Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 48
His supplication on the deer's skin to avert black magic.

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

In the name of Allah and by Allah, glorified is Allah in the name of Allah and there is no power or strength except Allah the most High, the Great. Moosa (a.s.) said to them: What you have brought is description, surely Allah will make it naught surely Allah does not make the work of mischief-makers to thrive and Allah will show the truth to be the truth by His words, though the guilty may be averse to it. So the truth was established and what they did became null. Thus they were vanquished there and they went back abused. (Sura Yunus, ayat 81 & 82, Sura Aaraaf, ayat 118 & 119)