\ Sahife Alaviya

Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 89
His supplication for rains known as 'Isteska')

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

Praise is for Allah who has completed the bounties, dispelled the sorrow, given life to the bodies who for His great throne has made sky as a pillar and for His creatures earth as a carpet and mountains as a tent-pet, the angels who rotate the earth and those holding the skies are on their mounts, and the pillars of the earth are withheld by His Honour.

Illuminiated the universe by the Sun, and by its rays dispelled the dark nights, and made the water flow on the earth, gifted the moon with light and the stars with sparkle, then He rose and manifested His Power and Created the earth. Then the strong and the arrogance was broken and was seeking the needs of the indigent people.

O Allah! For the sake of Your Honoured position and High Status and the safe standard send blessings on Mohammed and His progeny as they have manifested Your obedience and invited people towards You, have fulfilled Your covenant, have implied Your laws, have treaded the path of Your signs.

He is Your creature, the trustworthy of Your covenant, the caller towards Your laws, a witness of the caller towards Your obedience and the refector of the excuses of the disobedient.

O Allah! Bestow bounty on Prophet Mohammed in such a measure that You have reserved for anyone singly, and have illuminated their faces by Your light, make their faces more illuminated and give him a position more nearer than all other prophets, grant him the greatest share of Your Pleasure and arrange his nation in the maximum rows because they have never bowed before the idols, never prayed before trees, neither drank wine nor blood.

O Allah! We have left from Your presence when darkness of distress had spread all over and the signs of poverty made people helpless and we were made to subdue because of the humiliation of relatives.

And the group who lied were unitedly against us and famine had struck turning everyone as lean and slender who stood against us, the clouds also cut our hopes for rains and we are thirsty for the rains from water filled clouds and You are aware of all the troubles and a hope for all requests our faith in You cries to You when people have lost hopes, and clouds have dispersed and the lives are destroyed.

O the living and self-existing, trees, stars, rows after rows of angels, and the stationed group of clouds questions You,

don't return us unsuccessful, don't account for our deeds, don't punish us for our sins, and spread the clouds by Your mercy which are full of water and are clearly seen, and oblige the creatures by growing various fruits and flowers and after budding of flowers make the civilization alive, and call to witness Your Honoured angels, the rains should be such that it is beneficial, create greenery, bring pleasure,

and bringing life, and prosperity with abundance forever, with big drops, which gives birth to pure farms with extended stem, fresh and green, with spreaded branches giving a good atmosphere with a large illumination which is not without the rains nor there remains any white piece without rains, nor any drop which passes by it light and cold and is not beneficial for man. Your light drops intoxicates,

Your dead civilization comes to life, the scattered sustenance gathers at one place, Your treasures of bounties are manifested so that it reaches to all of Your creation who are perfect so much so that it reaches the famine covered area and those dead by the circumstances comes back to life and the lakes and dams overflow,

and the peak of hills turn green and the green plants slant growing abundantly, our farms turn green and fresh stream flows from dry areas, our near and far areas turn green, our fruits heavy,

our cattles alive and those settled away are satiated and our villagers become strong and best obligation of all the obligation and the greatest bounties among all on those creatures upon whom dust pours and from the fear of those animals who roam freely to those animals who are useful.

O Allah! Send such rains that the earth becomes wet and continues to pour and make us contented with those clouds which brings forth heavy rains which is helpful, grants greenery and freshness its big drops, benefits, faster, smoky, dark and heavy rains, that the dry things are satiated and wasted things becomes useful once again, and those to be born are ready.

O Allah! Fill us with Your bounties, and favour us with the blessings of the beneficial clouds which brings water in darkness and gloomness which put cover upon cover and shine upon shine continuously and clouds spread over and do not make the swords of chillness and its lightening and its water mud and stones.

O Allah! Save us from polytheism and its wrath, oppression and its destruction, poverty and its results, O the one to make goodness reach its destination, and the tone to send grace to the treasurers one of the beneficial bounty is rains, You are the listener of the complaints, we are sinners and You are the one from whom repentance is sought and You forgive, We seek pardon from You.

O the Merciful of all the mercifuls. We ask You to forgive us for the sins due to ignorance and seek Your pardon for our mistakes.

O Allah! Our mountains have dried and our earth has become dust and the animals have turned mad and are standing in their stables and are crying so loudly as if a mother cries on the death of her youth, they are tired of roaming in the barren pasture ground and seeing the dry water wells because they have not received a drop of rain.

Now their bones have rotten. The fats in their bodies have melted and the milk has also dried. O Allah! Have mercy on the one who is moaning and the restless because our hopes are on You, and we have to return to You,

therefore don't discontinue the rains on us, as You are aware of our secrets, and don't call to us for accounting those deeds, which has been done by our fools.

"Because You bring down the rains even when people have lost hope completely and You spread Your mercy and You are the guardian and worth the praise.