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Rajab Last day

Observe Fast on 28, 29 and 30. & Do Ghusl on last day

Recite Salaah of Salman Farsi

´╗┐Section 108 On How to End the Month of Rajab Iqbal Aamal Syed Ibn Tawoos
In the section on the deeds for the day and the night of the beginning of the month of Rajab some points about the reverence of this month and its value near the Almighty God is mentioned and a knowledgeable person cannot abandon it.
If you are a real Muslim, you would know the difference between entering under the protection of the rulers and departing from the support of God who has honored them and has kept them safe and immune.
Moreover, you should know that when you leave the month of Rajab that is the last of the sacred months that has a high rank, you have left the domain of support and security. Thus, you should be fearful when you leave this month like one whose supporter has turned his face back from him or like one who has been driven away as an outcast.
You should ask for the mercy of God, the Owner of the existence and the Owner of Generosity to provide you with support and protection from the treasures of His Mercy and Generosity so that He protects you after the month of Rajab until you enter another of the sacred months that have the same attributes as the month of Rajab and again you are covered by His Support and Favors.
You should also collect all your deeds and entrust them to the Imam Mahdi (ajtfs) who was your host in the final day ofthe month of Rajab. You should tum to him by the Almighty God and whatever is dear to him and ask the Divine Leader (MGB) to perfect the shortcomings of your deeds and fasting in this month and offer them to God so that God may pay attention to you and fulfill your wishes.

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