Advices to Children in a will



My beloved children & grand children, I solemnly request you all, to keep this will in your salaah Tableegh books so that you can ponder over these advices at least once a fortnight or a month. As I am no longer amongst you, I would greatly appreciate if you try and follow the following guidance:-


Always encourage each other to develop strong family ties and amicably settle differences amongst your selves and promote the spirit of sacrifice amongst your selves with the intention of seeking the pleasure of Almighty God. Forgiveness and forbearance are the divine the quality and UNITY is the greatest strength which brings forth barakaat with the regards of the Almighty in this world and here-after, both lives. It gives one health, wealth, peace, honor, and many uncountable gifts, from God.


Remember every human being is endowed with same goodness but at the same time some drawbacks.


Be positive in life by pondering over the goodness in order to overlook the drawbacks. This is turn will develop good akhlaaq in you specially humility which is another secret success of both lives.


Stick to justice i.e. Do utmost importance to Religion Education to leave no stone unturned in increasing the said knowledge and ponder over the same and act upon the same. For that, due importance be given to Madressah and Majalises of Imam Husein (a.s.), as these are the main institutions will make you the sincere and true soldiers of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.).


Be ware of this world Imam Ali (a.s.), has given it as an example of a snake. It is very deceitful and these two institutions will protect you from this deceitful world.


Whenever Ilm classes are held, never miss them, give due importance to these 4 books:

1)The Holy Quran 2)Nahjul Balagha 3)Saheefa-Kamelah  4) Tawzihul Masaael of your Marja and Study them, ponder over them and act upon them.


Time is precious. Every second counts. So make the most of it. Time gone can not be repossessed. Utilize every second for the purpose for which we have been created.


Tongue is the most important part of the body weigh your words before you utter them otherwise there will be nothing but regret.


Always perform prayers on awwal-e-waqt and you will always get success in your endeavours.


Give utmost importance to Huquq-un-Naas. Never engage in back-biting and fulfill their rights. Be helpful to all even to the non-deserving.


Portray the best Akhlaq, especially be polite and humble to people and remember, with the portrayed of good akhlaq, you will be able to spread Islam in the right perspective. Remember that each of us have been endowed with different abilities & we don�t know who has what status with Allah swt , so deal with all momins with extreme respect.


Always take account of your Nafs. Self-accounting keeps one alert & prevents from being heedless towards Akherah.Remember Death & that you have to follow me one day as well.


Be always concerned about Seyyidis/sadaats, about Ulamaas & poor and needy. Do good to them, help them and do not forget me from such hadiyas! All to be done for the pleasure of God.


I conclude with sincere prayers that God may be your guide in remaining on the right path Amen Summa Amen.