Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 13
His supplication, sending peace on Prophet Mohammad

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O Allah! O the one to move the moving things, and the one to hold the things without any support (viz. skies), O the one to shape the hearts to their inner instinct which has the power of goodness and evil. Send Your abundant blessing on Your special and selected servant Mohammad and his progeny who will make the preceeding religion reach its climax, and will reveal the concealed things, will proclaim the truth by truth, who will dispense the evil will break the power of deviation which was entrusted to him he fulfilled his covenant in a right way, was firm on Your commands, was always desring Your wish, neither he retreated nor was there any laxity in his intentions. He was attentively hearing Your revelations, was a protector of Your covenant, the one to prosecute Your commands so much that for the seekers of light, it illuminated, was a way for the deviated ones, the heart after being involved in corruption and ignorance, found guidance. With the help of Your signs, and clear laws he has illuminated everything. Now He is Your protected and the trustee of Your Guarded Knowledge, Your witnesses on the day of reward and Your appointed with truth is Your Prophet towards the creatures. O Allah grand him a high place in Your mercy, by Your grace grant him the greatest reward. Raise him in the hightest ranks as compared to all of those whom You will raise. Make his status more holy, complete the light (of Your wilayat) for him. In lieu of appointing him as a prophets, make his witness accepted, and his speech a delight. Make his speech decisive, gather us together in the lifes pleasentness, at the stage of bounties, at the desire of the wishes, satisfaction at the desires height of enamination and with the gifts of Miracles.