As-Saheefatur Radhawiyyah

For seeking well-being and thanking for it
Allaahumma innee as-alukal-`aafiyah, wash-shukra `alal-`aafiyah.
(OAllah I ask from You the well-being, and to be grateful for the well-being)

For seeking richness
From Imam ar-Ridhaa (a) on the authority of his forefathers who said that the Prophet (s) said: He who says every day 100 times [the following] will attract richness through it and drive away poverty: 

Laa ilaaha illaal-laahul-malikul-Haqqul-mubeen 
(There is no god, except Allah, the Ruler, the Real, the Manifest)

Cure from all sorts of pain

U`idhoo nafsee birabbil-ardhi wa rabbis-samaa'
U`idhoo nafsee billadhee laa yadhurru ma`a-smihi daa'
U`idhoo nafsee billadhee-smuhu barakatun washifaa'
I seek protection for my soul in the Lord of the earth and the Lord of the heavens
I seek protection for my soul in the One in whose name no sickness can hurt
I seek protection for my soul in the One whose name is Blessed and a Cure.

As-Saheefatul Jawaadiyyah

When Invoking the Tawheed of Allah every morning and evening

Allaahu, Allaahu, Rabbee, Ar-raHmaanur-raHeem, laa ushriku bihi shay'aa
Allah, Allah, my Lord, the Most Gracious [and] the Most Merciful
I do not associate anything with Him.

When asking relief from every anxiety and grief

Yaa man yakfee min kulli shay'
Walaa yakfee mihu shay'
Ikfinee maa ahammanee mimaa anaa feeh.
O He who is sufficent from all things
But nothing is sufficient from Him
Be sufficient for me in what worries me in the state I am.

When thanking Allah for creating us and dignifying us (over other creatures)
AlHamdu lillaahil-ladhee khlaqanaa min noorihee biyadih
waSTafaanaa mim bariyyatih
waja`lanaa umnaa-ahu `alaa khalqihee wa-waHyih
Praise be to Allah who created us from His Light with His hand
And digified us over His creatures
And made us trustees of His creation and His revelation.

The above Saheefah is contained in As-Saheefatur Radhawiyyah Al-Jaami`ah, Muassis a-Imam al-Mahdee (a), Qum, 1420).