Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 128 Day 5 of the month

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In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

 O Allah, to You belongs praise in “..the night when it retreats (74:33),

And to You belongs praise in “.. the dawn when it brightens” (74:34), to You belongs praise – a praise the beginning of which attains gratitude and the end of it

Your pleasure, to You belongs praise in the heavens, All-laudable, and among Your servants and in Your lands where You are worshipped.  

O Allah to You belongs praise in the decree, to You belongs praise in ease, to You belongs praise in hardship, to You belongs praise in outward blessings, to You belongs praise in blessings gathered one upon another, to You belongs praise, Lord of praise, Guardian of praise. From You begins praise and to You praise ultimately leads.  

Al praise belongs to Allah in the beginning of the night and the end of the day, All praise belongs to Allah in “.. the earlier and the later generations” (56:49),

All praise belongs to Allah, the heavens’ and the earths’ full, and whatsoever He wills after that until He is pleased.  

All praise belongs to Allah equal to the number of His Creation, and exceeding that, according to what He wills, for “. He has counted everything in numbers” (72:28), and “.. Encompasses everything in mercy and knowledge” (40:7). 

All praise belongs to Allah “.. who created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, in six days, then firmly established Himself upon the Throne (of supreme authority)” (25:59).

 All praise belongs to Allah “.. who raised up the heavens without any pillars you can see” (13:2).

 All praise belongs to Allah who “.. adorned the lowest heaven with lamps and made them missiles to drive away the devils(67:5). All praise belongs to Allah who made in the heaven our provision, and that which our Lord promised. All praise belongs to Allah who made “.. the earth as a carpet” (70:19), and in it caused to grow for us trees, crops, fruits and dates of various kinds….

 All praise belongs to Allah who made in the earth gardens and vines and caused to gush forth in it springs, and made in it rivers. 

Al praise belongs to Allah who made “. on the earth firm mountains, lest it shake”   (16:15) with us, then made them “… as pegs” (78:7). 

All praise belongs to Allah who has subjected to us the sea, that the ships may run on it at His commandment, and that we may seek His bounty (ref. 45:12), and made for us of it “.. ornaments for us to wear” (ref. 16:14) and  “.. fresh flesh” (16:14).  

All praise belongs to Allah who subjected to us the cattle that we may eat of them, and made of them mounts for us; and made for us from the “.. skins of the cattle, houses (tents)” (16:80), a garment and a resting place and “ enjoyment for a while” (16:80).

 All praise belong to Allah, All-generous in His Kingdom, the Omnipotent over those in it, Powerful over His affair, All-laudable in His fashioning, All-subtle in His knowledge, All-gentle to His servants, Exclusive, through His Magnificence, in His Glory and Majesty and Awe.  

All praise belongs to Allah Whose Praise is widespread amongst the creation, Whose Glory is apparent through Grandeur, Whose Hand is outstretched with good. All praise belongs to Allah Who has clothed Himself in praise, clad Himself in pride, magnified Himself through awe, who is distinguished through omnipotence, and Who is veiled, through the rays of His light, from the sight of His creation. All praise belongs to Allah Who has no adversary to Him in His dominion, nor any contender with Him in His affair, nor anyone like Him in His creation. There is no god but He, there is no averting His command, nor any repelling of His decree. He has neither opposite nor partner, nor any equal, likeness or similitude; The one who asks of Him does not incapacitate Him, the one who flees does not outstrip Him, nor does anyone hold back from Him. He created creation without the source, and brought them into existence without a model, prevailed over making without helpers, and raised the heavens without pillars, and spread the earth on the air without supports.

 All praise belongs to Allah for that which has passed and that which remains, and to Him belongs praise for that which He makes manifest and that which He conceals, and for that which was and that which will be…  

O Allah, to You belongs praise for Your Forbearance after Your Knowledge, to You belongs praise for Your Pardon after Your ability (to punish), to You belongs praise for Your Forgiveness after Your excusing (sins), to You belongs praise for that which You take and that which You give, to You belongs praise for that in which You put to the test and afflict, and to You belongs praise for Your affair, with a praise that has the ability to attain You, and does not fall short of attaining the most excellent of Your pleasure. O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, and do not leave for us, in this hour, any sin but that You forgive it, nor any anxiety but that You dispel it, nor any fault but that You conceal it, nor any sick person but that You heal him, nor any debt but that You repay it, nor any evil but that You avert it, nor any good but that You bestow it, nor any stranger but that You accompany him, nor any absent person but that You release him, nor any troubled one but that You relieve his anxiety, nor any fearful one but that You keep him safe, nor any enemy but that You are sufficient for him, nor any broken one but that You restore him to soundness, nor any hungry one but that You fill him, nor any thirsty one but that You give him to drink, nor any naked one but that You clothe him, nor any need amongst the needs of this world and the Hereafter, which have in them Your pleasure and our good, but that You fulfill them, with ease and soundness, O Most merciful of the merciful, and Allah bless Mohammad and his righteous family… 


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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O My Lord! Praise be to You in the night when it retreats and at dawn when it brightens; Praise be to You such that begins with Your thanks and ends with Your pleasure, Praised are you in the Heavens and worshipped are You by Your bondsmen.

O God! Praise be to You at times of decision, in happiness and in the hours of hardships for Your manifest bounties and for Your bounties that are hidden and for Your bounties that are in constant flow. Praise be to You Who are master of praise, owner of praise and it began with Your self and it ends with You.

All praise be to Allah in the beginning of the night, and at the end of the day, amongst the ancient people and amongst the people of later period and in the expanse of the Heavens and the earth, even beyond that upto where His creative will extends; so much so that He becomes pleased.

Praise be to Allah as numerous as His creatures, even more till he becomes pleased; for He knows the account of every thing and surrounds every thing mercifully.

Praise to Allah Who created in six days, the Heavens and the earth and what is between them, then established Himself upon the Arsh Throne. Praise be to Allah who raised the Heavens without any visible pillar, Praise be to Allah Who adorned that lower Heaven with Stars and made them as missiles to repulse away Satan.

Praise be to Allah Who made the Heavens a source of our sustenance and the source of what we are promised; made the earth our bed and grew for us therein various trees, corns, fruits and date trees of various colours.

Praise be for Who made gardens in the earth and grape vines and He cause the springs to flow therein and made therein rivers. Praise be to Allah Who created mountains on this Earth lest it should shake with us.

And He made these mountains a stabilising factor for Earth. Praise be to Allah who made the oceans subservient to us so that ships might sail therein by His Command and we might get his bounties through trade and commerce; and Who made this sea produce valuable ornaments which we wear and provided fresh meant.

Praise be to Allah who made the cattle subservient to us so that we might use them as food and utilise some of them as our transport and has made for us tents and clothes from their skins and also beds and a provision for a time.

Praise be to Allah Who is honoured in His realm, Powerful on His creatures, has free will in His will affairs, praiseworthy for what he creates, subtle in His wisdom, Benevolent towards His people. Through greatness he has made His Mighty Glory and awe exclusively for himself.

Glorified is He Whose praise is manifest to His creatures, Whose honour is apparent from His greatness ever Generous in bestowal of good. Praise be to Allah Who has donned the cloak of praise and enshrouded himself with honoured pride, Who is sublime on account of His greatness and emanation of His Light.

Praise be to Allah who has neither any equal nor one to dispute in His affairs nor is there any one amongst His creatures to resemble Him. There is no god but He. There is none to revoke what He decrees nor is there anyone to abrogate what he decides. None is equal or parallel or similar or like Him. None can defeat Him in having what He desires. Whose desires to escape from Him can not run away to any one else nor can anyone save him against Him.

He made the creation without any basic material and originated them without any model and exercises power over creation without any helper. He raised the Heaven without any support and spread the Earth in atmosphere without any base.

Praised be to Allah for what has already passed and what remains to pass for things that are visibles, for that which is not in our knowledge and for that which was in the past and that which is going to be in future.

O Allah! Praise be to You for You do not take notice dispute having knowledge of our sins, grant mercy despite having power to punish and relent our sins even after granting chance to turn to You.

Praise be to You even in time of trial and at Your commands, so much so, that it does not fail to reach You or fail to invoke Your pleasure, O the most Mercifu