Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 87 (In the name of Allah the Beneficent the MercifulMp3

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.


O Allah! I put my attention on You because I do not have trust on anyone else, nor any hope that someone will make my destination nearer, nor any strength, which can be trusted. Nor any excuse which can be made use.

Only seeking Your grace, facing Your grandeour and seeking contentment by good ethics. And You are fully aware of all the goodness or evil committed by me, because all those transactions, which pertains me,

it includes Your examination whatever is worth the praise and Your Judgement is commandable. You destroy whatever You wish and make whatever You wish and in Your control is the 'Lauhe-Mahfooz'.

O Allah avert from me all the calamities and misfortunes away from me, cover me with the shade of Your mercy,

grant me the vastness of Your grace and the honour of Your forgiveness so that at the places where You have delayed I should not prefer haste, and those things in which You have hastened,

I prefer delay and with this I pray that You protect my family and all those who are near me in such a way that You have protected a believer who is not present, protection from every sin, covering of defects, forgiveness for every disobedience away from all those things which causes Your displeasure and grant me the grace to ponder over those things, to the patient over Your decree.

O the Guardian of the believers! Gather me, my children, my believing friends and those who are under my care, consider them under Your control,

such that it is not overpowered by anyone and keep them under Your guarantee that no one can precede it, under Your protection which cannot break, under Your curtain which never opens up, because he who comes under

Your control Your Protection and Your care is safe and satisfied and Power and strength is just for Allah the great and honoured.