Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 3 Praise and Eulogy for all problems

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O Allah! You are everliving Who will never die, You are the truth Who never lies, Overpowering everything and no one overpowers Him. Creator Who does not take anybody's help.
You are sincere inception and will never annihiliate. You are near and never far. You are strong no one can overpower You. You are always forgiving and is never unjust. You are self sufficient no one sustains You.You are unparallel and are not heedless.
You accept everything and is never tired. You see everything and never doubt anything. You overpower everything no one can help You.  You are possesser of Honour/magnificence no one can equal You. You are possessor of knowledge, never learnt anything from anyone. You are strong and can never be weak.
You are a tolerant knowing everything You can never be ignorant.
You are great and no one can praise You.
You always fulfil the promises and never break the promises.
You are just, You can never oppress.
You overpower everything, nothing can overpower You. You are self sufficient You can never be dependent.
You are great You can never be small. You never exceed in Your Judgement. You take care of everyone and don't despise anyone. You are safe no one can harm You.
You are famous, no one can be ignorant about You.
You are one ??? You do not take anybody's opinion. You are the giver without being stingy.
You listen to everything without forgetting anything. You  are generous without being miser.
You are omnipotent and cannot be degraded. You are the protector and can never be negligent. You are responsible, knowledgeable and never forget. You have existed by Your self and never sleep. You are forbearing and never hasty.
You see veiled and cannot be seen, You are always and can never be destroyed. You will always remain and can never be worn out. You are unique and nothing can be compared to You. You are supreme authority with which none can dispute. O Generous! O Munificient O possessor of the Grace! O the one Who is near! O the one Who replies!
O the most High! O the possessor of Majesty! O the Blessings! O the Pious! O the Protector! O the Honoured! O the Possessor of Honour! O the Possessor of Power! O the one who over powers everthing! O Magnanimous! O the owner of Magnanimous! O the owner of Magnanimity! O the Pure! O the Chaste! O Powerful! O the possessor of Power! O the one Who can be called from the depth (of the heart) in different languages in times of various needs! One thing does not deter you from another thing.
You are the one Who will never perish and the world cannot destroy You, nor change You, nor can encircle You. Neither laziness nor sleep can overcome You. Nor can You be compared to anything. Because You are the creator of everything, there is no lord other than You. Everything will perish except You who will remain. Your self is the most honoured than all other self. Your remembrance is pure. Your command is above all defects.
You right is obligatory Your decision is implemented. Your obedience is compulsory. O Allah send blessings on Mohammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny (a.s.). Make my affairs easy in which there is a fear of impossibility and ward away from me the sorrow which I and the other believers fear whose troubles I am afraid of. Make it easy for me. And save me from the calamities which may destroy me. O most merciful of all the mercifuls.
There is no god but You, Glory be to You, verily I am of the unjust ones. And peace be upon Mohammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny (a.s.) the pure and chaste.