Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 73
His supplication in the Battlefield of Siffin before lifting the Holy Quran on spears and when the people did not pay any heed then Ali (a.s.) recited thus:)

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O Allah! I seek refuge in You from the difficulties of examination and from the evil designs of the enemy.

O Allah! Forgive my sins make my actions pure, ward away my sins because in front of those whom You have bestowed power, I am totally helpless, grant me such a tolerance that the doors of ignorance are closed, bestow on me that knowledge by which ignorance goes away.

Give me that certainty by which the doubts are dispelled. Grant me that understanding which brings me out from the corruptions. Bestow on me that light by which I can bring understanding in people and can seek guidance from darkness.

O Allah! Reform my ears, eyes, intellect, heart, such reforms which remains and by which the other parts of the body are also reformed. I wish to be pardoned at the time of death and at the time of accounting.

O Allah! I love all those actions which are dear to You and is accepted by You, invovlve me in such deeds always and honour me by those deeds which are close to You, and grant me sincerity and steadiness in those deeds, after which I continue doing those deeds throughout my life and whatever

You have bestowed upon Your pious creatures make it as a support for me, make it in such a way that I never sell it at any cost throughout my life, neither I exchange it for something, at easiness or difficulties, either forgetfully or intentionally so much so that I die in this state.

Grant me a great martyrdom in Your way, I help You and Your Prophet.

I can buy the life for the hereafter and gain Your Pleasure.

O Allah! I ask from You such a heart which is tranquil and steadfast, safe and praying, which can understand recognition and adhere to it, does not love evil and be away from it, neither it is a transgressor, nor wretched nor uncertain.

O the one to spread mercy.

O the one whose mercy precedes His Wrath.

I request You to let my life proceed towards goodness and let death be a means of clearing all the defects. Complete my deeds on martyrdom.

O my supporter in difficulties,

O my Lord at times of need and O the Lord of my bounties.

Make me thankful on the bounties, patience on calamities, agreeable on destiny, trust on the covenants, grace for protecting the laws of Islam, piety, Reliance on Yourself, relation with You, attachment with Your book, insight of Your right, strength for Your worship,

delight in Your remembrance, must be destined for me till the time You keep me on Your earth and when the needed thing, death comes then convert my death as being killed in Your way, and that too by the worst of Your creatures, and my past life like those who while living received sustenance from Your kingdom.

O Allah! Bestow light in my eyes, certainty in my heart, and fear in my soul and Your remembrance on my tongue.

O Allah! Grant me that pleasure which Your beloved ones had when they were seeking from You and I fear Your wrath as Your beloved ones used to fear You.

O Allah! Bestow on me Your Happiness and obedience, to such an extent that except You, I don't fear any of Your creature and leave Your obedience.

O Allah! When You grant me bounties also bestow on me the power to thank You by which I remember You and those bounties which are away from me. You find me needing it.

Grant me reward and patience on it. O Allah! Dispel poverty from me in the world and let me not be unmindful of Your worship, don't let me be away from Your remembrance, and do not divert my attention from the rewards which are with You.

O Allah! I seek refuge from the sorrow, helplessness, laziness, cowardice, miserliness, and bad behaviour excess of debts,

overpowering and enmity of the people, trouble of days, evil deeds of the inhabitants of the earth, and the intolerable things and I seek Your safety from all those things which become a barrier between You and me or which makes me away from You or divert my attention from You.

Or minimize my share from You and I seek Your Protection from my sins, my oppression upon myself, following my soul may prevent Your Mercy and Promises from me.

O Allah! I seek refuge from an evil companion whose heart even is inclined to me, and eyes set on me, his ears are hearing me, but when he sees goodness he conceals it from me and if he sees evil he reveals it to me, and I seek refuge from this greed which brings us closer to another greed.

I seek refuge from the deviation, which destroys me and that corruption which ruins me, and from that sin after which there is no repentance and from the destruction of progeny which is visible at the time of death, and I seek Your protection from Polytheism, disobedience, prejudice and anger.

And I seek refuge from those things that makes me rebellious and the poverty which destroys me and from the desires which annihilates me and those deeds which debases me, and from that friend who deviates me.

O Allah! I seek Your protection from the day whose beginning is fear and end is restlessness in which faces turn black and heart becomes dry and of those sins that seizes the good deeds which is not forgiven by You and of the sins which prevents good deeds and with the hope which refuses good deeds, and from that life which refrains from good death,

I seek refuge from ignorance and from vain talks, foul language and evil deeds, from that diseases which keeps me busy, from that health which makes me forget You,

I seek refuge from fatigue and tiredness, from sorrow and hardships, from deviation and cheating from disgrace, poverty and ego, from doing actions for showing off, from shame and sorrow, from revolt and mischief, from all calamities and evil, from the calamities of this world and the hereafter.

With Your help I wish to be saved from all absurdities, from the whispering of the hearts and from all those words and actions which You do not approve of and by Your help I wish to be saved from the Jinns, people, cheating, calamities of the day and night, from the evil of Jinns and the evil eyes of the people.

O Allah! I seek protection from You, save me from the evil of the heart, evil of the tongue, evil of the ears, and mischief of the eyes.

I supplicate to You, save me from the stomach which never fills, and from the heart which is not afraid of You and from the supplication which is not worth hearing and from the prayer which is rejected.

O Allah! Do not put me in the smallest chastisement and do not sent upon me in ignorance.

O Allah! Save me from Your severest control, High power, Honour and Kingdom and from all the looses of Your entire creation.