Al-Sahifa e Alaviya

Supplication 101 (His supplication recited after entering the mosque and before commencing the prayers)Mp3


In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O the one whom everything in the Heavens and the Earth questions, and who is in the same condition all the time. O Allah! By Your power listen to my request and in this condition grant me my request. O Allah! I request You to free me from hell, and put Your Honoured attention on me

(after this raise the hands towards the skies and say).

Allah is great! Allah is great! Allah is great! Sanctified, exalted, venerable. All Praise is for Allah, who has not taken a son and who has no partner in the kingdom, and who has no helper to save Him from disgrace and proclaim His greatness magnifying Him. Allah is Great and He deserves greatness, praise, divine decree and these is no god except Allah and Allah is great. He begets not, nor is He begotten and none is like Him. Allah is great there is no partner for Him and I swear by His greatness and Honour and say I seek refuge through You from the Satan the stoned one.

(set both the feet on the ground put them together and without looking here and there and with full concentration recite the following prayer in the 1st unit after Surae Hamd, recite surae Ikhlas (Chap No. 112) Surae Alif Laam Meem Tanzil (Chap. No. ____) and Sura Haam Meem Sajdah (Chap. No. _____) or any other Sura, or as much it is possible, then in 2nd Unit recite Surae Yasin (chap No. 36) then in 3rd Unit recite Haam Meem Dukhaan (Chap No. 44) and then in 4th unit recite Tabarakal Lazi (Chap No. ___) or any of the chapters which one remembers when he completes 1st unit, before bowing for Ruku, he should recite the below mentioned prayer 15 times)

There is no go except Allah and Allah is great. Praise is for Allah, Glorification is for Allah and for Him is the praise and Allah is Honoured there is no might or Power, but with Allah, nor a place of refuge except with Allah. Glorified is Allah, and Allah is great and there is no god but Allah equal to the number of evens and odds to the number of pebbles and to the number of raindrops and to the number of complete and pure words of Allah.

(After that lift the hand upto the shoulders then recite Takbir i.e. Allah is great then bow down (do ruku) and then in bowing position recite 10 times then raise the head and recite 10 times then recite Takbir and go in prostration and recite 10 times then get up from prostration and in sitting position recite 10 times after it again go in prostration and recite 10 times then get up for second unit and before reciting Surae Hamd recite the above prayers 10 times and complete the second unit as the first one And Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great as he had said in  1st Unit and after Tashhahud recite this prayer)

In the name of Allah, O Allah! By the help of this prayer I approach You attentively and sincerely. You have no partner. You are Pure and Praise belongs to You, those who revolt against You are liars. Complete Islam and prayers are for Allah, O Allah make this prayer free from show off and classify it as Pure, and chaste in Your presence. O the guardian of the believers, send blessings on Mohammed and his progeny and all Your Prophets, then confer upon Mohammed and his progeny a special blessings from those blessings and grant protection to Your special appointed angels specially Hazrat Jibraeel. Hazrat Israfil and Hazrat Micaeel send on them Your exclusive blessings. Then bestow double blessings upon Your selected believers and friends and on all of them and also on me, my parents and on all believers bestow Your Mercy and blessings.

(and after salaam say)

O Allah! I appoint You as a witness and sufficient are You as a witness, I confess that You are my Lord and truly Your Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be on him and his progeny) is my prophet and the religion which You have fixed for him is my religion and surely the book which You have revealed on him that is my leader. And I testify that Your promise and Your judgement is truth and certainly Your Generosity is true and just, Your Heaven is truth and Your Hell is truth and surely You will give death to the living and You will give life to the dead. And You will bring forth the dwellers of grave and will gather all the people on that day for which no one doubts and no one will be exempted from it, surely You don't breach Your promise. O Allah! I hold You as a witness and sufficient You are as a witness for me. O Allah be a witness that surely You are my well wisher and no one else, and You are my Lord by whom the bounties bestowed on me is completed. Forgive me with such a forgiveness after which no sin is left, and Your help after which I don't go near the prohibitions. Grant me such an obedience after which there is no trouble left. O Allah! Grant me such a guidance after which no deviation is left. And whatever work is assigned to me make it beneficial for me and bestow in me the love of it which is not against me. Grant me permissible sustenance in abundance, and make me contented on it, accept my repentance. O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! O the Beneficial O the bestower of mercy, guide me have mercy on me with regards to hell and whatever differences are there in truth, guide me in those by Your orders, surely You guide whomsoever You wish on the right path, save me from evil and stoned ones. Convey my salutations with honour to Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be on him and his progeny. O Lord of the Universe please accept this supplication from me.