee the sins and run towards You; from your justice I am coming into the refuge of your forgiveness, so come to my help. I seek the refuge of your forgiveness from chastisement, so give me security. And as opposed to your chastisement, I am seeker of your mercy, so save me from hell. I seek proximity to You through Islam, so make me your proximate one and secure me from the terror of Judgment Day and accommodate me in the shade of your throne and bestow upon me both parts of your mercy and give me relief from the world with security and take me out from the darknesses convey me to the stage of effulgence.

Illuminate my face on Judgment Day and ease my accounting and do not expose me on the basis of my secrets. Bestow patience to me upon your trials and like You turned away evil and wantonness from Yusuf, turn it away from me as well. And don’t impose the load of what I am not capable of.

Guide me to the abode of Islam and make the Quran beneficial for me and make me steadfast on the constant statement; make me secure from the accursed satan. And protect me through your power and strength and force. Save me from Hell through your forbearance and knowledge. Settle me in the Firdos Paradise and make me see your blessed countenance and join me to your prophet, Muhammad and secure me from the satans and their friends and all mischief makers.

O God, if my enemies and those, who deceive me, intend to cause distress, weaken the strength of their heart and disperse their gathering and blunt their weapons and make their mounts lifeless and send fast and furious storms on them, so much so that You send them to Hell. Take them out of their refuges and bestow their control to us, amen, O Lord of the worlds.

O God, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, which is witnessed by the formers and the latters and the righteous that your prophet is the chief of messengers, seal of prophets, leader of the righteous and key of mercy.

O God, Lord of the sacred house and the sacred month; O Lord of Masharul Haraam and owner of Rukn Maqaam and Hill and Haram. Convey our salutations and respects to the soul of His Eminence, Muhammad.

Peace be on you, O Messenger of Allah (s); Peace be on you, O trustee of Allah; Peace be on you, O Muhammad bin Abdullah; Peace be on you, and His mercy and blessings.

As he is described by God to be merciful to the believers.

O God, bestow on him best of the things that He has asked You for; or someone else has asked regarding him, or they would be asked till Judgment Day, amen, O Lord of the worlds.

alhamdo lillaahil lazee laa yablogho midhatahul qaaeloona, wal hamdo lillaahil lazee laa yohsee na’maa-ahul a’addoona, wal hamdo lillaahil lazee laa yo-addee haqqahul mujtahedoona, wa laa elaaha illal laahul awwalo wal aakhero, wa laa elaaha illal laahuz zaahero wal baateno, wa laa elaaha illal laahul mohyil momeeto, wal laaho akbaro zut tawle wal laaho akbaro zul baqaa-id daa-eme.

wal hamdo lillaahil lazee laa yudrekul a’alemoona i’lmahu, wa laa yastakhifful jaaheloona hilmahu, wa laa yabloghul maadehoona midhatahu, wa laa yaseful waasefoona sefatahu wa laa yohsenul khalqo na’tahu.

wal hamdo lillaahe zil mulke wal malakoote, wal a’zamate wal jabaroote (wal i’zze) wal kibreyaa-e, wal bahaa-e wal jalaale, wal mahaabate wal jamaale, wal i’zzate wal qudrate wal hawle wal quwwate, wal minnate wal ghalabate, wal fazle wat tawle, wal a’dle wal haqqe wal khalqe wal a’laa-e, war rif-a’te wal majde, wal fazeelate wal hikmate wal ghenaa-e was sa-a’te wal baste wal qabze, wal hilme wal i’lme, wal hujjatil baaleghate wan ne’matis saabeghate was sanaa-il hasanil jameele wal aalaa-il kareemate, malekid dunyaa wal aakherate wal jannate wan naare, wa maa feehinna tabaarakal (laaho) wa ta-a’alaa.

al-hamdo lillaahil lazee a’lema asraaral ghoyoobe, wat tala-a’ a’laa maa tajinnul qoloobo falaysa a’nho mazhabun wa laa mahrabun, wal hamdo lillaahil motakabbere fee sultaanehil a’zeeze fee makaanehil, motajabbere fee mulkehil, qawiyye fee batshehir, rafee-e’ fawqa a’rshehil, mutta-le-e’ a’laa khalqehi, wal baaleghe lemaa araada min i’lmehi.

al-hamdo lillaahil lazee bekalemaatehi qaamatis samaawaatush shedaado, wa sabatatil arazoonal mehaado, wan tasabatil jebaalur rawaasil awtaado, wa jaratir reyaahul lawaa-qeho, wa saara fee jawwis samaa-is sahaabo, wa waqafat a’laa hodoodehal behaaro, wa wajelatil qoloobo min makhaafatehi, wan qa-ma-a’til arbaabo le-roboobiyyatehi tabaarakta yaa mohsee qatril matare, wa waraqish shajare, wa mohyee ajsaadil mawtaa lil-hashre.

Subhaanaka yaa zal jalaale wal ikraame, maa fa-a’lta bil-ghareebil faqeere ezaa ataaka mustajeeran mustagheesan? maafa-a’ta beman anaakha be-fenaa-eka wa ta-a’rraza le-rezaaka wa ghadaa elayka, fajasaa bayna yadayka, yashkoo elayka maa laa yakhfaa a’layka? falaa yakoonanna yaa rarre hazzee min do-a’a-il hirmaano, wa laa naseebee mimmaa arjoo minkal khizlaano.

yaa man lam yazal wa laa yazoolo kamaa lam yazal qaa-eman a’laa kulle nafsin bemaa kasabat yaa man ja-a’la ayyaamad dunyaa tazoolo, wa shohoorahaa tahoolo, wa seniyyahaa tadooro.

wa antad daa-emo laa tubleekal azmaano, wa laa toghayyerokad dohooro. yaa man kullo yawmin i’ndahu jadeedun, wa kullo rizqin i’ndahu a’teediun, liz-za-e’efe wal qawiyye wash shadeede, qassamtal arzaaqa baynal khalaa-eqe, fasawwayta bayanz zarrate wal u’sfoore.

allaahumma ezaa zaaqal moqaamo bin-naase, fa-na-o’ozo beka min zeeqil moqaame.

allaahumma ezaa taala yawmul qeyaamate a’lal mujremeena, faqassir zaalekal yawma a’laynaa kamaa baynas salaate elas salaate.

allaahumma ezaa adnaytash shamsa menal jamaajeme, fakaana baynahaa wa baynal jamaajeme miqdaaro meelin, wa zayda fee harrehaa harra ashre seneena, fa-innaa nas-aloka an tozillanaa bil-ghamaame, wa tanseba lanal manaabera wal karaasiyya najleso a’layhaa wan naaso yantaleqoona fil maqaame, aameena rabbal a’alameena.

as-aloka allaahumma be-haqqe haazehil mahaamede, illaa ghafarta lee wa tajaawazta a’nnee wa albastanil a’afeyata fee badanee, wa razaqtanis salaamata fee deenee.

fa-innee as-aloka, wa anaa waasequn be-ejaabateka iyyaya fee mas-alatee, wa ad-o’oka wa anaa a’alemun bis-temaa-e’ka da’watee, fastame’ do-a’a-ee, wa laa taqta’ rajaa-ee wa laa tarudda sanaa-ee wa laa tokhayyib do-a’a-ee, anaa mohtaajun elaa rizwaaneka, wa faqeerun elaa ghufraaneka wa as-aloka wa laa aayesun min rahmateka, wa ad-o’oka wa anaa ghayro mohtarezin min sakhateka.

rabbe fas-tajib lee, wam nun a’layya be-a’fweka, wa tawaffanee musleman, wa alhiqnee bis-saaleheena, rabbe laa tamna’nee fazlaka yaa mannaano, wa laa takilnee elaa nafsee makhzoolan, yaa hannaano.

rabbir ham i’nda feraaqil ahibbate sar-a’tee, wa i’nda sokoonil qabre wahdatee wa fee mafaazatil qeyaamate ghurbatee, wa bayna yadayka mawqoofan lil-hesaabe faaqatee.

rabbe astajeero beka menan naare fa-ajirnee, rabbe a-o’ozo beka menan naare fa-a-i’znee (rabbe) af-ze-o’ elayka menan naare, fa-ab-i’dnee, rabbe as-tarhemoka makrooban farhamnee.

rabbe astaghferoka lemaa jahilto faghfir lee, (rabbe) qad abrazanid do-a’aa-o lil-haajate elayka falaa toa-yisnee, yaa kareemo zal aalaa-e wal ehsaane wat tajaawoze.

sayyedee yaa barro yaa raheemo, istajib baynal motazarre-e’ena elayka da’watee war ham baynal muntahebeena bil-a’weele a’bratee, waj a’l fee leqaa-eka yamal khorooje menad dunyaa raahatee, was tur baynal amwaate yaa a’zeemar rajaa-e a’wratee, wa’ tif a’layya i’ndat tahawwole waheedan elaa hufratee, innaka amalee wa maw-ze-o’ talebatee, wal a’arefo bemaa oreedo fee tawjeehe mas-alatee.

faqze yaa qaazeyal haajaate haajatee, fa-elaykal mushtakaa wa antal musta-a’ano wal murtajaa, afirro elayka haareban menaz zonoobe faqbalnee, wa altaje-o min a’dleka elaa maghferateka fa-adriknee, wa altaazo be-a’fweka min batsheka fam-na’nee wa astar-weho rahmataka min e’qaabeka fanajjenee, wa atlobul qurbata minka bil-islaame faqarribnee, wa menal fa-za-i’l akbare fa-aaminnee wa fee zille a’rsheka fazallilnee, wa kiflayne min rahmateka fahab lee, wa menad dunyaa saaleman fanajjenee, wa menaz zolomaate elan noore fa-akhrijnee.

wa yawmal qeyaamate fa-bayyiz wajhee, wa hesaaban yaseeran fahaasibnee wa besaraa-eree falaa tafzahnee, wa a’laa balaa-eka fasabbirnee, wa kamaa sarafta a’n yoosofas soo-a wal fahshaa-a fasrifho a’nnee, wa maa laa taaqata lee behi falaa tohammilnee.

wa elaa daaris salaame fahdenee, wa bil-qur-aane fan-fa’nee, wa bil-qawlis saabete fasabbitnee, wa menash shaytaanir rajeeme fah-faznee, wa be-hawleka wa quwwateka wa jabarooteka fa’simnee, wa be-hilmeka wa i’lmeka wa sa-a’te rahmateka min jahannama fanajjenee, wa jannatakal firdawsa fa-askinnee, wan nazara elaa wajheka far-zuqnee, wa be-nabiyyeka mohammadin sallal laaho a’layhe wa aalehi fa-alhiqnee, wa menash sahyaateene wa awleyaa-ehim wa min sharre kulle zee sharrin fakfenee.

allaahumma wa a-a’daa-ee wa man kaadanee be-soo-in in ataw barran fajabbin sha-jee-a’hum, fazze jomoo-a’hum, kallil selaahahum, a’rqib dawaabbahum, sallit a’layhemul a’waa-sefa wal qawaasefa abadan hattaa tusleehemun naara, anzilhum min sayaaseehim wa amkinnaa min nawaaseehim aameena rabbal a’alameena.

allaahumma salle a’laa mohammadin wa aale mohammadin, salaatan yash-hadul awwaloona ma-a’l abraare wa sayyedil mursaleena wa khaatamin nabiyyeena, wa qaa-edil khayre, wa miftaahir rahmate.

allaahumma rabbal baytil haraame, wash shahril haraame, wa rabbal mash-a’ril haraame wa rabbar rukne wal maqaame, wa rabbal hille wal haraame, balligh rooha mohammadin minnat tahiyyata was salaama.

assalaamo a’layka yaa rasoolal laah, salaamun a’layka yaa ameenal laahe, salaamun a’layka yaa mohammadab na a’bdil laahe, assalaamo a’layka wa rahmatul laahe wa barakaatoh.

fahowa kamaa wasaftahu bil-moameneeena raoofun raheemun.

allaahumma a-a’tehi afzala maa sa-alaka, wa afzala maa so-ilta lahu, wa afzala maa anta mas-oolun lahu elaa yawmil qeyaamate, aameena yaa rabbal a’alameen.