Install the font ArabicNaskhSSK Before Viewing this File

Fonts: ArabicKufiOutlineSSK, ArabicKufiSSK, ArabicNaskhSSK, ArabicRiyadhSSK, ArabicZibaSSK

Keyboard: Arabic

This keyboard is designed to type Arabic backwards (from left to right). The following table shows all the consonants in their unconnected form. The program will automatically connect the letters.

Key Arabic Letter Transliteration
e A '
b L b
t P t
p T th
j X j
x ` h (dot under)
X d kh
d e d
v g dh
r i r
z k z
s p s
c t sh
S x s (dot under)
D ~ d (dot under)
T ¢ t (dot under)
Z | z (dot under)
g ª `
G ® gh
f ² f
q q
k º k
l ¾ l
m  m
n Æ n
h Ê h
w Ë w
y Ð y
L Ü la
H Ñ th

The following keys may be used to change a letter from one form to another:

[>] = Change to initial form

[<] = Change to final form

[=] = Change to independent form

[-] = Change to medial form

Extra connecting lines are obtained with @