Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 151 day28
In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.   Mp3

O Allah, I take refuge in You from everything other than You.

 O Allah, You are the All-great, Greater than everything…

 O Allah, do not take away from me the best of what You have given me and do not try me with what You have withheld from me.

 O Allah, I ask You the best of what You have bestowed on Your creatures of family, wealth, children, belief, security and a beneficial child, neither harmful nor injurious.

 O Allah, I am needy of You and fearful of You and seek Your protection.

 O Allah, do not change my name or alter my body, do not make distressing my affliction and do not let trial upon trial pursue me.

 O Allah, I take refuge in You from wealth that leads to inordinate disobedience, desires that cause destruction and actions that cause disgrace.

 O Allah, forgive my sins, accept my repentance, manifest my testimony, veil my defects and make Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the chosen ones, my guardians, asking forgiveness for me.

 O Allah, I take refuge in You from saying a word in obedience to You by which I desire other than Your Countenance.

 O Allah, I take refuge in You from anyone other than me being more fortunate in what You have given me…

 O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the evil of the Shaytan, from the evil of the ruler and from the evil of what the pens write; I ask You for virtuous action, a happy life and continual sustenance.

 O Allah, You have recorded the sins, have knowledge of the secrets and intervene between the hearts.  

Hearts are inclined towards You, the secret is manifest before You,

And Your only command to a thing, when You will it, is to say to it “Be”and it is (ref. 16:40).


O Allah, I ask You by Your Mercy to enter obedience to You into every member of my body so that I act according to it, then do not remove it from me ever.

 O Allah, I ask You to remove disobedience to You from all members of my body, by Your Mercy, so that I forsake it, and then do not return it to me ever.

 O Allah, You are Very Forgiving and You love forgiveness, so forgive me.

 O Allah, You were, and there was nothing perceptible before You, nor will be after You.  

You are “ … the Ever-living, the Self-subsisting” (2:255);

The eyes sleep and the stars set, but slumber seizes You not, neither sleep (ref. 2:255).

 Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and remove my anxiety and sorrow, make for me a repose and a release from every anxiety that disquiets me, and confirm hope of You in my heart so that You turn me away from hope in mankind and in anyone other than You, so that my trust is only in You…

 O Allah, do not return me into the depths of heedlessness, neither seize me (for punishment) little by little (by continuance of favour), nor record me among the neglectful.

 O Allah, I take refuge in You from misleading Your servants and being in doubt about Your answer.

 O Allah, I have committed sins which Your Book has numbered, and which You encompass in knowledge and with which Your Knowledge is subtly acquainted;

 I am the sinful wrong-doer, and You are the Gracious, Forgiving Lord.

 I petition You for forgiveness and repentance and I seek Your forgiveness for what I have committed in the past, therefore, pardon me and forgive me my past sins; “… Surely You trun and are

 All-compassionate” (2:128).

 O Allah, You are more worthy of having mercy on me than all others, so have mercy on me and do not give authority over me in this world and the Hereafter to one who does not have mercy on me.

 O Allah, do not make the hidden actions that You have veiled for me by Your Generosity a means of drawing me in (for punishment) gradually (by continuance of favour), in order to seize me on the Day of Judgement and disgrace me by that before the gathering of people.

 Pardon me in both abodes, O my Lord; surely You are

 “ .. All-forgiving, All-compassionate” (2:173).

 O Allah, if I am not worthy of attaining Your Mercy then Your Mercy is worthy of reaching me and encompassing me, for it encompasses all things and I am a thing; therefore let Your Mercy encompass me,

 O Most merciful of the merciful, O Allah, even if You have bestowed that on servants who were obedient to You in what You commanded them, and strove for You in that for which You created them – they did not attain that except through You and none directed them to it but You; Your Mercy to them preceded their obedience to You,

 O Most merciful of the merciful…

 O Allah, so confer on me, my Lord, my Master, my God, my Sanctuary, my Refuge, my Strength, my Restorer, my Creator and my Sustainer, what You have conferred on them, direct me to what You have directed them, and have mercy on me as You have had mercy on them, a consolidated, complete, comprehensive Mercy,

O Most merciful of the merciful.

 O One Whom hearing (one person) does not occupy from hearing (another), O One to Whom questioners do not attribute mistakes, O One Who is not vexed by the importuning of petitioners, give me to taste the coolness of Your Pardon and the sweetness of Your remembrance and Mercy.

 O Allah, I ask You forgiveness for that from which I repented to You, and then returned to.

 I ask You forgiveness for the blessings which You have bestowed on me through which I gained strength to disobey You.

 I ask You forgiveness for every affair through which I desired Your Countenance, then incorporated in it what was not for You.

 I ask You forgiveness for what I promised You from myself, then broke my promise to You…

 I ask You forgiveness for what desire called me to, in yielding to the permission that I had granted it, among those things that were forbidden by You.

 I ask You forgiveness for sins of which none have knowledge but You, and which nothing but Your Forbearance and Pardon can encompass.

 I ask You forgiveness for every oath I have violated before You.

 O “ …. Possessor of Majesty and Honour” (55:78)!

 O One who has made Himself known to me, do not occupy me with other than You, and entrust me to none but You;  make me sufficient through You from every creature other than You,

 O Most merciful of the merciful, and may Allah bless Muhammad and his family, the pure. …..


O Allah! I seek refuge with You against everything other than You. O Allah! You are the Greatest. O Allah! Deprive me not of the goodness of what You have bestowed and make me not suffer any evil what You have not bestowed. O Allah! I beseech you to bestow upon me family, wealth, faith, trust, and various children better than bestowed upon Your bondsmen. O Allah! I am dependent on You, and am afraid of You, and seek protection from You.

O Allah! Protect me against any change in my name, and disfigure not my body, involve me not in trails, and impose not on me calamities after calamities. O Allah! I seek refuge with You from riches leading me to any revolt against You, from egoistic inclinations of any ruining and from disgracing performances. O Allah! Forgive my sins, accept my penitence, make me manifest my arguments, conceal my defects and make Mohammed and his chosen Progeny my Masters and solicitors of Your Mercy for me.

O Allah! I seek refuge with You against any utterance leading me to disobedience to You and to seek pleasure of other than You. O Allah! I seek refuge with You that any person other than me should become more auspicious in respect of what You have bestowed on me. O Allah! I seek refuge with You from the evil of Satan, from the evil of those in power and from the evil of pens. And I beseech You for virtuous deeds, life full of bliss and sustenance flowing abundantly.

O Allah! You record the sin, and are well aware of our secrets, and intervene between the hearts, and the hearts are turned towards You, and our secrets are manifest before You. Verily, Your command, when You intend anything, is only that You say it "Be" and there it is.

O Allah! I beseech You in the name of Your Mercy to infuse the spirit of obedience to You, in every part of my body that I may act obediently, and then never take. O Allah! I beseech You in the name of Your Mercy to remove disobedience to You from all the parts of my body that may abstain from disobedience to You and let it not ever return to me. O Allah! You are a symbol of kindness, and You like forgiveness, so please forgive me.

O Allah! You were and nothing war there to be perceived and You will survive everything. You are Ever-living, Self-subsisting. The eyes sleep and the stars set down but neither slumber nor sleep seizes You. Bless Mohammed and his Progeny,

and dispel my grief and anxiety, and enable me to come out from every affair that grieves me, and make me firm in the belief in making You my centre of hopes so as to dissuade me from entertaining any hope from Your creation, and that I trust none save You.

O Allah! Drive me neither to a ruining place nor bring me nearer to it nor include me among the unmindful persons. O Allah! I seek refuge with You against my misguiding Your bondsmen and against entertaining any uncertainty about Your accepting any invocation.

O Allah! Your Book has recorded my sins and Your knowledge has encompassed them and Your awareness has gone to the detail of it. I am miscreant sinner and You are Forgiving, Benevolent Lord. I am ready of offer my penitence to You. I confess what has passed. Kindly overlook what has happened and forgive my past sins for Verily, You turn mercifully toward Your bondsmen.

O Allah! None can be better than You in showing Mercy to me, so kindly be compassionate to me, and impose not anyone in this world and in the Hereafter on me who may not show mercy towards me.

O Allah! Call me not to account for the misdeeds of mine which Your have kindly concealed so as to punish me on the Day of Resurrection and let not Your entire creation mock at me. O my Lord! Forgive me in both the worlds for You are All-forgiving Merciful.

O Allah! I deserve not to reach Your Mercy but Your Mercy can reach me and take me under its shelter for it has taken everything within its fold; it should therefore take me under its fold, O the Most Merciful! O Allah! There are some of Your privileged bondsmen who obey Your Commands and carry out that for which You have created them. This ability of theirs is under Your obligation, bestowed by none other than You.

O the Most Merciful! Your Blessing them with Your Mercy preceded their obedience to You. O Allah! O my Master! O my Lord! O my Allah! O my Shelter! O my Protection! O my Strength! O the Comfort of my heart! O my Creator! O my Providence! Bless me with the privilege given to them with ability to performs which they were made able and show to me

All-embracing Perfect Mercy as shown to them, O the Most Merciful! O You! Whom multiple voices do not confuse O You! Whom the requests of the seekers do not put in the wrong. O You! Whom the pressing solicitations of persistent requesters do not annoy, make me taste the coolness of Your Forgiveness and Sweetness of Your Remembrance and Your Mercy.

O Allah! I beseech You for Your Forgiveness of my sins for which I turned penitent to You but committed the same again. And I seek forgiveness for disobedience to You, the strength thereof I derived with Your Bounties bestowed on me.

And I seek Your forgiveness for all such deeds performed to derive Your pleasure but got me mingled with the things which did not befit You. And I seek Your forgiveness for the promise which I made but I broke my promise.

And I seek Your forgiveness for deeds committed under the urge of my self-seeking soul to take advantage of the respite granted by You, though the performance of such deeds during the respite is not permitted, O the Glorious and the Gracious!

O You! Who bestowed upon me the knowledge of His Self, occupy me not in anyone else other than You, and entrust me not to anyone save You, and make me independent of Your creation save You,

O the Most Merciful! Bless Mohammed and his purified Progeny.