Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 23


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O Allah, send blessing on Muhammad and his Progeny (s.a.w.s.) Be merciful when I pass away from the world & the people forget my memories & I am counted among those who are forgotten.

O Allah, I have become old. My skin and bones have become weak and thin. People have acquired whatever I had and my youth has passed. Death has come near and my life is getting over, my desires have gone and only the results are remaining.

O My Lord, have mercy on me when I will pass away from the world and my parts of the body will be broken and scattered. O My Lord, My sins have made me quiet and I have become dumb. Now I don't have any excuses or arguments. Now I confess my sins and bad deeds I am guilty and misled from the right path.

Allah send your blessing on Muhammad and his Progeny (s.a.w.s.) and be merciful and forgive my sins. O my Lord, Though my deeds are indiscreet? against my obeying but my expectations are more than hopes.

O Allah, why should I be disappointed as I am I supposed to gain liberation by your compassion. O Allah do not disappoint me from your gracious presumption and do not prove wrong my true expectations among your candidates.

O My Lord! My sin is great because you will ask for an explanation but when I remember of my sins and see your forgiveness ,I feel that you will forgive. If your severe chastisement calls me towards the hell because of my sins, then my expectations of your gracious presumption calls me towards paradise. If my errors threaten me and disappoints me from your favour and grace then your kindness encourages my faith.

O my Lord! If my carelessness misled me then my Lord your honourable bounties make me alert. O my Lord! My Sense, my reforms, and my strength become helpless, but my faith has not been vanished as your gainful gratification is with me. If the days of my life have been passed without your efforts ?, but at least and few years have been passed with faith.

O Allah! I am a plaintiff in your court as needy and poor. The trouble of my hardship has made me helpless. O Allah! You are honourable and make me successful because I am one of your petitioners, Do a favour on me and count me with those who are obtaining felicity from you.

O My Lord! No one can remove my poverty except you and no one can fulfill my desires without your award. O My Lord! I am standing as a beggar at the door of your generosity. I am not putting up my question to others.

O Allah! Bestow your blessings to the petitioner. As I am in one of the dangerous points. I am involved in the trial of deeds and standard?. I shall  perish if you do not help me. O My Lord! Have you created me like an unfortunate to cry? Or ask my wants from the fortunates?

O My Lord! If you debarred me from the Paradise to visit Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.s.) and prevent Angels of Darus-salam (heaven)  for my service and make my desires unsuccessful in the world. But Whatever I have hopes from you is quite different from it.

O Excellence! I swear of your respect and glory, if you keep me bound and away from your blessings and if you will keep me aloof from the respectable persons I shall not leave my hopes from you I shall await for your blessings. O Allah, I would not be rightly guided without your guidance.

I can not accept a faith if you wouldn't guide me I would not call you if you would not have given the power to speak. I would not recognize you if you would not have forgiven with friendly attitudes.

I would not ask for shelter if you would not mention about the wrath.

O Allah, I carry out your orders and it is monotheism and if I disobey your orders it is infidelity. So give pardon for both of it ?.

O my Lord! I like your obedience if I would be neglectful, or do mistake purposely, for that bestow me the heaven, though I am not a righteous person for the heaven and save me from the hell because I am not fit for it.

O my Lord! Though my sins have prevented me to go ahead from the virtuous people but my faith has made me stand on the point of good deeds. O My Lord! the heart which you have filled by love, then how can the flames of fire of hell over power it? O Allah! a soul satisfied with faith, how can you disgrace him in the fire of hell?

O Allah, the tongue which recites your name, how can you burn it in the blazing fire? O My Lord! All disaster persons? request you, All grief striken persons seek protection from you O my Lord! The pious people heard about the great rewards they bring their heads down in humbleness and ascetic people heard about your extent blessings they became contented. And the misled people heard about your generosity they turn back again.

The culprits heard about your great extent of forgiveness, they became hopeful. The believers heard about your reward of forgiveness they became seekers.

O My Lord! The Group of unbelievers gathered and prayed loudly. These people are in the world and all people live by hope alone. They have showed their feelings of their mind. They have no fear of any obstacle and they are restless and you are the centre point of them that seekers are not dishonoured and insulted in your court.

O Allah! If I have made a mistake to consider for myself that there is a safety and honour after the request, I would surely get the right path.

O Allah! Perhaps this time I have become fortunate after getting your help and I hope you will forgive me. O Allah! If my effort of getting benefit left me but your gratefulness have not become separate.

O My Lord! If I gave decision for me in which I had hopes I fulfilled my duties to bring it near by your grace and blessings. O My Lord! The lack of preparation for hereafter stopped me to be present in your court, So I have sent my precious feelings to you with faith and trust.

O my Lord whenever I remember your blessings, my face shines and when I remember of your wrath I cry with fear. O my Lord! Do favour on this miserable person, who is thirsty and whose veins of this neck bow down by tiredness. O my Lord! I pray like him who do not expect from others except you. I depend on you that my hopes cannot turn towards the others except you.

O My Lord! One who says seeing your bounties that why should I return back and I am dependent on you to get my livelihood. O Allah! How can I reticent my tongue to request you. As I am very restless for the result of hereafter.

O My Lord! You are aware of my expectation and you have promised to provide livelihood in the life. And you are aware that after my death I am not contented? of the heaven. O Your personality is so great, that you showed your mercy by your favour. Do not disappoint me of your favour on the day of judgement when I will be in need very badly.

The observation of the blessings of Generous and His Generosity are completed If I would not be ignored (ignorant) of my matters I would not take false step and if I would consider of my transgression of limits I would not cry.

O My Lord! Send your blessing on Prophet Muhammad Mustafa and his progeny (s.a.w.s.) and erase the evidence documents of taking false steps in the course of time. For the sake of my running tears, forgive my great sins forgive it for the sake of my little good deeds.

O Allah you do not be merciful on any one except the obedient people, then where will they go and complain for their mistakes? You don't accept a suggestion of any except the hard workers, then where will the wrong doer go for their request?

If you only you respect the elegance people, then what will the sinful people do? If No one can be successful except the pious people in hereafter, then to whom we ask for the help?

O My Lord! If One who can pass from extremely narrow bridge which is the pathway of Paradise are those whose good deeds are accpeted, then how will they cross the way who have not repented before the death?

O My Lord! If You show your favour only to those who have submitted their whole life in mysticism, then who will be helpful to this sinful person, who has not become happy though he tried hard.

O Allah! If you don't care to look at Unitarian( who does not do shirk) because he is a sinner and you will put him in difficulty by your curse? If you do not help us by your gratitude, we would be mixed up along with your unbelievers. O Allah! For the sake of Islam, make us righteous persons of your endowments and forgive our sinful manners which makes your clean bestowals dirty, cleanse them.

O My Lord! Take pity of our miserable condition when we will be buried in the grave and our grave will be packed by the bricks and we will be lay down by the right side in the grave and the people left us there alone in the narrow rest place and our death will be settled us in a strange place and we will be blockaded in the crowd of the dead. Though they will be uninhabited.

O Allah, Be Merciful at that time, when we will be bare footed and naked and the dust of the grave will be covered on our head and we will be frightened in fear of the day of reckoning and our lips dried in thirst, and our stomach will be impatient with hunger and when we recite 'O The Concealer of Faults', The Compassionate, we become very happy. Now we are in the middle of fear and hope. Fear does not make us satisfied and your divine favour does not disappoint us.

O Allah! Our efforts fail to cast off from your favour and keep me safe from your wrath. O Allah! You always send your blessing as a gift and has made me respectable in the world. And you always helped and showed your elegant attitude to the notorious and disgraced people. The past centuries, promises of past times and termination in the course of time in remaining nights.

O Allah! Our life is depending on whatever is necessary in life, increase them through the medium of your blessings. How could our heart be happy by the worldly desires? How could our dealings be formal in worldly trouble? How could our happiness be ruined and how could our deceits prevent from absurdity and useless talk.

Though our graves inform us that death is coming near O My Lord! How could we find the way when pits are ready for us to make us sleep and the strings of treacherous world has been distributed by the hands of death and made us helpless and made us drink bitter sip of water

Our soul has been informed us that the life will be terminated I wish that I would not distant about he worldly comforts and would not take a false step O My Lord! I pray to you earnestly to help me to pass across the bridge and request you to save us from the false desires and request you to raise the curtains of confusion from the heart and save me from the wrong and uncivilized intentions of the mind.

O My Lord! Do the houses have strength to save from the attack of troubles? When one of the arrows of the death falls in every house. O Allah! If our heart would not fear while shifting from the world or if you would not keep up aloof from the virtuous people there. O Allah! If you keep us near to you, then separation of our brothers and other relatives will not harm us. O Allah the Bestower! Veins of our throat and tongues would not dry up if unnatural offence would not turn round and round like birds.

O Allah! I was an obedient person and had created me from obey your commands. You cursed me and kept me away from your bounties because of my bad deeds. And if you show mercy on me, whenever I was an obedient to you but you found me guilty and made me free. O My Lord! There is no way to be saved from evils without your safety.

There is no source to reach up to the good deeds except your will. Now after your previous will I shall try to take advantage of my deeds so I can protect myself from sins and for that if you would not help me.

O My Lord! I did not know anything but when you gave the guidance for the heaven and after knowing about that my heart turned towards it. Is that so that after turning towards the good deeds, you would disappoint me? Though whatever you do what you like and it is praise worthy. O Allah! The Lord of Majesty and Generosity!

If I am not deserved for your blessing then do favour. It is your capability because the Generous never blessed only on deserving persons. O Allah! I hope for your Generosity though not from merit? ut not a capable but at  I am deserve your blessings

O Allah! If my sins make me frightened, do a favour on me due to your great personality and my hopes turn out to be pleasant. O My Lord! My request is not like a common beggars because if they become unsuccessful they give up begging and I do not feel shame to ask for my request at any cost. O my Lord! Be pleased with me. Sometimes the master forgives his slave for his error. O my Lord! How can I say, I am a great sinner and how can I be disappointed from you because you are generous and Merciful.

O my Lord! My life and my soul are present before you and you cast a shadow of beauty on it. As you did what is suitable for you and hid me in your rewards. If my death is near and if my deeds do not allow me to come to you then I have also decided to confess my sin again and again in your court for forgiveness.

O My Lord! You are the Pardoner. Who can be the other Pardoner except you and if you would punish me then who is the subordinate judge at that time more than you?

O my Lord! If I show high handedness for the defence of my soul and then also your given limits continuing as before and even then if I do not hang my neck down then rebuke on my soul. O My Lord! You showed your mercy on my whole life so do not finish your kindness after my death.

O Allah! Why should I disappoint from your nice favour after my death? As you showed your good favour in my life. O my Lord! My sins frightened me but my love towards you gave me protection. Help me as you are capable and take care of my ignorance.

O Allah! Nothing is concealed for your great personality and send your blessing on your Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny. And forgive my sins which are hidden in the right of common people. O My Lord! You concealed my sins from me in the world and did not disclose. As I am deserved not to disclose my sins in here after. As you showed your favour and concealed my sins before the people of Muslim community.

Do not disgrace me on the day of resurrection before the world. My hopes increased seeing your generosity and you accepted my deeds. Make me cheerful when my death is near. O my Lord! My repentance is like a sinner, whose excuses are accepted.

O Allah, The Great! The accused apologize and do not disgrace me for my only one wish for which I passed my whole life and that is your forgiveness.

O my Lord! If you would desirous for my insult then you would not give the guidance or if you would like my infamy, you would not conceal my faults and for that you showed me the right path to get good benefit and whatever my sin you have concealed, keep it firm.

O my Lord! In your trial, I praise you for your expected trial and mentioned your elegancy. This is the completion of your forgiveness O Allah! If I would not fear of my sin then how would I saved from your wrath and would become a petitioner of your reward. Your Personality is best from all virtuous people you excuse the sinners and fulfill the desires of desirous people who request for your mercy.

O Allah, I hope, you will forgive me then fulfill my desires. I have heard about your forgiveness so now fulfill my all desires and forgive my sins which I have committed. O Allah! My Good virtues lay down before you and bad virtues are laid between forgive and forgiveness?. I hope, you will not cast off my good and bad virtues from your favour.

O Allah! My faith accepted your oneness and I keep my tongue in utterance your praise and the Holy Quran showed me about the initiative of your mercy then how can it be possible that I shall leave hope about your promises.

O Allah! Your coherent obligations guided me nicely and I became satisfied then how can you make a man an unfortunate and villainous. O my Lord! If you have become very angry but I hope, your kindness attitude is save me from your wrath

O Allah! My sins brought me forth for the punishment then my hopes also has come forward for the reward. O Allah! Forgive me and bless me and save me from your wrath. Your personality is such that no one can expect any thing except your Grace and no fear of anything except your final judgment.

O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammed (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and do a favour on me and do not investigate more against me due to judgment.

O My Lord! You have created my body and its parts and I pay homage with it and sometimes disobey orders and sometimes makes you unhappy and sometimes happy and you granted me passion in my heart and chose me for this house which is full of disasters and then you said that I am prevented due to my sin.

Now I beseech you for protection and support and wants to protect myself from your wrath and beseech good guidance for your willingness.

O my Lord! I ask you only as my question is not concealed from you. O my Lord! I beg you like a beggar and not feel ashamed to beg because you are my master and I beseech you as one who is agreed against his argument.

If I would know the most important anything more than the confession of the sin, I would pray.

O Allah, forgive my sin. After the confession do not disgrace me O my Lord! I confess my sins and begging you. As you are capable. O My Lord! Those who confess their sins, forgive them. As you are the most merciful and fulfils the desires of desirous people. O Allah I have committed sins and you are the knower. My transgression of limit is too much and you know very well. Consider me as your slave or consider me as an unbeliever who disobey your commands and you forgave them.

O my Lord! I think that  laid down in my grave and people buried me and returned back. The relatives mourn and wept bitterly and the relatives and friends pronouncing the creed to urge dying person to repeat it and were staring at my grave at that time.

They forgot all about and could not see his difficulties in it and raised dust on the grave and concealed his body in the dust. Then you said - O my Angels!

A man has arrived and his friends and relatives have gone away. He is all alone and his friends and relatives have showed high handedness. Now he has come to me. He is lying without his inherit in the grave. He was calling me in the world.

Now it is my duty to look after me. Now Allah will show His hospitality and He will be more kind than my friends and relatives. O Allah! If you stopped your atmosphere between the earth and sky and split the stars or take down me deep under the ground due to my sins, I shall not give up my hopes, for your rewards.

My disappointment cannot prevent me for your willingness. O Allah! I have called you politely as per your guidance. Now do not say it was your promise. This was your blessing that shows me the nice manners for supplication. Now it is the only way, fulfill my prayer and makes me a righteous and able for your praise.

O my Lord! I swear of your honour and respect, my affection is vigilant in my heart for you is sweet and tasteful. And your beloved believers donot believe anyhow that you will hate them.

O my Lord I am waiting for your forgiveness like an accuse and I am not disappointed from your blessings and good deeds. O my Lord! Do not angry with me. I have no courage to tolerate your anger. And do not be displeased with me because I cant tolerate it.

O my Lord! Did my mother brought up for the hell? I wish if she would not bring up me. Had she gave birth for wretchedness? I wish she would not.

O Allah! When I remember about my false step, tears flow from my eyes and why should I not cry? Though I don't know my last destination and I don't know when and where my speed will be over. Even I know my soul deceives me and my days deceive me and my death is hover on my head and staring at me from near. The caller's cry poisoned my ears.

O Allah! I devoted my life to whom who bestows me good health I hope you will not awake me naked among the dead. I hope you showed your kindness in my life and recommend the same kindness at the time of my death.

O Sympathizer of travelers! Show your sympathy of my traveling. O Companion of all! Have pity of my aloneness in the grave.

O the knower of all secret! O Guide and Helper! How will you treat me in the grave yard? What will your estimate with me in the horrible land? You were very kind in my life time.

O Merciful the Gracious! O Allah! Your gratitude's one too much that I am unable to cannot I am incapable to thank for your favours. Whatever  you have Granted I praise for it and and how you have scrutinized me, I thank for it.

O Allah! You are the Great, The Knower and best of all. For the sake of Islam I have come to you with the support of Quran and for the sake of Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny (s.a.w.a.) I want your nearness.

Send your blessings on your Prophet  Muhammed (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny (s.a.w.a.) and take notice of my obligatory prayers and due to this I expect from you.

O Allah the Merciful! For the sake of your bounty, accept my supplication.