Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 144 Day 21


In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O Allah! Make me of those who believe in the Unseen; establish prayer and give in charity of that which you have bestowed on them.

Guide me to the right path. Reckon me as one of those who have received guidance from You. Teach me those words which You taught to Adam whereby his repentance was granted. Doubtless You are Belenting and Merciful.

O Allah! Reckon me amongst those who establish prayer, and pay Zakaat regard me as one of those humble people who seek Your help with patience and prayers. Reckon me amongst those who have no fear and grief.

O Allah! Take me as one of those who act with patience and when any calamity befalls them, they say: Verily we are from Allah and to Him we shall return. Send Your Blessings and Peace on me and reckon me amongst those who have been guided aright.

O Allah! Keep me steadfast in my belief in the life here as well as in the life of Hereafter and reckon me not amongst the unjust one. O Allah! Regard me as one of those whom the angels take away from this world in a good state and the Angels while receiving them will say: Peace be on You; enter you the garden of Paradise for what you were doing.

Make me on of those who have shown patience and who trust their Allah. O Allah! Grant me god in this world and good in the Hereafter, save me from the torment of the Hell-fire and regard me as one of those who guarded themselves and as one of the virtuous ones.

Glory be to You, verily I was of the unjust ones. Accept my invocation and save me from the Hell-fire, O the Most Merciful!

O Allah! Make me one of the virtuous who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts get thrilled with awe of His Glory and remain steadfast on what befalls them and the establishes of prayers and of what we have provided them with they spend benevolently.

O Allah! Make me one of those who in their prayers are humble, and who keep themselves aloof from what is vain, and those who act for purification, and those who guard their private parts except from their wives, or those whom their right hands possess for them. Reckon me amongst those who keep their trust, verily they are not blamable.

O Allah! And make me one of those who keep well their trust, and honour their promises and those who take care of the regularity in their prayers. O Allah! Make me of those who are the heirs who inherit Paradise; they shall abide therein and those who are afraid of Your fear.

O Allah! You have included me amongst those who believe in Your sings and of those who associate not anything with their Lord.

O Allah! You therefore include me also amongst those who give in charity while their hearts thrilled for fear that to their Lord they mist return. O Allah! Make me of those who hasten to good things and they are the foremost to attain them.

O Allah! Include me in Your party, verily Your party, shall alone be successful. O Allah! Include me in Your army, verily Your army shall be the victorious one. O Allah! Provide me to quaff of pure drink which shall be sealed to others, the seal being of Musk.

For that may aspire all those who wish to aspire for bliss. O Allah! Grant me a drink from Tasleem, a spring in Paradise, from which will drink those who enjoy nearness to You.

O Allah! I am of the unjust ones, if You do not forgive me and be merciful to me, surely I will be of the losers. O Allah! Grant me happiness after hardships and bestow on me an unending recompense. O our Lord! We have indeed heard the voice of an announce calling us to faith saying: Believe you in Your Lord! And we did believe.

O our Lord! Therefore forgive us then our sins and remove away from us over evil deeds, and cause us to die with the virtuous ones. O our Lord! Give us what You promised us through Your Messenger and disgrace us not on the day of resurrection.

Verily You do not break Your promise. O Allah! Raise me to a higher rank and increase my lawful sustenance. O Allah! Make me of those who fulfil the covenant with You, and break not heir pledge and of those who establish what Allah has bidden to be established, and they fear their Lord and dread the terrible reckoning.

O Allah! Make me of those who are forbearing amidst trails seeking the pleasure of their Lord, and establish prayer and spend benevolently of what you have provided them with secretly and openly, and they turn away evil with good, for tem is the happy attainment of the eternal abode. O our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of he Hellfire.