Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 72
His supplication famous as "Supplication of Karb")

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O Allah! Do not make love the things which You detest neither make me away from the things which You love. O Allah! I seek refuge that I agree to Your wrath or I disagree to Your wishes, or I reject Your commands, or I mix with Your enemies and transgress Your laws.

O Allah! Make me adhere to Your laws of permissible things which brings me near to You and make me away from prohibited things which makes me away from You O Most Merciful of all the mercifuls.

O Allah! I seek of You to grant me a tongue which remembers and thanks You. A pure and true faith and body. Grand me Your love, and let Your love be firm in my heart. O Allah if You bestow Mercy on me then my faith is good, and if Your wrath descends on me then it is the result of my oppression, tyranny and excesses done on myself. Neither I have an opportunity to offer an excuse nor I think of a way to amend it.

O Allah! When death approaches me and my days are over because it is necessary to be present in Your Presence. You will surely place me in Paradise.

O Allah! The present and the past dependents will ??? after which there will be no repentance and after this friendship there will be no friends, and make my place in the Heaven, honourable.

O Allah! Clothe me with the dress of faith and honour, before the degradation and humiliation in hell. O Allah! I praise You a lot so that my examination becomes easy.

O Allah! Bestow upon me Your help, Your support, Your grace and Your bounties. Bestow upon me the love of Your meeting, grant me success by Your help, that I taste it in my heart and I have the desire to change my companions because You are attentive and listening to me and my companions and no affair of mine is hidden from You.

O Allah! I ask from You the help which You have bestowed on Your Prophets by which they differentiated between truth and falsehood, by which religion was perfected and Your Proof (Holy Prophet) was successful. O the one who is with me at all the places!