Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 14

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In the name of  Allah the All Merciful the
All Compassionate

O Allah! I ask You in the capacity of the one who is helpless and powerless. I ask You as the one who is indigent and in troubles. I plead as the one who is weak and I present myself as the one who is degraded and is immersed in sins. I ask You as the one who has pledged his soul to You sincerely, covered his face with dust, have put his forehead in Your presence, whose tears flow continuously due to Your fear, who is crying in Your presence, who has accepted his evil deeds in Your presence, who has forgotten Your advice, all his proof has become useless. By the right of Mohammad and his progeny and by Your right which is great and is pertaining to these Holy personalities, send blessings on them as per Your spleadour and send blessing on the progeny of Your Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and grand me better than what You have granted to those believers who have preceded me and better than that which You have given to other belivers, and better than that which You will be granting to Your servants who will be born till the day of Judgement all the goodness in this world and the Hereafter. O Generous! Pardon my past sins in that sanctuary and grand me help to abstain from sins in future, and grand me Divine help to do Hajj and Umrah this year and that Hajj and Umrah which is accepted by You O Generous One. And grand me this privilege as long as I am alive. O Generous! O Generous! Help me in fulfilling the needs of my family. Help me in fulfilling my duties and responsibilities protect me from the mischief of the Arabs and non-Arabs. Save me from the mischief of deviation from the jins and the humans. Protect me from the harm of every walking creature on the land as You are the Lord of their destiny. Surely my Lord is on the right (truth) path.