Maxim of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)


Maxim No. 1

On His Own Description

I am Mahdi; I am Qaem (the upriser); I am the one who will establish justice on the earth as it has been filled with injustice.


Maxim No. 2

On His Own Description

I am the one supported by God on earth; I am the one who shall take revenge on His enemies.


Maxim No. 3

On the Description of God's Proofs

God has kept them away from sins, untouched by flaws, purified of corruption and immune to mistakes. God has designated them as the guardians of His Knowledge, trustees of His Wisdom, confidant of His Secrets and supported them with logic.


Maxim No. 4

On the Fact that God Is With Them

God is with us and His Being makes us free from want. Truth is with us and we do not fear if the people were to turn their back on us.


Maxim No. 5

On Their Righteousness

And they should know that truth is with us and near us, and those who claim the same are dishonest. Except for the misled and those who lead others astray, no one makes such a claim other than us.


Maxim No. 6

On Their Being God's Creation

We are the Lord's Creation and others were later remade in our image.


Maxim No. 7

On Their Hearts Being the Focus of God's Will

Our hearts bear God's Will. When He Wills, we also will the same.


Maxim No. 8

On Affairs Entrusted to Them

Fear God, surrender to us and leave the affairs to us. It is for us to take you away from the spring satiated, as you were taken to the spring by us and do not pursue that which have been concealed from you.


Maxim No. 9

On Not Going Astray

Do not go astray from the right path and strengthen your move on this path based on established traditions by befriending us.


Maxim No. 10

On Seeking Enlightenment From Others

Seeking enlightenment from other than the prophet's Household (AS) is akin to denying us.


Maxim No. 11

On Those Who Do Injustice to Imam Mahdi (AS)

Those who do injustice to me are among the oppressors and subject to God's Curse, because the Almighty says: "Verily God's curse is upon oppressors."


Maxim No. 12

On Those Disliked by Imam Mahdi (AS)

The Lord, His angels, prophets and saints dislike those who are disliked by me.


Maxim No. 13

On Those Who Deny Imam Mahdi (AS)

There is no kinship between God and others, and those who deny me are not with me.


Maxim No. 14

On Those Who Hurt Imam Mahdi (AS)

Only the ignorant and unwise Shiites whose piety is weaker than the wings of a fly hurt me.


Maxim No. 15

On Those who Seize His Belongings

A fire blazes in the hearts of those who unjustly confiscate our belongings and will soon be thrown by their face into that fire.


Maxim No. 16

On Reasons for Taking Khums

I will not accept your offers but only if you become pure.


Maxim No. 17

On the Reason Behind His Occultation

Neither my forefathers swore allegiance to the seditious, nor will I at the time of my reappearance.


Maxim No. 18

On the Benefit of His Occultation

Benefiting from me during my occultation is like benefiting from the sun when it is covered in cloud.


Maxim No. 19

On Benefiting From Imam Mahdi (AS) During Occultation

I provide the people on the earth with safety and security just as the stars do for those in heavens.


Maxim No. 20

On Benefiting From Imam Mahdi (AS) During Occultation

The Lord, through me, keeps misfortunes away from my household and my Shiite followers.


Maxim No. 21

On Referring to Narrators of Traditions in His Occultation

In case of new events, refer to narrators of my traditions because they are my proof to you as I am the sign of the Lord's proof to them.


Maxim No. 22

On Those Who Claim to Have Seen Imam Mahdi (AS)

Those who claim to have seen me before the appearance of Sufyani and the call from the sky are liars and accusers.


Maxim No. 23

On Being Aware of Shiite Followers

I am aware of your situation and nothing remains hidden from me.


Maxim No. 24

On Giving Considerations to His Shiite Followers

I have not neglected or forgotten you because if so, you would have been long plagued by endless misfortunes and destroyed by your enemies.


Maxim No. 25

On Reappearance Depending on God�s Will

My reappearance depends on the Lord�s Will and this will take place after a long time, darkening of hearts and prevalence of injustice on the earth.


Maxim No. 26

On Not Determining the Time of Reappearance

My reappearance depends on the Lord's Will and those who falsely determine a time are liars.


Maxim No. 27

On Reappearance Marking the Prevalence of Truth

Upon the Lord's permission, truth will prevail and falsehood will be defeated.


Maxim No. 28

On Leaving the Time of Reappearance to the Lord

Do not ask of things that do not benefit you and do not trouble yourself to find something that has not been asked of you.


Maxim No. 29

On Duties of Muslims in the Era of Occultation

All of you should try to befriend us and keep away from things disliked and rejected by us, for our order will come without notice when there is no time for repentance and regret will not save you from our retribution.


Maxim No. 30

On the Reason for His Delayed Reappearance

If my Shiite followers--may god reward them for their obedience--were to unite to fulfill their pledge, our meeting with them would not have been delayed and they would have met me sooner--a meeting based on their awareness and sincerity toward us.


Maxim No. 31

On the Reason for Being Deprived of Meeting Him

Nothing keeps us away from them, except acts disliked and disapproved by me.


Maxim No. 32

On Praying for His Reappearance

Pray for my reappearance, as their victory depends on it.


Maxim No. 33

On Keeping Away From Sins

The end result--with the admirable intervention of the Lord--will be auspicious as long as Shiites keep away from sins.


Maxim No. 34

On the Earth Being Full of Divine Signs

Verily the earth will not remain devoid of divine signs, whether evident or concealed.


Maxim No. 35

On the Victory of Truth Over Falsehood

God is averse to keeping the truth incomplete and not destroying falsehood.


Maxim No. 36

On the Lord's Irrepressible Power

The Lord's power cannot be overwhelmed, His Will is irrepressible and nothing will hinder His Victory.


Maxim No. 37

On Seeking Refuge in God

I take refuge in God from blindness after illumination, from deviation after guidance and from destructive conduct and annihilating seditions.


Maxim No. 38

On the Purposefulness of Creation

Verily God has not created mankind in vain and did not left them to wander aimlessly.


Maxim No. 39

On Those Who Appeal for Guidance

If you are in search of guidance you shall be guided, and if you seek you shall find.


Maxim No. 40

On the Virtues of Prayers

Nothing disgraces Satan like prayers, so pray and disgrace Satan.